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Adelaide: Capital of South Australia
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Adelaide South Australia- Drone Footage

Sandrine Hecq

Behold this marvelous video of the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia from top contributor Sandrine Heq.  The capital of the state of South Australia, Adelaide offers a more relaxed urban environment compared to Sydney and Melbourne.  While its skyline lacks the skyscrapers of some of Australia's other large cities, its natural backdrop makes it amongst the most attractive.  Situated on the St. Vincent Gulf, the coastline around Adelaide is backed by high cliffs, beyond which lies the Outback.

St. Vincent Gulf: Kangaroo Island
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Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Drone Cinematic Edit 4K 2018


Kangaroo Island is a large island of the state of South Australia.  In effect it forms part of St. Vincent Gulf, at the head of which is the state's capital and largest city Adelaide.  In addition to its lighthouses (critical in this area for navigation), Kangaroo Island is known in part for an important bird sanctuary which lies on the island.  In this video, contributor Shaneyshots flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over this amazing island, the country's third largest by area after Tasmania and Melville.

Great Australian Bight: Bend of the SA Coast
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The Great Australian Bight, Nullarbor Plain

Airscape Imagery

One of Australia's more amazing topographical features is the Great Australian Bight.  The bay formed by this gigantic bend lies off the country's southern coast, covering (depending on definitions) 2-4 of its southern states.  The core part of the Bight is the area off of the Nularbor, a giant treeless area with coastal cliffs that runs for hundreds of mi/km.  In this video, Airscape gives us a bird's eye view of these cliffs with a dronie pull-out shot over the Bight in South Australia. 

SA's Vast Interior
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South Australia: Paysages Australiens

  • Lumy
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Even more than most Australian states, South Australia is dominated by its coastline.  Most of the state's residents live in and around the port city Adelaide.  The state's vast interior, which covers many hundreds of thousands of square km, is virtually uninhabited.  That's what makes this drone video from Lumy so interesting.  In it, you will see not only some of the coastline of South Australia but also its stunning interior, the gigantic area beyond the familiar coastal cliffs.

Eyre Peninsula: Coffin Bay
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Coffin Bay, South Australia, Australia!

Eye Fly Drones

Eye Fly Drones created this beautiful bird's eye view of Australia's Coffin Bay.  The bay is created by an extension of the Eyre Peninsula, which lies a bit to the west of the city of Adelaide in the state of South Australia.  Coffin Bay is a recreational boater's dream, with numerous coves and other protected areas for enjoying the beautiful and ever-present Australian sunshine.  The land forming the western and southern edges of the bay forms part of Coffin Bay National Park.

Robe: Limestone Coast Port
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Robe South Australia Mavic Pro Video


Check out this beautiful drone video of a stunning spot in southern Australia, compliments of contributor gvernoncp.  Robe is a fishing port situated in the southeastern corner of the state of South Australia, not far from the border with the neighboring state of Victoria.  It's part of an area known as the Limestone Coast, which lies well to the south and east of SA's state capital Adelaide.  One of the oldest towns in South Australia, during the 19th century it was the second busiest port in SA after Adelaide.  

Adelaide's Port
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The Port of Adelaide, Australia

Eye Fly Drones

Somewhat confusingly, Port Adelaide is actually not part of the city of Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia.  Port Adelaide was built to serve as the port for the city, which actually sits a few km/mi inland from the Gulf of St. Vincent.  Built on what were originally mangrove swamps, the port is one of the largest in Australia by freight volume and key to the country's agricultural exports.  In this video, Eye Fly Drones captures this important seaport from a bird's eye perspective.  

Aerial Tour of South Australia
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South Australia from Above!

Contributor Australian Embrace created this beautiful aerial look at the coastline of the state of South Australia.  Less well known than the coastal areas of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, the coastline of SA is equally beautiful and quite distinctive looking.  With somewhat calmer waters on the Great Australian Bight and calmer still in the waters of the Gulf of St. Vincent, the beauty of the SA coast is much more about the shoreline and the rolling green hills behind it.

SA Coast: Port Wilunga
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South Australia | Stunning Coastlines

Contributor Australian Embrace created this beautiful drone video of a well known stretch of the South Australian coastline.  It's called Port Wilunga, and it's one of the bedroom suburbs which line St. Vincent's Gulf south of the SA capital city Adelaide.  The crystal blue and almost eerily calm waters distinguish these world class beaches from the surfing-oriented beaches in the eastern part of the country.  The town of Port Wilunga lies roughly halfway between Adelaide and Cape Jervis.

St. Vincent Bay: Hallett Cove Park
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Adelaide's Hallett Cove Conservation Park


Contributor hittheroadlat created this beautiful drone video of one of South Australia's most beautiful parks.  The Hallett Cove Conservation Park is located in a suburb of the SA capital Adelaide, towards the southern end of St. Vincent Bay.  The park is home to some highly unusual geological phenomenon caused by a combination of fault patterns and glaciation processes.  The area has been declared a geological monument by the country's governing geological society.  

Port Noarlunga: SA Beach Town
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Port Noarlunga Beach, Adelaide, South Australia // DJI MAVIC PRO 4K -> 1080P

Michael Nunzio

Contributor Michael Nunzio used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial video of one South Australia's most well known beaches.  Port Noarlunga is one of the small towns that line the coast of St. Vincent Bay south of the SA capital Adelaide.  Like a number of these communities, it began as a port and has transitioned into a beach community.  It's a popular spot for swimmers and sunbathers, and its long offshore reef attracts many scuba divers.

SA Silo Graffiti
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Silo Art in South Australia

Eye Fly Drones

The state of South Australia is a major grain producer, the vast majority of which is exported.  That's why the Port of Adelaide is one of the biggest grain ports in the world, and why storage silos are a common sight across the state.  As you'll see in this drone video from Eye Fly Drones, these silos aren't just for storing wheat and barley.  Noted muralist and graffiti artist Guido van Helten used one of these silos for a mural, which makes for a stunning visual against the great plain which covers much of SA.  

Adelaide's Brighton Beach
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Brighton Beach | Adelaide | South Australia | Drone Footage DJI Mavic Pro


South of Adelaide, the capital city of the state of South Australia, there lies a strong of communities along the eastern shore of St. Vincent Bay.  With the growth of Adelaide, these communities have morphed into suburbs of the city, now the fifth most populous in the country.  Brighton is one of the most well known of these communities, it lies just a short distance south of Adelaide Airport.  In this drone video from theworldnus, you'll get a bird's eye view of this beautiful beach town.  

Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula
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Red hot 🌞 - Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia

Eye Fly Drones

Port Lincoln is an extremely prosperous port town in the state of South Australia.  It's located near the tip of the Eyre Peninsula, a triangular land mass which is formed by the Spencer Gulf to the east and the Great Australian Bight to the west.  It is an important grain handling port, and is strategically situated with respect to some of the country's most productive wheat-growing areas.  With a population of a bit over 15,000, it's reputed to be the home of the most millionaires per capita of any city in the country.  

Port Noarlunga: Adelaide Suburb
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Port Noarlunga | Adelaide | South Australia | Drone Footage DJI Mavic Pro


Almost three quarters of the population of the state of South Australia (the fifth largest of Australia's seven states by population) live in the Adelaide metropolitan area.  Many of these 1.3 million people reside in the suburbs that are arrayed to the south of the city along the coast of St. Vincent's Bay.  In this video, contributor Worldnus gives us a nice aerial look at  Port Noarlunga, one of these Adelaide suburbs.  It lies directly south of the capital, about a third of the way to Cape Jervis.


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The Jetty..

Eye Fly Drones
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Ports and Boats

Eye Fly Drones
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Eye Fly Drones
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Eye Fly Drones