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Paragliding Interlaken

iDrone Aerials

Top contributor iDrone Aerials put his DJI Mavic Pro drone to good use creating this amazing aerial video shot of paragliders near Interlaken, Switzerland.  In doing so he not only captured the bright yellow and red paraglider colors but the spectacular beauty of the surrounding countryside.  Interlaken is a world-class resort and recreational area in the Bern Canton which sits near the very center of Switzerland.  

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Paragliding over Carpathian Mountains

George Moldovan

This video will give you an aerial view of the Carpathian Mountains from a truly new perspective.  It follows a paraglider cruising about a beautiful mountainous section of Romania, which is home to about 50% of the area of the Carpathians range.  The video, by contributor George Moldovan, follows the paraglider against the backdrop of the mountains, and mixes in a few shots taken from the paraglider itself.  

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Paraglidng Drone video - Norway

Espen Bålerud

In this video, top contributor Espen Balerud gives us a spectacular view of paragliders pursuing their passion in the mountains of eastern Norway.  Seljord is a small town in Norway's Vest-Telemark region, which is about 120 km (70 mi) west-southwest of the capital city Oslo.  A popular skiing area, the region has also been discovered by paragliders, who ply their trade above the rocky cliffs and other rock formations in the area.  

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Fethiye Babadağ Paragliding Drone footage in 4K


Fethiye Babadağ is a beach town on Turkey's Mediterranean coastline.  With its steep cliffs, steady winds, and stunning scenery, it's no wonder that it's considered one of the world's best spots for paragliding, and has a special launching area just for that purpose.  In this video, contributor Dronesantana007 filmed a group of paragliders flying over the torquoise blue waters of the sea below.  The town gained some additional fame from its appearance in the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall, #25 in the series.

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Contributor Red-FPV is one of the top FPV pilots in France.  His specialty is using racing drones to film epic scenes, particularly action sports.  In this video he tackles the sport of speed-paragliding.  That is, using a paraglider modified for speed and flying while wearing skis.  You have to see it to believe it, and those who know anything about FPV will appreciate how insanely difficult it is to keep a racing drone camera focused on this type of moving target.

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Parapente en Chacra y Mar

Niels Ahmes

While Peru may be known more for Machu Picchu, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest, it's also home to some great beaches.  Charca y Mar Beach is llocated up the coast from the capital city Lima.  It is, among other things, an ideal spot for paragliding - beautiful sloping sand dunes provide a perfect launching point.  In this video, contributor Niels Ahmes used a drone to capture some of the epic flying action on the Peruvian coast.


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Paragliders Dream

Espen Bålerud
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Floating in the breeze

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Mack Ridge

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Niels Ahmes
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