West Virginia: Heart of Appalachia
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West Virginia


West Virginia enjoys the distinction of being the only state which lies entirely within the great Appalachian mountain chain which forms the border between the USA's Eastern Seaboard and the Midwest.  The state was formed at the outset of the Civil War when the western part of Virginia elected to remain in the Union.  Contributor Inmotionaerial created this beautiful aerial tour of this largely rural state during the peak of the Fall, a time when the tree-covered state turns into a sea of colors.

Tennessee's Smoky Mountains
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Tennessee: As Seen from Above - Fall 2016 4K

Aerial Vision Chicago

The Smoky Mountain range in the United States is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which in turn is part of the Appalachian system.  The Smoky's are home to some of the most spectacular fall scenery in the country.  The range covers parts of several  southeastern states in rolling forested mountains that turn brilliant colors from mid-September through October.  Top contributor used a drone to film these beautiful mountains in the state of Tennessee at the height of the Fall color season.    

Pittsburgh: Appalachia's #1 City
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Arise Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the largest city within the Appalachian region of the USA.  It sits at the point where the Allegheny River joins the Monangahela to form the Ohio.  The city rose to prominence as the center of the US steel industry, once the country's biggest economic engine.  Perspectrum used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this impressive aerial video of the city's skyscrapers, which include the headquarters of US Steel - at one point the world's largest corporation.

The Appalachian Trail in North Carolina
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Max Patch


Going back to the days of the Appalachian Trail, the gentle slopes of the various Appalachian ranges of the eastern USA have been highly accessible by hiking.  In western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, where the mountains are known as the Smokies, the most important spot on the Trail was Max Patch Mountain, a "bald" mountain of about 1.4k meters (just under 5k ft.).  In this video, AshvilleAerial used a drone to memorialize a birthday hike to the great rolling top of the mountain.

The Mountains of Northern Georgia
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Insane Waterfall in North Georgia - Lula Lake Land Trust

Marco Hernandez

Like most of its fellow Southeastern USA states, Georgia is really two states in terms of its physical landscape - a lowland portion and an upland/hilly portion where the Appalachian mountain chain overlies the state.  In Georgia's case, the Appalachian region is relatively small, occupying its northwestern corner.  In this video, contributor Marco Hernandez gives us an epic view of this very different part of Georgia compared to the flat terrain  of the endless Atlanta suburbs. 

Charlottesville in Western Virginia
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Ragged Mountain in Charlottesville, Virginia


The USA's Appalachian region is beautiful any time of year, but when the season turns to Fall these mountains offer some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the country.  The region's gentle forested mountains become seas of red, orange, and yellow which seemingly go on forever.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot Anthony Tori gives us an epic bird's eye view of the area around Charlottesville, VA, at the very heart of Appalachia, at the peak of the Autumn season.

Cincinnati: Appalachia's Second City
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Cincinnati Ohio City Sunset


DronesProductionInc created this beautiful aerial video of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Located on the Ohio River on the border with Kentucky, the city is considered part of the Appalachian region - it's the second largest Appalachian city after Pittsburgh.  With a stunningly beautiful waterfront, it's widely considered one of the most liveable cities in the USA.  One of the USA's great boom-towns of the mid-19th century, it's known as the home of Procter & Gamble, one of the world's premier consumer products companies.  

Fall in the Appalachians
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Southern Appalachian Fall Foliage

Landmark Drones

While the Appalachian Mountains only cover a small portion of the state of Georgia, they certainly make an impression.  Witness this drone video from Landmark Drones, taken at the height of the fall season.  The Appalachians cover the northwestern corner of the state, notably in the area of the Chattahoochee National Forest and its surroundings.  This area is home to numerous mountains over 1,000 meters (about 3.3k ft.) in altitude, led by Mt. Brasstown Bald (elevation: 1.45k meters, just under 4.8k ft.).

Lake Cumberland in Southern Kentucky
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Lake Cumberland


Lake Cumberland is one of the most well known lakes in the Appalachian area of the United States.  It's actually a reservoir lake, located in southern Kentucky, west of the Daniel Boone Forest.  With a shoreline of over 2k km (about 1.2k mi.), it's one of the ten largest reservoir lakes in the USA by water volume - enough to cover the state of Kentucky with almost 10 cm (about 3.5 inches) of water!  Check out this beautiful Appalachian lake from above, compliments of contributor Flintknoop.  

Smoky Mountain Park, North Carolina
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Fall 2016 | 4K


North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountain National Park lies in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the southern extension of the great Appalachian chain.  The chain covers a ridge of the Smoky Mountains sub-chain of the Blue Ridge in the western part of the state.  Covering over 2k square km (around 700 square mi.), it has the distinction of being the most visited of the USA's National Parks.  Get a bird's eye view of the great national treasure in this awesome video by contributor jdginnovative.

Lake in the Pocono's of Pennsylvania
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DJI MAVIC PRO | Lake Wallenpaupack Pennsylvania | Lake Drone Video


Check out this drone video of the largest lake in the USA's state of Pennsylvania, compliments of contributor lleeyyooww.  Lake Wallenpaupack is in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, a chain which covers much of the northeastern part of the Keystone State.  The lake offers over 80 km (around 50 mi.) of coastline in one of the major recreational areas of the northeastern USA.  The Pocono's are part of the Appalachian Mountains system which parallel's the country's East Coast. 

Appalachian Foothills in Ohio
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The Absolute BEST Midwest Getaway!


Check out this video from a park in the Appalachian Mountain foothills of Ohio, compliments of contributor lleeyyooww.  Hocking Hills State Park is located in south central portion of the Buckeye State.  It is in an area that is covered by the western portion of the great Appalachian Mountains range which parallels the USA's East Coast.  The park features numerous hiking trails and is consistent with the reputation of the Appalachian region as being home to some of the best hiking spots in the country.  

The Blue Ridge Mountains
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Mentality's Treasure


Contributor LUX used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this stunning aerial view of the fog-covered Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, USA.  The Blue Ridge is a sub-range of the Appalachian chain which runs roughly parallel to the USA's East Coast.  The Blue Ridge run through several states, with its largest portions lying in Virginia and North Carolina.  The name "Blue Ridge" derives from the bluish appearance of the peaks seen from a distance, a result of isoprene released from the mountains' trees. 

Pittsburgh Hyperlapses
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Pittsburgh Night Hyperlapse-Timelapse 4K


Is there anything better than a nighttime hyper-lapse of a sparkling city? Majestic brings us views of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as it glows through the lights of a buzzing city. See the U.S. Steel Tower, BNY Mellon Center, One PPG Place, 5th Avenue Place, Tower at PNC Plaza, and several of the city's numerous bridges spreading across the Ohio and Monongahela rivers light up the largest city of the USA's Appalachian region in this 4K aerial piece.

Dauphin, PA: Mini Statue of Liberty
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60 Seconds

Contributor 60 Second created this remarkable drone video of a captivating site in the Appalachian (middle) section of Pennsylvania, USA.  On the Susquehanna River near the town of Dauphin there is a roughly 8 meter (around 25 ft.) high replica of the Statue of Liberty.  The statue replaces another one which mysteriously appeared in 1986, around the centenary of the "real" statue's opening.  The 1986 version having been destroyed, the town raised the funds to build the current version.  


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One May Morning

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Tennessee Highlights

EP Studios
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The Chapel