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California's Kelso Dunes by Drone


Desert Magic


California's Kelso Dunes presents one of the most iconic desert scenes to be found in the USA.  It's part of the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, east of Los Angeles.  Covering 120 square km (around 45 square mi.), the dunes here rise to a height of up to 200 meters (about 650 ft.) above the desert floor.  Part of the Mojave National Preserve, you can check out the marvelous hills of sand from above in this fantastic drone video by top AirVuz content creator and pilot rememorales. This video was selected as a DVOW finalist in July 2020.

The UAE's Moreeb Dunes


Moreeb Dunes: The Sands of Time

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The Moreeb Dunes in the United Arab Emirates contain some of the highest sand dunes in the world.  The highest stands 300 meters (1k ft) above the desert floor, with a slope of nearly 50 degrees.  Contributor Paul Vlad used the dunes as backdrop for this stunning drone video, featuring aerial footage of a car driving through the endless desert as well as a model standing atop one of the dunes.  The Dunes are in a part of the Arabian Desert commonly known as the Empty Quarter, one of the world's largest contiguous desert areas.  

Dunes of the Atacama Desert


Sandboarding in Death Valley, Chile's Atacama Desert

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Enjoy an exciting ride down the sand dunes of Chile's Atacama Desert, courtesy of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Airpica.  He and his friends packed their sandboards and headed to the driest desert on the planet, where the soil is so remarkably similar to that on Mars that it as been the backdrop for  the television series "Space Odyssey".  Airpica's exciting footage makes for an out-of-this-world experience and a worthy nominee for the Drone Video of the Week contest in September, 2018.

Lancelin Dunes, Western Australia


Lancelin Sand Dunes in HD

Merr Watso...

On the Western coast of Australia, top content creator, drone pilot, and vlogger Merr Watson basks in the warmth of the sun setting upon the Lancelin Sand Dunes.  They lie near a small town of the same name, about a two hour drive north along the coast from the Western Australia capital city of Perth.  In the video, Merr and friends take in views of the ocean as they stand atop the sandy drifts — capturing dronies from a bird's eye view and playing around as though they're in the world's biggest sand box.

Dune Park in the Canary Islands


Corralejo Dunes Park, Fuerteventura

Enrico Pes...

Enrico Pescantini created this outstanding drone video of the Corralejo Dunes Park on Fuerteventura, one of Spain's Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa.  The dunes are located at the northern tip of the island, the second largest of the islands by land area and the fourth largest in population.  If these dunes look familiar, you may have seen them in the 2016 World War II thriller Allied starring Brad Pitt; in the movie, the Coraralejo dunes "stood in" for the Sahara in the desert scenes.  

France's Dune du Pilat


Dune du Pilat, France

Abstract A...

Abstract Aerial Art created this stunning drone video of Dune du Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe.  It's located on the country's western (Atlantic) Coast in the province of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, a short drive southwest of the Atlantic port city of Bordeaux.  The dune currently reaches a height of 110 meters (around 350 ft.) above sea level.  It's a popular paragliding spot, and is one of the top tourist destinations in southwestern France.   The dune is composed of an incredible 60 million cubic meters of sand.  

Dunes of the Western Sahara


Desert trail running | Naïla Lagoon | Western Sahara

Rodo Falcó...

Check out this amazing drone video of a runner tacking the vastness of the Sahara Desert in North Africa, compliments of contributor rodolfofalcon.  It was shot in sand dunes near the Naïla Lagoon in the southwestern corner of Morocco proper.  It's near the border with the disputed semi-sovereign Western Sahara, most of which is under de facto Moroccan control.  The lagoon and surrounding dunes are part of a national park which has been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage site status.

ATV's in the Arabian Desert


Desert Life

Aerial Eye...

This may be the most cinematic aerial footage ever made of dune buggies.  Aerial Eye Visuals used a DJI Inspire drone to capture a group of friends driving their ATV's through endless sand dunes in a portion of the Arabian Desert near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  The ATV's in the sunset are beautiful to behold with a backdrop of the endless sands of the Empty Quarter (in Arabic, Rub' al Khali).  The largest contiguous desert area in the world, the Empty Quarter covers roughly the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula.   

Dunes of Cabo Frio, Brazil


Parque das Dunas de Cabo Frio


Check out this awesome drone video of some well-known sand dunes near the Brazilian city of Cabo Frio, compliments of contributor Proliaz.  They are part of a park on this cape in the Atlantic Ocean.  It's in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Southeastern Brazil, more or less due east from the eponymously named state capital city.  The cape marks a point where the coastline switches to an east-west orientation; west of the city of Rio the coastline begins to bend to the southwest, forming a large but shallow crescent centered on the city of São Paulo.



Parapente en Chacra y Mar

Niels Ahme...

Graceful. Fish in the Desert.

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60 Seconds...


60 Seconds...

Desert Dunes Dronie

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