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High Stiles, Lake District

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High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike Walk


The famed Lake District of northern England is actually known as much for its highly unusual rock ridges, hiking trails, and climbing spots as it is for its lakes. In this drone video by Digital-Vision, you'll get an aerial view of the following locations within the District: High Crag, a ridge walk on High Stile Ridge; High Stile Mountain, which has a peak altitude of just over 800 meters (around 2.65k ft.); and Red Pike, which is another fell (small mountain) within the High Stile range. This video was a DVOW finalist in September, 2019.

Scaffel Pike: England's Highest Mountain

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Scafell Pike 4K DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Top contributor Hamza_Mujtaba used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to record a hike to England's tallest mountain.  Scaffel Pike is situated in the Lake District National Park in County Cumbria, in the North West region of England.  The mountaintop has an elevation of just under 1k meters (just over 3.2k ft.).  It's part of the Three Peaks Challenge, where climbers tackle the highest mountains in England, Wales, and Scotland within a single 24 hour period (with motorized transport between the peaks).  

Lake District: Windermere and Lea Tarn

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Lake District


Top contributor newcastlemale used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this stunning aerial video of Northern England's famous Lakes District.  It opens with some shots around Lake Windermere, England's largest natural lake, including the Neo-Gothic Wray Castle on its western shore and the town of Ambleside Waterhead at its north end.  The video ends with some epic footage of the tiny Lea Tarn, a tiny lake which lies to the northwest of Windermere.  

Liverpool: Port of the Industrial Revolution

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Liverpool Waterfront

Marco Don

Marco Don created this drone video of Liverpool, the great port city in Northern England.  Located in the Mersey River estuary a bit to the southwest of Manchester, Liverpool played a key role in Britain's (and the world's) Industrial Revolution as the primary port by which cotton from the United States reached England's textile mills.  At the zenith of its arc, Liverpool was one of the wealthiest cities in the world.  More recently, Liverpool gave birth to a pop music sensation known as the Beatles.   

Aerial Tour of Manchester

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Manchester Drone Footage SUBURBS and CITY Skyline Deansgate Square


Here's a great aerial tour of Manchester, England, compliments of admr1985.  The video features footage of the central business district, including the new Deansgate Square development on the south side of the city core.  You'll also get some nice aerial views of the city's sprawling suburbs, which help make this the UK's second-largest urban area.  Considered the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has fully recovered from the 1996 IRA bomb which devastated a large portion of downtown.

Wastwater: England's Deepest Lake

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Top contributor Newcastlemale used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this phenomenal aerial video of a spot in the Lakes District of the UK.  Wastwater (sometimes called Wast Water) is a glacial lake in the western part of the District, one of the top destinations in Northern England.  It's not only a stunningly beautiful spot, but it's also the deepest lake in England with a maximum depth of 79 meters (just under 260 ft.).   In 2007, the lake was the winner of a national poll to determine Britain's Favourite View.  

Lancashire: Pleasington Priory

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Pleasington Priory, Lancashire, UK

Stratus Imagery

Pleasington Priory, or the Church of St Mary and St John Baptist, is a Roman Catholic church in the village of Pleasington.  The village is part of Lancashire, one of the counties of northwestern England.  The Priory is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building, the level reserved for sites of the highest importance.  Contributor Stratus Imagery used a combination of drone and ground cameras to create a marvelous portrait of this cultural site.  

Cumbria: England's Lake District

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The Lake District Nation Park, UK.


The Lake District is an area of lakes and rolling mountains in the northwest section of England, in County Cumbria.  It is one of the most popular tourist areas of North England, and it's a designated UNESCO Natural Heritage site.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro drone, contributor Agrippa907th created this amazing aerial video of this national treasure, which helped to inspire some of England's most famous poets and novelists, and more recently was the filming location for a Star Wars series movie.

Farming in Lancashire

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Harvest Time in Lancashire

Stratus Imagery

The agricultural revolution was born in England, and eventually fed into the industrial revolution beginning in the late 18th century.   Contributor Stratus Imagery does a good deal of commercial aerial videography of large scale farming operations, primarily in northern England.  In this video, they use a drone to film a New Holland tractor harvesting hay in the region of Lancashire, the area just north of Manchester and Liverpool on England's western coast.

Lakes District: Cats Bells

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Cats Bells, English Lake District


Theperspectiveexperiment created this beautiful drone video of one of the most beautiful parts of the Lakes District in Northern England.  The video was shot in the Catbells, a series of hills overlooking Derwentwater, one of the main lakes in the region. The stunning and unusual natural scenery has caught the attention of filmmakers, most notably those producing the Star Wars series: Derwentwater features prominently as a filming scene for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).

Blencathra: Star Wars Filming Location

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Aerial Adventures, Episode 10: Blencathra

Joshua Paul Gardner

The Lake District is northern England is famous not just for its lakes but for the sharp ridges which run through the area. Blencathra is one of the sharpest of these hills, and it's a legendary hiking spot because of it.  The unusual geology of the area led it to become a principal filming location for the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Blencathra is visible in an X-Wing fighter scene.  Check out this amazing spot in northern England from contributor and drone pilot Joshua Paul Gardner.

Liverpool's Sefton Park

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Sefton Park | Liverpool, England | DJI Mavic Pro Test Flight | 4K Video


Top contributor hamza_mujtaba created this beautiful aerial video of a well known park in Liverpool, England.  Sefton Park is located in an eponymously named neighborhood in the southern part of the city.  Liverpool is the center of the fifth largest metropolitan area in the UK, after London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.  The park was created by picking a design that was awarded via a competition, opening in 1872. It's a listed site on the English Historical Register.  

Lake District Reel

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Hovershotz aerial showreel Lake District


Hovershotz created this epic drone reel of England's Lake District one of the great natural treasures of the UK.  Most of the district forms a national park (the UK's largest) which covers an enormous area of almost 2.4k square km (about 900 square mi.) -  a significant proportion of Cumberland, the county which covers the northwestern part of England.   The District is known as much for its mountains and forests as its lakes, and has captivated the minds of some of England's top literary names for centuries.  

Historical Train in the Lakes District

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Chasing Thomas the Tank Engine with a Drone

Joshua Paul Gardner

Lakelside & Haverthwaite Railway is a historical railroad which runs about 5 km (3 mi.) through Cumbria in the Lakes District of Northern England.  Sections of the road were once used to film footage for the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series.  In this drone video by Joshua Paul Gardner, you'll get an amazing bird's eye view of this historic railroad, which runs through an area of some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the entire United Kingdom.

Cheshire Castles and Liverpool

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S a n d C a s t l e .


Contributor Droneruk put together this impressive collage from four spots in North West England.  Unusually, he combined footage from a DJI Mavic Pro drone and FPV footage.  The video features footage from two castles in Cheshire: Peckforton Castle and Beeston Castle.  The action then shifts a bit to the north, to the port city of Liverpool.  Here you'll see Crosby Beach and the famous Wheel of Liverpool, on its famous waterfront.   

Helvellyn's Striding Edge

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Striding Edge Cumbria


Digital-Vision created this excellent drone video of a famous (yet deadly) rock ridge in northern England. It's called Striding Edge, and it's the most popular route to ascend Helvellyn, one of the highest mountains of the English Lake District in County Cumbria.  Notoriously dangerous, the ridge's most famous victim was the Romantic artist Charles Gough, who fell to his death here in 1805; his demise inspired poems by William Wordworth and Walter Scott, two of the most famous men of letters in 19th century Britain. 


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Piers Cunliffe

Contributor Piers Cunliffe put together this drone video of a beautiful spot on the coast of North West England.  The town is called Grange-over-Sands, and it's on Morecambe Bay in Cumbria, just south of the famed Lakes District.  Originally a small village, the building of England's rail network in the 19th century helped to turn it into a seaside getaway spot for the city-dwellers of northern England.  The "over-sands" designation was added to its original name some time in the late 19th or early 20th century.

Roman Fortress in Cumbria

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Roman Fort Ruins and Remains (Drone Footage)


Check out this amazing drone video of an important ancient ruins site in northern England, compliments of MrJakeSilvester.  The subject is the Hardknott Roman Fort.  It's located in a pass of the same name between two valleys in England's Lakes District, in County Cumbria.  The fort was built in the 2nd century AD, during the time when most of England was under Roman occupation.  The fort was garrisoned by about 500 cavalrymen who came from the Dalmation Coast in what is present-day Croatia.  

The Langdales

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The incredible Langdale in The Lake District


Here's an epic aerial view of a series of valleys in England's famed Lake District, compliments of contributor Lyle McCalmont.  The two main valleys are called Great Langdale and Little Langdale, with the smaller valley of Blea Tarn between them.  The video also includes footage of the Langdale Pikes (a small mountain range north of the valley) and Lingmoor Fell (a series of hills which divides the valleys).  The entire area is contained within Cumbria, one of the main counties of North West England.  


The Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool

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Cunard Queen Mary 2

Stratus Imagery

Here's a beautiful aerial view of the world's most well-known operating ocean liner docked in Liverpool, England, compliments of contributor Stratus Imagery.  The Queen Mary 2 is the flagship of the famous Cunard line, which operated the ill-fated Titanic.  The Queen Mary is 345 meters long (a bit over 1.1k ft.) and it displaces nearly 80k tons.  Its six engines generate over 100k horsepower and can power the ship and its (up to) 5k passengers and crew across the Atlantic at over 30 knots.  

Peaks of the Lake District in Winter

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The Lakes District of North West England is home to some of the highest mountain peaks in the UK, with some reaching altitudes of about 1k meters (around 3.3k ft.).  During the winter months, they generally become cold enough to be snow covered, one of the few places in the country where this happens.  It makes for an absolutely stunning winter scene.  Check out this beautiful drone video of these snow-covered peaks, compliments of contributor theperspectiveexperiment.  

The Skyscrapers of Manchester

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City Drone Footage with Skyscrapers in Stunning Lighting


Contributor admr1985 used a very creative vlog format to showcase some beautiful drone footage of the skyscrapers of Manchester, England.  Manchester is the center of the largest metropolitan area in Northern England.  The epicenter of the Industrial Revolution which began in the late 18th century, it now sports one of the most modern looking skylines in the UK.  Its tallest building, which you'll see in the video, is the 64 story, 200 meter (659 ft.) Deansgate Square.  It was completed in 2018.  

Wastwater: England's Deepest Lake

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Wastwater Lake


Check out this stunning drone video of England's deepest lake, compliments of top contributor newcastlemale and his DJI Mavic Pro 2.  It's Wastwater Lake (sometimes called Wast Water), and it's part of the famed Lake District in County Cumbria in the North West Region of England.  Located in a valley surrounded by some of the UK's highest peaks, the lake has a depth of just under 80 meters (nearly 260 ft.).  It's part of the Lake District National Park, the second park to be so designated.

Wasdale Valley, Lake District

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Wasdale | Lake District | 4K Mavic Pro

  • _M_V_
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Wasdale is one of the main valley's of England's Lake District, the storied national park in the northern county of Cumbria.  Lying in the western part of the district, it is crossed by the River Irt.  The largest part of the valley is taken up by Wastwater, England's deepest freshwater body, which runs just under 5 km (around 3 mi.) on its longest axis.  Scafell Pike, England's highest mountain, lies at the northeastern end of the valley.  You can check out this beautiful valley from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by _M_V.


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The Dream

Stratus Imagery
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Liverpool Docks