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Appenines and Rocca Calascio


Fantasy Abruzzo

Dani Massa...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Dani Massaro brings us this fantastic DVOW nominated film from the Appenine Mountains in the Abruzzo region of east-central Italy.  In addition to some stunning aerial views of the mountain peaks, the video features footage of one of Italy's most famous landmarks: the fortress of Rocca di Calasco.  Part of the province of L'Aquila, the fortification sits at an altitude of just under 1.5k meters above sea level (a little under 5k ft) and is the highest fortress of the Appenines.  

DVA Finalist from Abruzzo


Not Only NOW, it's EPIC

Mauro Pagl...

Mauro Pagliai has an alternative idea of what a travel video should look like! Navigate through time as he uses his drone to soar around ancient ruins, creatively showing off the different ways photography has changed. The backdrop of Abruzzo in the central part of Italy is perfect for this highly creative piece.  This video won both Drone Video of the Week and Drone Video of the Month contest, and was picked as a Finalist in the Originality cateogory for the second annual Drone Video Awards.

Mavic Pro 2 Tour of Abruzzo



Mauro Pagl...

Top contributor Mauro Pagliai used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this spectacular mini-tour of Abruzzo, a region of central Italy.  It lies on the eastern side of the "boot" of Italy.  While Abruzzo has a long Adriatic Sea coastline, its most beautiful areas are on the generally mountainous interior of the province, where the video was shot.  Treat yourself to these beautiful dronelapses of the Appenine Mountains, mountaintop castles, and medieval fortresses that dot this magnificent region.  

DJI Spark Tour of Abruzzo


DJI Spark: Cinematic Footage of Italy's Abruzzo Region

Mauro Pagl...

This epic reel by award-winning contributor and drone pilot Mauro Pagliai demonstrates two things: (1) the cinematic potential of DJI's tiny Spark drone and (2) the beauty of Italy's Abruzzo region.  Abruzzo lies on Italy's eastern (Adriatic Sea) coast, southeast of Rome.  Most of this video was shot in its western portion, a mountainous land full of stunning castles and villages.   As you'll see, the Spark footage is astoundingly high quality, and it draws out the natural beauty of this ancient land.  

Abruzzo's Mountains and Misty Valleys


A Short Flight

Mauro Pagl...

Top contributor Mauro Paglia created this highly cinematic video of his home region of Abruzzo, Italy.  He uses a combination of drone footage mixed in with a bit of ground camera footage and some very skillful editing to create an awe-inspiring trip through one of the country's most beautiful regions.  Ride along for some epic bird's eye views of the region's legenary Appenine Mountain peaks, misty valleys, and stunning wildlife.  The aerial portions of the video were filmed with the DJI Spark drone.  

60 Seconds over Abruzzo


Abruzzo: 12 Hours in 60 Seconds


Contributor Zippomaker created this stunning tour-by-drone of Italy's Abruzzo region, in the east-central part of the country.  The highlight of the video is some epic footage of Piccolomini Castle, a 14th century landmark in the town of Celano.  The castle was built in several stages, taking most of its present form in the 15th century.  It underwent extensive restoration in the 20th century.  The castle, which is often used for Ministry of Cultural Heritage meetings, also houses a museum.  

DVOW Winner from L'Aquila


Pink is coming

Mauro Pagl...

Top contributor Mauro Paglia used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this stunning aerial view of L'Aquila, an important city in the Abruzzo region of Italy.   L'Aquila is situated in the eponymously named province, in the Appenine Mountains which run down the country's "spine".  With a population of about 75,000, it's the provincial and regional capital.  The video captures the city when it was lit up in pink for the Giro d'Italia 2019, the Italian version of the Tour de France. This video won DVOW in May 2019.

Campo Imperatore


Campo Imperatore Dronie

Mauro Pagl...

Top contributor Mauro Paglia and his canine friend created this epic dronie from a famous mountain plateau in Central Italy.  Campo Imperatore is an alpine meadow in the Gran Sasso masif, the highest part of Italy's Appenine Mountains.  It's situated in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park in the Abruzzo Region, which covers much of the east-central part of the country.  While its altitudes are lower, it is known as the Tibet of Italy in reference to the Tibetan Plateau of the Himalayan Mountains.  

Abruzzo's Gran Sasso Mountains


La Montaña

Dani Massa...

AirVuz contributor Dani Massaro used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this fantastic drone video from the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy.  One of the country's least densely populated regions, Abruzzo is crossed on a roughly north-south axis by the Appenine Mountains.  The Appenines are actually a series of connected chains which run down the "spine" of peninsular Italy.  They reach their highest altitudes in Abruzzo, in the Gran Sasso Masif.  The highest peak here, Mt. Corno, has an elevation of 2.9k meters above sea level of around 9.55k ft.

Gran Sasso and Rocca


Lights and Air

Mauro Pagl...

Award-winning content creator and drone pilot Mauro Pagliai created this magnificent piece from the Appenine Mountains of south-central Italy.  The video features some spectacular timelapse sequences from the Gran Sasso d'Italia masif, home of the highest peak in the entire Appenine chain: Corno Grande, which has a maximum elevation of 2.9k meters above sea level (around 9.55k ft.).  You'll also see some nice shots of the Rocca Calascio, the highest of the Appenine fortresses.  

Rocca Calascia: Appenine Fortress


Mavic mini - First flights


For a drone weighing only a quarter kilogram (about 8 oz.), the DJI Mavic Mini is an astonishingly effective aerial video platform.  Withness this Mini-captured video of one of the most famous fortresses in Europe, compliments of Luca_B3n.  It's the Rocca Calascio, a 10th century AD fortification in the mountains of central Italy.  The highest fortress in the Appenine Mountains, the landmark has been used as a filming locations for a number of movies, most recently the American (2010).

The Town of L'Aquila


Avanti, March


Luca_B3n combines great footage and skillfull dronelapse editing to create this beautiful piece from the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy.  It was filmed near the town of L'Aquila, which lies in the northwestern corner of the Abruzzo region.  It's in the heart of the Appenine Mountains, a chain of foothills and mountains (actually a series of chains) which runs down the "spine" of Italy.  The province of L'Aquila is the largest of the four which make up the Abruzzo region; it covers most of the western part of the territory.  

Pescara: Abruzzo's Largest City


Sunrise and sunset in Pescara

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Check out this beautiful drone video of Pescara, Italy, compliments of contributor martini.  Pescara is the capital of the eponymously named province, one of the four which make up the Abruzzo region.  Pescara is the largest city in Abruzzo, a largely rural region which covers a portion of east-central Italy.  Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Pescara has roots as a fortress town near the mouth of the Aterno-Pescara River. The city's main sights sit on either side of the river, in effect dividing it in two.  

April in the Appenines


Something about April


The unpredictable month of April is sure to bring joy in the warmth of spring, while also reminding us that winter is not gone quite yet.  Contributor Luca_B3n took advantage of the better weather to get out and create this beautiful drone video of the mountains of Central Italy.  While the Appenine Mountains which run down the center of the Italian Peninsula lack the altitude of the Alps of the northern regions, they make for some stunning visuals, as you'll see in this aerial collage from the Abruzzo region.

FPV Surfing Monte Velino


Mount Velino - Abruzzo - Italy

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Check out this spectacular FPV video from the Appenine Mountains of Italy, compliments of top contributor and drone pilot TAT-VT.  It was shot at Monte Velino, which lies in the province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region.  The mountain has a peak elevation of just under 2.5k meters (a bit under 8.2k ft.) above sea level.  It's the third highest peak in the Appenines, a chain which runs down the "spine" of Italy.  Like much of the chain, Monte Velino is known for its spectacular rock formations and ridges.  

Gran Sasso's Monte Camicia


Mount Camicia - 2564m

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Top contributor TAT-VT created this stunning drone video from one of the highest mountains in the center part of Italy.  It's Monte Camicia, which straddles the provinces of L'Aquila and Teramo, two of the four which make up the region of Abruzzo.  The mountain has a peak elevation of a bit under 2.6k meters above sea level (about 8.4k ft.).  It's part of the Gran Sasso d'Italia masif, a subchain of the Appenine Mountains.  Gran Sasso is also home to Corno Grande, the highest peak in the Appenines.

Climbing Corno Grande


Gran Sasso, a backpacking day adventure

  • 360roma
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Ride along with 360roma as he hikes to the summit of one of Italy's most famous mountains.  The video covers a backpacking trip from Campo Imperatore to the summit of Corno Grande, the highest summit in the Appenine Mountains.  Located in the region of Abruzzo, the mountain is part of the Gran Sasso Massif.  Its peak elevation is about 2.9k meters or around 9.6k ft. above sea level.  Among the stunning scenes you'll see in the video is the Calderone Glacier, known as the southernmost ice sheet in Europe. 

Appenine Mountain Time-Lapses



Mauro Pagl...

The time-lapses in this aerial video of castles in Italy are something to remember.  DVA nominee Mauro Pagliai brings us “Rockloud” a compilation of some of his favorite images of Italian castles he’s taken over the years. Many of these stretches of tape include hyper-lapses where the clouds roll over the amazing, historical places he is focusing on. It’s a dreamlike piece that you’ll certainly be inspired by.  The footage was captured from the region of Abruzzo, in the south central part of the country.  

Cusano Waterfall, Pescara


Cascate di Cusano - Abruzzo Italy


Check out this drone video of a well-known waterfall in the Abruzzo region of Italy, compliments of contributor Seppiolone.  The Cascata di Cusano (sometimes called the Cascate de Lejo) is located in Pescara, one of the provinces of the Abruzzo region in the south-central part of the country.  The falls are almost tropical-like in appearance, a rarity for anywhere in Europe.  The area is part of the Maiella National Park, which is centered on one of the masifs of the Appenine range and covers parts of three provinces.  

L'Aquila's Appenines


A Little Piece of Abruzzo


Check out this beautiful drone video from the mountainous Italian province of L'Aquila, compliments of new AirVuz contributor droneandman.  The westernmost of the provinces of the Abruzzo region, most of L'Aquila is covered by the Appenine Mountains and their foothills.  The video features footage of the stunning Lake Stanno (Lago di Stanno) and some of the mountainous terrain in a nearby nature reserve.  It closes with some outstanding shots of the magnificent mountain village of Anversa degli Abruzzi.

Drone Views of Campo Imperatore


Shorty @ Campo Imperatore


See the beauty of Campo Imperatore in this stunning drone video, courtesy of pilot Luca_B3n. Located in central Italy, Campo Imperatore is a mountain grassland or alpine meadow in Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. The area has been used in more than 20 films including “The American,” “Ladyhawke,” and “The Name of the Rose.” In the spring through the fall, shepherds use the pastures to graze their sheep, semi-wild horses, and cattle.  

Interior Abruzzo Collage


Yún -云

Mauro Pagl...

Top AirVuz contributor Mauro Pagliai has created some of the best drone videos ever made of the Italian region of Abruzzo.  His videos focus on the region's interior in the Appenine Mountains, home to some of Italy's most stunning natural and cultural sites.  In this video, he pulled some of his very best Abruzzo footage together to create a visually stunning and inspiring piece.  The video features epic views of the most iconic of Abruzzo scenes: snow-capped mountains, misty valleys, shimmering lakes, and hilltop fortresses.  

Roccascalegna Castle and Passolanciano-Maielletta


Roccascalegna and Passolanciano-Maielletta


Check out these beautiful drone views from the Appenine Mountains of Italy, compliments of AirVuz contributor droneandman.  The first spot is the Castle of Roccascalegna, a 15th century castle-fortress perched atop its namesake town in Chieti, the southeasternmost of the four provinces of the Abruzzo Region.  Then you'll head a bit to the southeast to the beautiful ski resort area of Passolanciano-Maielletta.  The Appenine Mountains cover much of the Abruzzo Region, which lies in the east-central part of the country. 

Orsagna: Village of Chiete Province


Orsogna, Abruzzo, Italy - 2020 august 21


Check out this beautiful drone video of a hill town in Italy's Abruzzo region, compliments of new AirVuz contributor Fausto Tenaglia.  He used a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone to film the town of Orsogna.  Orsogna is situated in the foothills of the Appenine Mountains in Chieti, the easternmost of the four provinces which comprise this largely rural part of southern Italy.  The town sits atop a ridge which is bordered by the Moro River and its tributaries.  A typical Aburzze mountain village, it's surrounded by agricutural fields and vineyards.

Trabucco: Fishing Machines in Chieti


Flight on Trabocco


The Adriatic Sea coastline of Italy's Abruzzo region has historically been one of Italy's most important fishing areas.  In order to harvest the sea's bounty, innovative fisherman in the region developed a type of fishing machine known as a Trabucco.  The machine consists of mechanism to suspend a large net from the end of a wooden platform.  Seen in this drone video by Freedrone1, they are a common sight along the Abruzzo coastline, particularly in the province of Chieti, which covers the southern part of the region's coastline.  

Gran Sasso Drone Views


Snow is Joke


Here's a magnificent drone video from the mountains of Central Italy, compliments of Luca_B3n.  The area being filmed is Gran Sasso, which is in the Abruzzo Region in the middle of the country.  It's a sub-range of the Appenine Mountains, which run down the "spine" of Italy.  One of the three main summits of Gran Sasso is Corno Grande, the highest mountain in the Appenine range and the highest mountain in Italy outside of the Alps.  Its peak elevation is about 2.9k meters (around 9.6k ft.).

Paramotoring on the Palentine Plains


Fly Piani Palentini,Abruzzo,Italy

fabio saul...

If you want to see what powered paragliding looks like, check out this amazing drone video by fabio sauli.  Powered paraglding (sometimes called paramotoring) is an extreme sport which involves strapping on a back-mounted motor and attaching oneself to a paraglider.  Experienced pilots can rech speeds up of up 80 km/hr (around 50 mph) and altitudes of thousands of meters/feet.  He filmed a very brave pilot plying the skies over the Palentine Plains in the Abruzzo region of south-central Italy.  

Abruzzo FPV Trip


Road to Abruzzo - travel film

  • tonnoz
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The region of Abruzzo in Southern Italy is often referred to as the most green in continental Europe, with approximately half of its land protected in national parks and reserves. It also served as a breathtaking backdrop for content creator Tonnoz, when he travelled the area with his performance FPV drone, capturing the quintessential Italian landscape and throwing in plenty of freestyle diving and cruising.  The beautiful footage gave us plenty of reason to place him on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in February 2020.

Trip to the Abruzzo Mountains


Incredible mountains of Italy

Shervin Ko...

Abruzzo is an Italian region that features a long Adriatic Sea coastline as well as an interior covered by the Apennine Mountains, a chain which runs down the "spine"of peninsular Italy. Most of the rugged interior is covered by National Parks and nature reserves, as well as idyllic hilltop towns that date back to medieval and Renaissance periods. Pilot Shervin Koushan took along his drone while vacationing in the area during the winter months. The stunning videos show why he chose the area for a vacation - it is spectacular. 

Rocca Calascio from Above


Rocca Calascio - MiddleAges Project


Numerous fortresses were built at key points in the Apennines mountains which run down the "spine" of Italy.  In this video, contributor Zippomaker used a drone to create a remarkable aerial video of Rocca Calascio, the highest of these fortresses.  The fortification, which dates to the 10th century AD, sits at an elevation of almost 1.5k meters (about 4.8k ft.) in the Abruzzo region. It's been used as a filming locations for several movies, notably The Name of the Rose (1986) and The American (2010).



FPV - Rocca Calascio - Italy

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Campo Imperatore 2019

Dani Massa...


Mauro Scia...