Aerial Tour of Honduras
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Honduras Aerial


For a 90 second tour aerial tour of the Central American country of Honduras, it's hard to beat this video.  It features a plethora of wonderful bird's eye views from across this great country between the North and South American continents, the second most populous country in Central America.  You will be treated to epic aerial views of its long Caribbean coastline and its smaller Pacific one, its lush green river valleys, towering volcanoes,and modern cities and infrastructure.

Tela and San Pedro Sula
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Honduras: Tela and San Pedro Sula - Mavic Pro Platinum 4K

LP - Drone Videos

Many of the most beautiful areas of Honduras are in the north of the Central American country.  Contributor LP-Drone Videos used a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone to create this amazing aerial video of two towns in the jungles of northern Honduras.  The aerial views of Tela, which sits on the Caribbean coast in the Atlántida Department, and San Pedro Sula, which lies 75 km or so to the interior in the Cortés Department, are both quite spectacular.  

Honduras' Pacific Coast
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Wakeboarding Road Trip// Sur de Honduras

  • Skyfie
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If you want to take a trip to hone your wakeboarding skills in an amazing tropical location, contributor Skyfie makes a compelling case for Honduras.  In the southern part of this Central American country, the Gulf of Fonseca and a number of bays which empty into it provides an ideal shelter from the open Pacific Ocean, perfect for various aquatic activities.  As you will see from this great VLOG/aerial video, the calm waters are ideal for wakeboarding.  

Four Top Spots in Honduras
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Honduras 2018


Honduras is vying with Nicaragua to become the next Costa Rica, the first Central American country to develop a large tourist trade.  With a more stable political climate compared to its southern neighbor, Honduras seems to be winning this race.  This drone video provides a nice aerial overview of modern Honduras, and features aerial footage of several notable spots, including Roatan, Cayo Cochinos, Lago de Yojoa, and Cataratas de Pulhapanzak.

Utila: Reef Island of Honduras
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Utila Honduras 4k


Utila is a small Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras in Central America.  It's part of a system called the Great Mayan Reef which also includes the islands of  Roatán and Guanaja.  These three islands, known as the Bay Islands, represent the southern end of the great reef, the second largest such structure in the world.  For this reason, the Bay Islands offer some of the world's best diving waters.  In this video by contributor Leogiraudeau, you'll get a bird's eye view of Utila.  

Migrant Caravan in Honduras
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Migrant Caravan and Immigration from Above

Carlos Duarte

Contributor Carlos Duarte used a drone to create this powerful video of a Central American "migrant caravan".  These caravans are part of a vast movement of people north from Central America into Mexico and thence to the United States.  In this particular video, you'll see these unfortunates making their way out of (or through) Honduras into Guatemala, which has a long border with Mexico.  Exposed to all manner of deprivations, these migrants hope to make their way to the United States.  

Cortes Department: Chivana
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Paradise in Honduras


Check out this drone video of a beautiful spot in northern Honduras, compliments of contributor AndyBass.  The town of Chivana is situated in the country's Cortés  Department, the northernmost of the country's 18 administrative divisions.  Cortés, which borders Guatemala, has a relatively short Caribbean coastline and an interior which extends well to the south.  Chivana is located near the coast.  It lies a short distance to the west of the better known beach area of Tela.  

Fun in Roatán
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Verano con Jetstreo inlcuido // Roatan Honduras

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Contributor Skyfie created one of his trademark vlogs from a trip to Roatán, Honduras.  Roatán is the largest of the Bay Islands, a small archipelago which lies in the Caribbean Sea, north of the mainland.  The group consists of over 50 small islands (some of which are unoccupied), spread out over roughly 200 km (around 120 miles).  Shot with a mix of drone and ground cameras, the video will give you a sense of the plethora of recreational activities available here.    

Profile of Skyfie
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The Drone Dish: Skyfie

The Drone Dish

In this episode of the Drone Dish, Tyler chats with Dan Irias, otherwise known as Skyfie. He travels primarily in the Central American and Caribbean Sea areas making epic travel vlogs that include a lot of drone footage.  Skyfie videos can be found in several AirVuz collections, particularly the Honduras collection.  What makes him tick? For the lowdown straight from Mr. Irias himself, watch on! Also you can visit his website:


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