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Australia Day 2017- Rottnest Island- Boat Party

Sandrine H...

Rottnest Island is situated off the coast of Western Australia, just a short distance due west from Perth, the capital of the state.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone and a GoPro Hero 5 mounted to a DJI Osmi, top content creator and pilot Sandrine Hecq gives us an aerial view of an epic boat party held off the island to celebrate the Australia Day holiday.  Held on January 26th every year, the national holiday commemorates the arrival of the first British ships in Sydney Harbor in the 18th century. 


KALOEA Surfer Girls - Tubing in Tahiti (HD Drone )... Funny Wipeouts...

Kaloea Bik...

The Kaloea Surfing Bikini Company is at the forefront of using drones to create epic marketing videos.  In this one, they use a speedboat to take a few of their swimsuit models on the tubing ride of a lifetime in the waters off the South Pacific island paradise Tahiti.  The driver of this speedboat may have the toughest job, but considering the company and the beautifuil surroundings it's nice work when you can get it!  


On the Water || Johnny FPV


As the sun set out on the waters of Chicago's Lake Michigan, top first person view (FPV) pilot JohnnyFPV took the opportunity to get his quad out to chase some boats.  He created this epic cinematic FPV session, in which he skillfully blends views of the spectacular Chicago skyline with equally spectacular views chasing (and having no trouble keeping up with) these high powered watercraft making very good time themselves.  Once again, the legendary FPV pilot shows us the power of racing quads to make entertaining visual content.   


Fastest Whale Watch Boat in New England!


Cape Cod, off of mainland Massachusetts in the New England region of the USA, is one of the country's best whale watching spots.  Cape Cod Rib operates a custom-built whale watching boat which will keep up with the fastest whale.  The watercraft has a 1000 HP engine, enabling it to hit a top speed of over 60 km/hour (40 mph).  Contributor PO3SMith used a drone to show the capabilities of this monster speedboat, which is also used for "joyride" tours.  Definitely progress since the whaling days of 1800's New England! 


Cappadocia Jet Boat

OGB - Omer...

While Cappadocia, Turkey is best known for its fairy tale rock towers and hot air balloon rides, it is also becoming a popular spot for another adventure sport - jet boats.  A company there offers rides on high power jet boats in the nearby Kızılırmak River.  Contributor Omer Gokcen worked with the operator to film a run by one of these over-powered watercraft - no easy task given how quickly they move.  While not for the faint of heart, they make for the ride of a lifetime! 


P1 Superstock Powerboat Race

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Boat races are a classic example of an event which was virtually impossible to capture via video without a helicopter, and only with some difficulty even then.  Now, skilled drone pilots can position their drone to capture some of the most exciting racing action imaginable.  In this video, contributor AIRFLIX used a drone to film a P1 Superstock boat race in the Danish port city of Alborg.  Notice how he is able to film these fast-moving watercraft from virtually any angle regardless of their speed.  


God Bless America (July 4th)

Jay Christ...

The USA state of Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  While most of its lakes are in its less populated northern areas, there are some large recreational lakes closer to the state's main population center in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  The largest is Lake Minnetonka, a 14k acre lake in the western suburbs of Minneapolis that can accommodate thousands of boaters.  In this video, contributor Fit Lam Studios used a drone to capture the Lake Minnetonka boat scene over a July 4th weekend.


Sunseeker vs Dji Mavic Pro

Rich McHar...

One of the big issues with using drone to film powerboats is speed.  While camera drones can travel reasonably fast, they have trouble keeping up with boats that are moving too quickly.  For the DJI Mavic Pro, this can be ameliorated to some extent by switching to the sport flight mode, which allows for faster travel.  Witness this video by contributor Rich McHardy, who flew his Mavic in sport mode to film a Sunseeker boat running along the coast of southeastern England.  



pk product...

While the arid southwestern United States isn't typically associated with aquatic recreation, the region does have a number of great boating lakes.  One of these is Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River which straddles the states of Arizona and Utah.  While Powell was created for flood control and hydroelectricity, it also makes for some epic boating.  Witness this spectacular drone video by contributor pk productions chasing a "Supersports" boat across this aquatic paradise.  




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Sea,wind and drone

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iDroneU - Miami, FL

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The Bahamas: Land and Sea

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Nurk vs. Speedboats


The beauty of Croatian islands

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Speed on the Water

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Catching some Wake

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Sea Wind and Speed

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