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Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge connects the City of San Francisco with Marin County to its north, at the opening of San Francisco Bay.  At the time of its completion in 1937, it was the longest and tallest suspension span bridge in the world.  Contributor Jordanthe used a drone to create a memorable aerial view of this bridge, which since its construction has been one of the most iconic sites in the United States and indeed the world.   


DJI Phantom 4 over looking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, my 9/11 Tribute


The Brooklyn Bridge connects the New York City burroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan over the East River.  Completed at immense cost in 1883, the construction of the 1800 meter (almost 6k ft) bridge was one of the most important events in the building of modern day New York.  In this video, creator Sikview flew a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone over the bridge, providing us with a memorable bird's eye view of this immense structure.



OGB - Omer Gokcen

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge spans the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey.  Opened in 2016, the 2100 meter (7100 ft) cable stayed suspension bridge is larger than the Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges which lie to the south of it.  In this remarkable video, contributor Omer Gokcen was able to use a drone to show the construction of the bridge over the waterway which serves as the crossroads between Europe and Asia.


Cinematic aerial view of Obuhovskiy bridge, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Bolshoi Obukhovsky Bridge is the newest bridge crossing the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Competed in 2004, the 2800 meter (9200 ft) cable suspension bridge is the only St. Petersburg bridge which is not a drawbridge. used a DJI Phantom drone to create this monumental span, an important addition to the infrastructure of Russia's second largest city.


Moskovs'kyi Bridge, Kyiv, Ukraine


The Pivnichnyi (Northern) Bridge is a massive span which crosses the Dneiper River in Kiev, Ukraine.  It is the city's northernmost (upriver) crossing point on the river.  Opened in 1976, it was a major Soviet era infrastructure investment.  Contributor CamFly  flew a drone over the span at sunset to create this amazing bird's eye view.  


Phantom 3 at Charles Bridge Prague CZ

Alan Chan

Started in the 14th century and comleted in the 15th, Prague's Charles Bridge is one of the most recognized sites of the Czech city.  At 515 meters in length (1700 ft), the span over the Vltava River represented an immense technological achievement at the time.  Today, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Central Europe.  Contributor Alan Chan used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create an impressive bird's eye view of this treasured historical landmark.


Minneapolis Skyline & Stone Arch Bridge


The Stone Arch Bridge crosses the Mississippi at St. Anthony Falls, the historic heart of Minneapolis.  The Stone Arch Bridge was built by railwayman James J. Hill in the late 19th century to serve the flour milling industry which was propelling Minneapolis at the time.  Currently it is a footbridge, and it provides the best views of the Falls and downtown Minneapolis.  Even more so when viewed from a drone flying over the river, as you'll see in this amazing video by contributor Gianlo.  


Verrazano Bridge


The Verrazano is a relatively recent addition to the transportation infrastructure of New York City.  The Narrows is a stretch of water passing between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.  When completed in 1964, the bridge provided Staten Island with direct access to the rest of New York City for the first time.  In this amazing video, conteibutor Leonard James flew a drone out into the Narrows to film a large fright ship passing under the mighty span.  


Mackinac Bridge Sunrise


Mackinac Bridge connects the main part of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, and also sits at the divide between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.   Built in 1957, the bridge is roughly 8 km (5 mi) long, making it one of the longest bridges in North America.  It passes just to the west of Mackinac Island, a popular Lake Huron tourist area.  Northern POV used a drone and some creative editing to make this amazing aerial video of this important span.  

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