60 Seconds over Athens


Athens in 60 Seconds

Nathan Jer...

Check out this magnificent 60 second aerial tour of Athens, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Nathan Jermy.  The video opens with some epic shots of the Greek capital city's most well-known spots: the hilltop citadel known as the Parthenon, which was built at the height of Ancient Athens' glory in the 4th century BC.  Then it's on to Olympic Stadium, the main venue for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  From there you'll go to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, finishing the journey looking over Mount Lycabettus, the city's highest point.

Athens from Above


Athens, Majestic City

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Prepare to be amazed by this DVOW nominated film of Athens, Greece, compliments of  contributor Damian.  Opening with some shots of the hills surrounding the capital city, the video cuts to its most famous landmark: the Parthenon temple within the hilltop citadel known as the Athens Acropolis.    Then it's on to the Olympic Stadium, the main venue for the 2004 Summer Games which were held here.  From there you'll see more footage of the Acropolis, followed by shots of the city's marina's, before closing with an epic shot of Mount Lycabettus.  

Athens Drone Tour


Athens From Above

Moses B....

Take an aerial tour of the Greek capital city of Athens in this outstanding drone video by AirVuz contributor Moses B.  The video features great shots of ancient and modern Athens, one of the world's oldest cities.  Some of the featured locations include (in order of first appearance) Mount Lycabettus, Olympic Stadium (one of the main venues for the 2004 Olympics), and the Parthenon Temple atop the Acropolis.  You'll also see some of the more modern parts of the city including glimpses of its vibrant urban art scene.  

Tour of Athens


Welcome to Athens!


This aerial tour of Athens, Greece by AirVuz contributor Aerial_Greece opens with a shot of the city's most well-known site: the hilltop citadel known as the Acropolis, the great ruins site of the Golden Age of Athens.  From there, you'll head to the Zappeion building in the city's National Gardens.  Some of the other featured sites include one of the stadium venues for the 2004 Summer Olympics venues at the :35 mark, Lykavittos Hill at the 1:10 mark, and more.  The video was shot using a combination of drone and ground camera footage.  

The Athens Acropolis


Acropolis in Greece


The Acropolis of Athens is probably one of the world's top two ancient ruins sites, along with Rome's Colosseum.  Seen here in this outstanding drone video by AirVuz contributor pasxox30, the Acropolis complex sits atop a flat rock formation that rises about 150 meters (just under 500 ft.) over the Greek capital city.  Consisting of the Parthenon temple and several outlying building, the great landmark was built in the 5th century BC on the initiative of Pericles, who led Athens through much of its Golden Age.  

Downtown Athens


Downtown in Athens 2020


In this excellent drone video by contributor pasxos30, you'll get an aerial view of two of the most well-known hilltop landmarks of Athens, Greece.  The first is the limestone hill Lycabettus, which rises to a height of about 300 meters (a little over 900 ft.) just northeast of the city core.  The top of the hill is occupied by the 19th century St. George's Chapel.  The second featured spot is the city's most well known: the ancient citadel known as the Acropolis, the best-preserved ruins from the Golden Age of Athens in the 5th century BC.  

Athens Hyperlapse



kostas Gur...

Check out this amazing dronelapse video of Athens, Greece, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot kostas gur.  Shot both during daytime and nighttime and extremely well-edited, the hyperlapse sequences mostly show a very modern side to this very ancient city.  Much of the footage was shot over the city's busy roads and highways, including an epic shot of a large interchange at about the 1:55 mark.  The video wraps with a great "pivot" to the great hilltop citadel known as the Acropolis.

Athens Pro Drone Reel


Angrydrones Productions


Athens-based angrydrone created this excellent reel of their professional video production highlights.  Most of the footage was shot on Athens Riviera, a stretch of Saronic Gulf coastline extending south from the Greek capital city, down the western side of the Attic Peninsula.  The area is known for its famous beaches and epic nightlife, as well as its yachting scene, one of the most well-known in the entire Mediterranean region.  Ride along for epic views of scenes ranging from a megayacht to the beach town of Vouliagmeni.

Athens' Mt. Parnitha


Mount Parnitha - Athens, Greece


Check out this amazing drone video of the mountains north of Athens, Greece, compliments of contributor Paschalis. Mount Parnitha is the highest mountain in Attica, the peninsula on which the Greek capital city sits.  The mountains figure prominently in Greek history, and at one time was home to numerous fortresses protecting Athens from invasion from the north.  The highest peak is around 1.4k meters (around 4.6k ft.).  This drone video was filmed using the DJI Mavic Pro Zoom model.

Vouliagmeni, Athens Riviera


Sunset at Vouliagmeni Attica Greece


New AirVuz contributor tasfot_m2pro brings us another stunning drone video from the Athens Riviera, the fabled stretch of beach towns and marinas stretching south from the Greek capital city on the Saronic Gulf, on the western side of the Attica Peninsula.  This video was filmed in the city of Vouliagmeni, which lies roughly halfway between central Athens and Cape Sounion at the southern tip of Attica.  Backed by the Hymettus Mountains, Vouliagmeni is considered one of the most exclusive of the suburbs of Athens.  

Olympic Stadium: Memories of 2004


Olympic Stadium.Athens, Greece.

Drone as...

Check out these drone views of the Olympic Stadium of Athens, Greece, compliments of Drone.as.  It's part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex in Marousi, northeast of the center of the Greek capital city.  The stadium was the primary venue for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  The stadium is also called Spyros Louis, in honor of the winner of the first modern Olympics marathon, which was held in Athens in 1996.  The stadium was originally completed in 1982 but underwent substantial alteration (including a renaming) in connection with the Games.

The Athens Marathon


Drone View of the 29th Run of Athens Marathon


Given the Greek origins of marathons, it's no surprise that they are regular events there.  In this video, contributor Aerial_Rizikianos used a drone to film the 29th Athens Marathon, the country's most prominent run.  As you might imagine, the notion of this being the 29th run does not count the historical run which started it all: the 26 mile covered by the messenger in 490 BC to let the people of Athens know that their city-state had decisively (and surprisingly) defeated the Persian army under King Darius I at the Battle of Marathon. 

Parthenon Drone Views


Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, Greece


The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is considered one of the most important remains from the great Greek civilization which predated the rise of Rome.  Completed in 438 BC, the temple to the Goddess Athena was one of the centerpieces of a vast building campaign driven by the Athenian general Pericles and largely financed with funds from Athens' junior partners in the Delian League.  In this video, you'll get an aerial view of the famous ruins on a hilltop in the Greek capital, compliments of georgelek1966@hotmail.

Acropolis Drone Views


Flight over the Acropolis of Athens


For an aerial view of one of the most famous ruins of Ancient Greece, it's tough to beat this drone video of the Athens Acropolis complex by Geopahas.  The centerpiece of the site in the heart of the Greek capital is the Parthenon.  This temple to Goddess Athena was commissioned by Pericles in the 5th century BC, at the height of the city-state's glory and power.   The video also includes footage of the complex's other landmarks including the Propylaea, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Monastiraki, and more.

Glyfada: Athens' Southern Suburb


Glyfada has it all. Golf, marinas, beaches, open mall and many more...

zisimos zi...

Take in these marvelous 4k aerial views of Glyfada, Greece, compliments of AirVuz contributor zisimos zizos.  Glyfada is the largest of the southern suburbs of Athens, the Greek capital city.  Its coastal zone is the heart of the Athens Riviera, a stretch of the Saronic Gulf coastline south of Athens which is one of the top sailing and aquatic recreation regions in the Mediterranean region.  In addition to its extensive marinas, Glyfada is also known for its very lively restaurant and nightclub scene.  

Harbor on the Piraeus Peninsula


Microlimano, Attica, Greece


Check out these fantastic drone videos of a beautiful harbor near Athens, Greece, compliments of new contributor tasfot_m2pro.  The area goes by various names, including Mikrolimano, Fanari or the port of Koumoundourou.  It's located in the northeastern side of the Piraeaus Peninsula, a landform which juts into the Saronic Gulf just southwest of the Greek capital city.  The area is the heart of the Athens Riviera, a stretch of coastline south of Athens which is home to one of the world's largest recreational boat fleets.

Glyfada Golf Club


Golf Course of Glyfada

zisimos zi...

Located just outside of Athens, Glyfada Golf Club is one of the top courses in Greece.  The 18 hole par 72 course is located in its namesake city, a southern suburb of the Greek capital, just east of the Saronic Gulf coastline.  Seen here in this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot zisimos zizos, Glyfada was ranked as the #4 Greek golf course by the authoritative website top100golfcourses.com.  Opened in 1962, the course hosted the World Cup of Golf tournament in 1979.  It's sometimes referred to as the Athens Golf Club.

Marina in Palaio Faliro


Sunset in Floisvos marine Greece


The Athens Riviera refers to a series of beach towns and communities which lie to the south of the Greek capital city, on the Saronic Gulf.  In recent years, it's become one of Europe's top spots for boating and sailing enthusiasts.  In this drone video by new AirVuz contributor tasfot_m2pro, you'll get a beautiful aerial view of a marina in the heart of the region.  It's called Floisvos Marina, and it's located in a district called Palaio Faliro.  The town is located on a Saronic Gulf inlet called Phalerum Bay.  

Nea Erythraia's Pandreou Park


Andreas Papandreou Park, Nikaia Attica Greece


Check out these stunning drone views from the northern suburbs of Athens, Greece, compliments of talented AirVuz contributor tasfot_m2pro and his DJI Mavic Pro 2.  He filmed the Andreas Papandreou Park, a reserve which lies in Nea Erythraia, a northeastern suburb of the Greek capital.   The park is named for a legendary Greek politician (now deceased) who led the country's Socialist party for decades and served as the Prime Minister of this Southeast European country for most of the1980's.  

Greater Athens: The Saronic Gulf Coastline


Flying adventures - Epic Drone Video


Ride along with AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Aerial_Greece for this beautiful mini-tour of some of the areas outside of Athens, Greece.  The focus of the video is the Attica Peninsula coastline on the Saronic Gulf, which runs southeast from the Greek capital city.  One of the featured spots is Lake Vouliagmeni, a brackish lake located about halfway between Athens and Cape Sounion.  Also, at about 1:20, you'll see the Temple of Poseidon, an important relic from the Golden Age of Athens which is located on Cape Sounion.  

Windsurfing Championship at Varkiza


European Windsurf Championship 2018


The Saronic Gulf coastline near Athens, Greece is home to some of the world's finest windsurfing spots.  That's why the 2018 European Windsurfing Championship was held at Varkiza, an Athens suburb which is situated just south of the Greek capital city.  New AirVuz contributor and pilot angrydrones was there to film the event with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  The video required some very skilled piloting to keep up with the world's fastest windsurfers, who can routinely hit speeds in excess of 50 km/hr (about 30 miles per hour).  

Basketball Courts and Street Art in Athens


Cacao Rocks Basketball Court commissioned by Giannis Antetokounmpo


Professional basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most famous Greeks of his generation.  Born to Nigerian parents in Athens, the 2.11 meter (6' 11") forward for the Milwaukee Bucks was chosen as the MVP by the National Basketball association for the 2018-19 season.  Now he's using his fame and fortune to help promote basketball in his hometown.  In this drone video by fakefaketv, you'll get an aerial view of one of the three basketball courts recently commissioned by the "Greek Freak", each accompanied by its own mural.  

Glyfada Drone Views


Glyfada cityscape, Greece

zisimos zi...

Glyfada is a suburb of Athens, Greece.  The largest of the southern suburbs of the Greek capital city, Glyfada stretches from the Hymettus Mountain to the body of water known as the Saronic Gulf.  The site of a US Air Force base during the Cold War years, Glyfada is considered one of the most Americanized areas of Greece.  Nowadays, it's known for its very active nighclub scene.  Known in ancient times as Aixone, you can check it out from above in this aerial video by contributor and drone pilot zisimos zizos.

Athens Holiday Video


Athens holiday

Mikołaj Do...

Contributor Mikolaj Dolata created this beautiful drone video from a vacation in the Greek capital of Athens.  The video opens with an amazing shot of the Acropolis of Athens, a rocky outcrop atop which sits the magnificent Parthenon. Another highlight of the video is the Temple of Poseidon on the nearby Cape Souinion, which you'll see at around the :28 mark.  Further on in the video you'll get a great bird's eye view of the Panathenaic Stadium, which was built by the Romans in the second century AD. 



Glyfada in Quarantine

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Acropolis Athens Greece

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Vouliagmeni Coast




Gezim Mavric in Athens 2017



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Drone Showreel Athens & Greece