Discover Top Aerial Views of Cyprus

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This is Cyprus


Top contributor Raf_Neo created this spectacular aerial tour of his home country of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean.   If you've wondered what Cyprus looks like, this video is for you.  Treat yourself to epic aerial shots of Lara Beach in Pafos, the famous Erdo III shipwreck of of Peyia, the Limassal marina, Kalavassos Tenda, and the town of Lernaca.  The video ends with some great shots of Ayia Napa, the well known beach resort town on the eastern end of the island, the third largest in the Mediterranean.

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Cyprus Beaches


Contributor and drone pilot Habazaje created this memorable aerial tour of the beaches of Cyprus an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.  The video includes footage of the areas Paphos, Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach, Fig Tree Beach, Blue Lagoon, and Coral Bay.  The views of the crystal blue waters will help you understand why Cyprus has become a popular beach destination for travelers all over Europe.  

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Three Stars Shipwreck Akrotiri Limassol Cyprus

Iain Jordan

With its location along key shipping routes in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has become the final resting place of many ships.  Wrecks of both older and more recent vintage dot the waters surrounding the island.  Contributor Iain Jordan used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this amazing aerial video of the Akrotiri Limassol (Three Stars) shipwreck which sank in the waters of the Mediterranean after catching fire in 1972.  

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Ayia Napa in 60 Sec.

Valentinos loucaides

Ayia Napa is a small resort town on a peninsula on the eastern end of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  The town is heavily promoted by the Cypriot government, which has plans to make it the most popular resort area in the Mediterranean over the next two decades.  Contributor Valentinos Loucaides created this amazing video of the town, which is the site of a monastery built in the 12th century.  

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Russian Church Cyprus - Nicosia (XIRO XPLORER V 1080p)

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Nicosia is the largest city on the island nation of Cyprus as well as the country's capital.  Located in the middle of the country, the city has been inhabited for several millenia.  The newest highlight of Nicosia is the just-built Russian Church, a gold-domed architectural marvel which just opened in 2017.  Contributor Soteris used a drone to create an amazing bird's eye look at the church as it was nearing completion.  

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Bellapais Monastery Kyrenia North Cyprus

Iain Jordan

The Bellaplais Abbey is an 800 year old structure built in the northern part of the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus.  The site itself dates back to the Antiquity, where it was used to hide from seafaring Arab pirates.  Contributor Iaian Jordan used a DJI drone to make this amazing bird's eye view of the Abbey, which sits on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.  

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Cape Kormakitis North Cyprus

Iain Jordan

Cape Kormakitis is a point on the northern part of the island of Cyprus, in the Turkish controlled part of the country.  It points directly at the Turkish city of Anatalyua, which lies to its northwest across a stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.  Contributor Iaian Jordan flew his drone out over the tip of the cape, giving us an amazing bird's eye view of the deep blue waters and the mountains of the interior of the island.  

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Cyprus-Larnaca aerial wind turbines tour.


Contributor and drone piloy Raf_Neo was able to put together this awesome aerial look at a wind farm on the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, his home country.  Given its high dependence on imported energy sources, Cyprus has been keen to develop its substantial windpower potential.  Taken with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video does a great job of showing a modern wind farm in operation, and also provides some nice views of the Cyprus countryside.

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Blue Lagoon, Latchi, Cyprus. Near Baths of Aphrodite

Pavel Suchkov

Some of the most beautiful scenery on the Eastern Mediteranean island nation of Cyprus lies in its northwestern corner, on the Akamas Peninsula.  Pavel Suchkov created an amazing aerial tour of the area, which includes the village of Latchi, the Baths of Aphrodite, and the Blue Lagoon.  The last is a spectacular beach area where boats and yachts can dock in shaded areas.  

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The Oval Limassol Cyprus

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Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and the largest in its southern region.  The skyline of Limassol has been transformed by the construction of the distinctive looking Limassol Oval, which opened in 2017 and became the tallest office building in Cyprus.  Contributor Soteris was able to fly a drone around and over the Oval, treating us to an outstanding bird's eye view of this amazing piece of modern architecture. 

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Amazing country - Cyprus 2018

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Cyprus has some incredible sights to see especially when seen from a drone.  AirVūz contributor Soteris takes us on a flight with his DJI Mavic Air above the beaches that lead up to brilliantly blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea.  Throughout this reel there are some elements of surprise like a waterfall tucked away in a mossy forest and a rusty shipwreck out on the open sea water.

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Planet Mars: Nicosia Copper Mine

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The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is synonymous with copper.  Literally.  The Greek name for the island is "Kupros".   Copper mining on the island dates to thousands of years BC.  With its best mineral resources having been extracted, mining is no longer a significant part of the economy of Cyprus.  That being said, the heritage is still visible.  In this video, contributor Soteris used a drone to film a copper mine "lake" (distinguishable by its colorful appearance) near the Cypriot capital city Nicosia.

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Amiantos Mine & Diamond Hidden Lake, Troodos, Cyprus

Iain Jordan

While the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is closely associated with copper mining, the red metal is not the only mineral to be found on Cyprus.  Another is asbestos, whose fibers were used extensively for insulation before it was discovered that they are highly carcinogenic.  In this video, contributor Iaian Jordan used a drone to film the Amiantos asbestos mine near the center of the country.  Like all asbestos mines, it's been closed, leaving a substantial legacy of cleanup costs.

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Aphrodite's Rock - Cyprus .. Beautiful Aerial Video


Get a bird's eye view of a very famous rock in this drone video by Markos_026.  It's called Aprodite's Rock, and it's off the coast of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.  Sometimes also called "Rock of the Roman", it's off the coast of Paphos, at the western end of the island.  It's closely connected to Greek mythology, as the reputed home of the great goddess of the same name.  Technically a sea stack, the natural landmark is considered to be one of the world's most recognized rock formations.  

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Discover the beauty of South-East Cyprus - Protaras & Ayia Napa


White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, dozens of pools, stunning sunsets - what more could you ask for? Jan Majer Cyprus Photography shows us southeastern side of the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus. Protaras is a resort town known for its beaches and Fig Tree Bay. Ayia Napa is also a resort town known for its beaches, as well as its historic Ayia Napa Monastery which is now surrounded by bars and nightlife.  Cyprus is the third largest island in the sea by land area.