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Nunavut's Narwals

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Magic Sea Unicorn

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Among the most unusual looking whale species are Narwals.  They are very much distinguished by a large "tusk" which is a residual tooth.  Award winning contributor Florian Ledoux was part of a team searching for these elusive creatures in Nanuvut, in the far Arctic reaches of Northern Canada.  After a few days, they located some of these elusive creatures and were able to film them with a drone, resulting in this astounding video.  

Polar Bear in Nunavut

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Majestic Beast Nanuk

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Nunavut is the newest Canadian province, having been carved out of the Northwest Territories in 1999.  It is a vast Arctic land, lightly occupied and bearing greater resemblance to Greenland or Antarctica than it does to other Canadian provinces.  Award winning aerial videographer Florian Ledeaux shot this stunning video of a polar bear walking across the icebergs floating in the Arctic Sea.  The video powerfully illustrates the fragility of the world's eco-system to continued global warmimg trends.  

Drone Views of Newfoundland

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"The Rock": Newfoundland, Canada


At the easternmost end of Canada is its Newfoundland province.  The province is comprised of two areas: the island of Newfoundland and the Labrador region of the Canadian mainland to its west.  Gtingle used a drone to create this aerial video shot in the winter of 2017, when ice freeze caused great disruption to the province's critical fishing industry.  The province and its relationship with the sea were memorably covered by E. Annie Proulx's 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Shipping News.

Arctic Icebreaker

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Drone on IceBreaker


The title says it all.  Top drone pilot and aerial videographer David Etienne Durivage (profile name "Dizifilms") created this spectacular aerial video of a cargo carrying ship operating in the Canadian Arctic.  The video shows the containership plowing through the thick ice of the foreboding Arctic Ocean, and the bird's eye perspective of this scene is incredible.  A ship like this is capable of breaking through modest ice coverings; much thicker ice would require a dedicated icebreaker to clear a path.  

Dronie from the Yukon

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Life on the Yukon

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The Yukon is the northwesternmost of Canada's 13 provinces, and one of the three so-called Federal Territories which run across the northern tier of the country (the others being Northwest Territories and Nunavut).  It has a very long western border with the USA state of Alaska, and its northern border is on the Arctic Ocean.  Contributor Bbloss was working on filming a TV show in the area, and used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this brief but fascinating look at this remote corner of the country.

Profile of Florian Ledoux

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The Drone Dish: florian ledoux

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Known for his nature and wildlife photography, Florian Ledoux chats with Tyler in this episode of The Drone Dish. Most of his work takes him to Arctic locations like Greenland and Canada's Federal Territories where he has captured epic aerials of polar bears, narwhals, and gigantic icebergs.  One of his aerial photos from the Arctic was featured in the seminal Time magazine special report entitled "The Drone Age", and his video "I am Fragile" was selected as a finalist in the second Drone Video Awards. 


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Thousand beluga

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Air Avalon

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