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Drone above the heart of Athens for the "29th Run of Athens"


Given the Greek origins of marathons, it's no surprise that they are regular events there.  In this video, contributor Aerial_Rizikianos used a drone to film the 29th Athens Marathon.  As you might imagine, the notion of this being the 29th run does not count the run which started it all: the 26 mile run by the messenger in 490 BC to let the people of Athens know that their city-state had defeated the Persian army under King Darius I at the Battle of Marathon. 


Running from Asia to Europe

OGB - Omer Gokcen

The Istanbul Marathon is the world's only footrace which begins in one continent and ends in another.  The 26 mile course begins on the city's Asian side, crosses the First Bosphorus Bridge to the European side, passes several of Istanbul's great landmarks, and finishes at İnönü Stadium.  Contributor Omer Gokcen used a drone to aerially film some of the races's estimated 50k participants as they crossed from Asia to Europe.


Twin Cities Marathon 2017


Twin Cities Marathon covers a route which begins in Minneapolis, Minnesota and ends in next door St. Paul.  Held in the early Fall, it is considered one of the country's top 10 marathons.  While the course has varied at times, it always includes downtown Minneapolis, the city's interconnected lakes, and ends at the state Capitol building in St. Paul.  Contributor Tyler Mason used a drone to film portions of this race in 2017.  


10k Marathon Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier


For those who find 26 mile marathons too daunting, 10k races provide a great alternative.  Especially when they are situated in places where the scenery is as spectacular as you'll see in this video.  Contributor Stevenmconroy used a drone to film a 10 km (6 mi) race near San Luis Obispo, on the state's Central Coast, aerially filming the participants as they run from Morro Rock to finish at Cayucos Pier.


The Color Run 2016


Color Runs can be thought of as a cross between marathons and Holi Festivals.  They are 5 km (3 mi) races where the participants get covered in brilliant colored powder, which is made of biodegradable corn starch.  They are deemed the "Happiest 5,000 Meters on the Planet" by the company which organizes them, and it's probably no exaggeration.  In this video, Claboo Media uses a drone to film a Color Run in Romania.  


HighFlyingRunner: Mavic Air first run! (4K)


Contributor High Flying Runner was one of the first runners to realize the power of drones to record running sessions, even in hilly and varied terrains.  His videos cover thousands of km of trailrunning in the USA.  In this video, he uses his DJI Mavic Air drone for the first time.  He is a big fan of DJI's Active Track technology, which allows its drones to track a moving object (in this case, a runner) with no input from the pilot.  



Trail Las Palomas


КЗ ULTRA Promo video


Marathon -2

OGB - Omer Gokcen