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Top contributor and Drone Video Award Finalist ZilverSchmitz used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this marvelous aerial tour of Galicia, the northwesternmost region of Spain.  One look at a map will suggest that this is a very distinctive region - its border with Portugal (to the south) is as long as its borders with fellow Spanish regions, and its coastline is longer than all of its land borders combined.  The video features footage of the country's long coastline as well as some of its cities and towns, including the city of A Coruna.  

Galicia's Stunning Coastline


This is Galicia!


Contributor LeVoyagedesKoumoul used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful aerial collage of the coastline of Spain's Galicia province, which occupies the country's northwestern corner.  Galicia has an immense coastline on the Bay of Biscay to the north and the open Atlantic Ocean to its west.  The countless bays, peninsulas, and offshore rocks, while deadly to shipping (the northwestern apex of the coastline is nicknamed Costa Muerta: the Coast of Death), are visually appealing in the extreme.  

A Coruña and the Tower of Hercules



Viajes Los...

A Coruña is one of the most important cities in Northwestern Spain.  It's the capital of its namesake province, one of the four provinces which make up the semi-autonomous region of Galicia.  Seen from above in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor Viajes Lost Planet, A Coruña is a busy port on the Golfo Ártabro, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.  The video features footage of the town and its most well-known landmark: the Tower of Hercules lighthouse on a peninsula just north of the city.  

Galicia's Costa Muerta


Galicia Spain

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Check out this beautiful aerial tour of Spain's northwestern Galicia region, compliments of AirVuz contributor mlarino.  The video features various natural and cultural sites in this highly distinctive region, home to some of the oldest human settlements in Europe.  Check out the bird's eye views of Galicia's mountainous interior and the red roofs of its quaint seaside towns.  At the :55 mark, there's an epic shot of the Cape Vilan Lighthouse on the so-called Coast of Death (Coasta Muerta).  

The Fortress of Castro de Santa Trega


Mavic Pro Castros del Monte Santa Tecla en 4k A Guarda


Castro de Santa Trega is a famous fortress in northwestern Spain.  It's situated in the town of A Guarda in Pontevedra, the southwesternmost of the four provinces of the Galicia region.  The original site dates to Roman times, and occupies a strategic position on the mountain bearing the same name.  It was occupied for roughly two hundred years, between 100 BC and 100 AD.  Contributor Diego_Al_Al used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial video of the fort, one of Galicia's most popular tourist spots.  

Muros: Town of A Coruña Province


Muros Aerial view ...

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Muros is one of the most remote towns in Spain.  It's located on the western coast of A Coruña, the northwestern most province of Spain's northwesternmost region of Galicia.  A very old harbor town, Muros continues to be heavily reliant on the fishing industry.  In recent years, the town has seen an influx of tourism due to its proximity to Lighthouse Way, a stretch of the Galician coastline once known as the Coast of Death due to its danger to ships.  Check out the beautiful seaside town from above in this drone video by mlarino.  

Demo Reel from Pontevedra


Aerial Reel Ponteareas - Kreative Drone


Check out this amazing drone video from the northwestern part of Spain, compliments of contributor kreativedrone.  The video was filmed around the municipality of Ponteareas, which is situated in the province of Pontevedra.  Pontevedra is the southwesternmost of the four provinces which comprise the semi-autonomous region of Galicia.  Ponteareas lies in the hilly interior of the province.  The video features footage of the River Tea, as well as the magnificent medieval Sabroso Castle. 

The Minho River


Estuary of the Miño river. A Guarda, Galicia, Spain


The Minho is the fourth-largest river on the Iberian Peninsula by discharge volume, after the Douro, Ebro, and Tagus Rivers.  It rises in the mountains of Galicia and flows southwards, then turns west to form the border with Portugal to the south, picking up the Sil, Neira, Avia, Barbantiño, Búbal, and Arnoya rivers as tributaries before discharging into the Atlantic Ocean.  In this drone video by Diego_Al_Al, you'll get an aerial view of the estuary of the river, which runs a total length of 350 km or about 220 mi.  

Cape Finisterre Lighthouse


Faro de Finisterre


Spain's Cape Finisterre isn't (as its name translates) the "end of the world", but in pre-Columbian times it probably felt pretty close.  It's a peninsula in the northwestern corner of Galicia, the region which covers the northwestern corner of Spain.  In historical times, the cape was associated with the famous Saint James Way pilgrimage route.  The most westerly point in mainland Spain, the cape's most recognizable landmark is the Cape Finisterre Lighthouse, which you will see in this drone video.  

Vigo: Galicia's Largest City


VIGO Spain 4K Drone Footage DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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Vigo is the largest city in Spain's Galicia region.  It sits on the south side of its namesake bay on the Atlantic Ocean in Pontevedra, the southwesternmost of Galicia's four provinces.  In this drone video by admr1985, you'll get an aerial tour of the town, which is only about 155 km (around 95 mi.) from the Portuguese city of Porto.  Starting at about the :40 mark, you'll get a great view of one of the city's top sights: the hilltop Castro Fortress.  It was built in the 17th century during the Portuguese Restoration War.

Ourense and the Ponte Vella Bridge


Oursense: Galicia, Spain with a DJI Mavic Pro


Ourense is one of the most important cities in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain.  The capital of its namesake province, it's situated on the banks of the Minho River.  For centuries, Ourense's Ponte Vella Bridge was the only span over the great river.  During the Middle Ages, this  geographic fact led the city to become a key stops on the Portuguese Way, a famous pilgrimage route to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to its northwest.  Check out the city and its famous bridge in this drone video by ZilverSchmitz.

Hermitage in Ferrol, A Coruña


Aerial filming in the hermitage of Santa Comba, Ferrol


Check out these stunning aerial views from a beach and hermitage on the northwestern coast of Spain, compliments of contributor and pilot explorer66air.  The area filmed is a small peninsula in the municipality of Ferrol in A Coruña, one of the four provinces which make up the country's Galicia region.  The lonely looking yet stunningly beautiful hermitage is called Hermitage of Santa Comba, and it's the subject of numerous local legends.  It's about an hour's drive northeast of the province's namesake capital city.

Ezaro Waterfall


Waterfall of the Ezaro - Galicia - Spain -Phantom 4 Pro

Maverick S...

Check out this amazing drone video of one of Spain's most famous waterfalls, compliments of content creator Maverick Stories.  The Waterfall of the Ezaro is situated on the Xallas River in A Coruña, the northwesternmost province of Galicia, which is the northwesternmost region of Spain.  The falls are accessible from the town of Dumbria.  It's near the end of the river's course before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  The waterfall has a total drop of about 155 meters or a bit over 500 ft.  

Galicia's Cantabrian Sea Coastline




Check out this beautiful drone video from the coast of northern Spain, compliments of new AirVuz contributor explorando rincones.  It was filmed on the coast of Galicia, the northwesternmost of Spain's semi-autonomous communities.   Galicia's northern coastline lies along a body of water known as the Cantabrian Sea, which is the name often used for the southern half of the Bay of Biscay.  The Bay of Biscay is a large inlet of the North Atlantic Ocean, it is formed by the northern coast of Spain and the western coast of France.  

Galicia's Rocky Coastline and Rias


Galicia Spain


AirVuz contributor and pilot mlarino brings us this fantastic drone video from the Galicia region of northwestern Spain.  The video opens with some excellent shots of Galicia's famously rocky (and notoriously dangerous, to shipping) coastline.  Then you'll head to the southern part of the Galician coastline to see the Galician rias - a series of four fjord-like inlets.  Other shots will take you into the Galician interior - a mountainous land which still bears the marks of the important pilgrimage routes which once ran through here.  

The Rias of Galicia


Galicia Ria de Muros

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The western coast of Spain's Galicia region has a series of four inlets known as rias.  Sometimes confused with fjords (which they resemble when seen on a map), rias are valleys that become submerged due to changing sea levels.  The northernmost of the four Galician rias is called Ria de Muros y Noya.  Seen here in this drone video by contributor mlarino, it's located just south of the treacherous Coast of Death (Costa Muerta).  With only the municipality of Muros and a few smaller town on its shores, it's the most remote of the four rias.  

Tui: Town in Ponteverde



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The Spanish town of Tui is located in Ponteverde, one of the four provinces of the semi-autonomous community of Galicia in the northwestern corner of the country.  It lies on the banks of the Meno River, across which lies the town of Valença, Portugal.  In this drone video by Viajes Lost Planet, you can check out this historic city from a bird's eye view.  The video features excellent footage of the town's main landmark: the Tui Cathedral, which dates to the early 13th century and lies in the center of the old city. 

Tower of Hercules Drone Views


The Tower of Hercules: Parrot Bebop 2


The Tower of Hercules is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.  It's located off the coast of the Galicia region, in the northwestern corner of Spain.  The dates to Roman times, in the second century AD.  The original structure was 34 meters, or about 112 feet.  In the late 18th century it was renovated extensively, and another 21 meters (69 ft.) was added to its height.  Today the tower is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The tower is tied to Geryon, a giant in Greco-Roman mythology.



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