USS Ronald Reagan Carrier
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hongkong drone USS RONALD REAGAN CVN-76


Contributor caldina318 created this rather remarkable drone video of a Nimitz Class US aircraft carrier near Hong Kong.  The USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned in 2003, the first US Navy ship named for a living President.   The nuclear-powered ship, which cost $4.5 billion, has a length of 333 meters (just under 1.1k ft.) and carries over 90 aircraft.  Judging by the obvious non-chalance of the crew members on the deck, we're surmising that the Mavic Pro 2 flight was undertaken with the proper permissions. 

USS John Stennis Carrier
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USN John C Stennis Carrier


Contributor Spyder brings us an amazing (and apparently sanctioned) drone video of the US Navy aircraft carrier John C. Stennis cruising through Puget Sound, Washington en route to base at Bremerton.  Launched in 1995, the ship is one of ten Nimitz class nuclear powered carriers which have formed a pillar of US security for decades.  It's powered by two nuclear reactors that allow this behemoth to cruise at 30+ knots for months on end.  The video was shared with the ship's PR officer prior to upload.

USS Massachusetts Battleship
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USS Massachusetts 4K via Drone


The USS Massachusetts is a South Dakota Class Battleship.  Commissioned in 1938, the ship saw action in the monumental Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, regarded as the largest single naval encounter in history.   The ship has a displacement of 35k tons and its armament includes four gigantic 16 inch guns.  Contributor PO3Smith created an amazing drone video of the ship, which now serves as a museum ship and sits in Battleship Cove, Massachusetts.  

USS New Jersey Battleship
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Battleship New Jersey 4K Drone Experience


In this video, drone pilot and contributor PO3Smith put together a beautiful historical/drone footage edit on the battleship USS New Jersey, one of the country's most storied combat ships.  The video starts with footage from the Iowa Class ship's engagements, which have made it the most-traveled ship of any US naval vessel.  The bulk of the video is drone footage of the great ship, which was decommissioned in 1991.  The New Jersey saw action in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  

US Coast Guard Cutter
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USCGC Sanibel


Contributor PO3Smith put together this awesome aerial video of a US Coast Guard cutter cruising the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts.  The Sanibel is an Island class patrol boat.  These 30+ meter (110 ft) ships are on the smaller end of the Coast Guard's fleet and used for near-shore operations such as drug interdiction.  The video shows the Sanibel passing by a much larger barge, giving you a sense of relative sizes.   

Turkish Diesel-Powered Submarine
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OGB - Omer Gokcen

Top contributor Omer Gokcen, managed to capture a Turkish submarine cruising the Straits of Bosphorus near Istanbul, Turkey.  The submarine he filmed is a Turkish Navy Type 209 diesel powered sub.  These subs are manufactured in Germany exclusively for export to foreign navies, the largest operator of which is the Turkish navy.  These submarines are armed with eight torpedo tubes, and the variant used by Turkey also carries Harpoon missiles.

USS Salem Heavy Cruiser
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The Last of her kind - USS Salem 4K


Cruisers are the cavalry of the seas.  Not as heavily armed or armoured as battleships, cruisers are generally faster and (in their original conception) designed to run ahead of the main battle fleet.  In this video, contributor PO3SMITH gives us a drone's eye view of the  USS Salem, a Des Moines Class heavy cruiser launched shortly after World War II.  TThe 17k ton displacement ship was de-commissioned in 1959, as cruiser technology evolved away from guns towards missile armament.  

USS Ross: Guided Missile Destroyer
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USS Ross Destroyer


Check out this awesome drone video of a US Navy destroyer cruising the Bosphorus Strait near Istanbul, Turkey, compliments of contributor gokhanakman.  The USS Ross is a guided-missile destroyer of the Arleigh Burke (DDG-71) class, of which about five dozen have been built.  The ship is just under 155 meters (just over 500 ft.) long, with a displacement of about 9k tons.  Powered by four gas turbines producing over 100k of shaft horsepower, the ship can cruise at 30 knots.  

USS Olympia: Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
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Dreadnought of the past - USS Olympia


Contributor PO3SMITH created this beautiful drone video of the USS Olympia, a storied US Navy battleship which was launched just a few years prior to the Dreadnaught class battleships which helped to escalate the European naval arms race.  The Olympia was launched in 1895, and it famously served as the flagship of Admiral of the Navy Dewey at the Battle of Manila, the critical naval clash of the Spanish American War.  The 5,600 ton displacement ship was de-commissioned in 1922.


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U.S Navy Flotilla!

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OGB - Omer Gokcen