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Supercar Run through Brazil's Mountains

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Serra do Rio do Rastro - Dream Route


How does this sound for fun - driving supercars through hairpin turns through the mountains of Brazil(!)  In this remarkable drone video, contributor Wind View Drone was able to film a supercar drive through the windy roads of Serra do Rio is Brazil's largest mountain range.  The range is in the state of Santa Catarina.  Santa Catarina is the next-to-southernmost of the country's 26 states, the only state to its south is Rio Grande do Sul.

Toyota GT-86 in Northern England

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Yorkshire Dales | ft. Toyota GT 86 | 4K Drone Video


Yorkshire Dales is an upland area of Yorkshire in the North of England, full of moors, hills and ridges.  Most of it is part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, one of the largest in England.  In this video, contributor Hamza Mujtaba uses a DJI Mavic Pro drone to film a Toyota GT 86 sports car cruising through the region, driving past many of the areas landmarks including Ribblehead, Ingleborough, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, and Whernside.

Footage from Audi R8 Commercial

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Audi R8 Aerial cut

Kelly's Heroes

Auto companies have long used aerial footage to create car commercials.  In the past, this involved use of a helicopter or airplane and was extremely expensive.  Nowadays, great aerial footage for car commercials can be had much more cheaply using drones.  In this video, contributor Kelly's Heroes treats us to some aerial footage left over from a commercial shoot for the Audi R8 sports car.  The mid-engine, two seat sports car represents the top of Audi's line.  It was introduced in 2006.

Chasing Lamborghini by FPV

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Lambos in Miami


While most drone filming of sports cars continues to be with gimbal stabilized rigs, FPV pilots have caught on.  FPV racing drones can fly much faster and thus keep up with sports cars even traveling at significant speed.  It's not for the faint of heart though; one false move and the drone can be destroyed and an expensive car dented.  Top contributor JohnnyFPV shows us how it's done with this epic FPV video from Miami, in which he chases a very expensive Italian sports car.

Tesla Model-X in Corsica

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Corsica - Tesla Model X

Yolo (MrOuch)

Tesla's all-electric sports cars have captured the imagination of auto enthusiasts around the globe.  Its monster electric motors are capable of delivering head-snapping acceleration, and its light carbon footprint appeals to conservationist instincts.  They are also amazing vehicles to see, especially when cruising in an exotic environment.  In this video, contributor Yolo uses a drone to treat us to an aerial view of a Tesla Model X cruising the Mediterranean island of Corsica.  Prepare to be amazed. 

Chasing Sports Cars by FPV

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Mission Turbo : The Chase

White & Rice

FPV drone pilots are beginning to get the attention of car companies and marketers, who see the power of using camera-mounted racing drones to film sports cars from the air.  The perspective is unique, much different from the one afforded by gimbal-stabilized drones such as the DJI models.  In this video, an advertising company teamed up with some top drone racing pilots to create  commercial for a car dealer by chasing a car through the streets of Minneapolis.

Nissan GTR's in Southern Spain

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The city of Ronda, Spain is the scene of this epic video of Nissan GTR's tearing through the roads of southern Spain.  Ronda is a town in the province of Malaga, which is one of the two southernmost provinces of Spain's Andalusia region.  Like most of southern Spain, it's blessed with myriad gifts of natural and cultural beauty.  Top contributor Robinmaeter, who was featured on Drone Dish, managed to capture this epic scene from a drone and stitch together this incredible production.

McClaren Supercar

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Mclaren - 100% drone

Francisco Rodrigues

Contributor and drone pilot Francisco Rodrigues used a drone to create this amazing aerial video of a McClaren "supercar" on a closed track in portugal.  McClaren is a British auto company which focuses on the very highest performance sports and racing cars.  McClaren cars frequently cost upwards of US $200k, and non-street-legal versions are often considerably more than that.  The driving you see here is of the non-street-legal variety, and should only be undertaken on a closed track.  

Supercars by Drone in Scotland

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Driving 15 Supercars in Scotland!

JW Media

In this video, you'll be able to take a ride along with contributor and drone pilot JW Media as he films 15 high performance sports cars winding their way through the twisty roads of Scotland.  The Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and other speedsters race past stately castles and spectacular glens of the Scottish Highlands.  One can only imagination the exhiliration these drivers must feel driving some of the world's finest automobiles through some of its most spectacular natural scenery! 

Ferrari's Iconic 488GTB

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Ferrari 488GTB

Kelly's Heroes

Auto enthusiasts of around the world know that the name "Ferrari" is virtually synonymous with high performance sports cars.  The Italian company was spun out of the much larger Alpha Romeo by Enzo Ferrari before World War II.  In this drone video by Kelly's Heroes, you'll be treated to an epic bird's eye view of a Ferrari 488GTB cruising the roads of northwestern Europe.  The mid-engined sports car is powered by a 3.9L aluminum engine which outputs just over 650hp.  

Porsche's Legendary 911

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Contributor and drone piloting company aeroCircus created this humourous video which praises the virtues of the legendary Porsche 911 sports car.  Porsche AG is not Germany's largest car company but probably is its most prestigious. The company was originally tied to Volkswagen but began producing sports cars under its own name after World War II.  The original 911 was launched in 1963 and (through several generations) has served as the mainstay of Porsche's lineup ever since.  

Lamborghini Gallardo

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Lamborghini Rollers 4k


Contributor Munoa32 used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this rather amazing video of the Lamborghini Gallardo, a high performance sports car built on the platform of the Audi R8.  Audi, which acquired Lamborghini from Chrysler in the late 1990's, uses the brand to extend its reach into the highest reaches of the performance car market.  Powered by a V10 engine capable of producing about 500 hp, the Gallardo is the first Lamborghini to be the top seller in its class.  

Lamborghini Replica

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Old School Beast!! - Lambo 4K Aerial Promo.


Contributor and FPV pilot Droneruk used a combination of the DJI Mavic Pro 2 and an FPV racing drone to create this beautiful promotional video for a UK company which makes kit versions of some of the world's most iconic sports cars.  The vehicle in the video is a replica of the classic Lamborghini Countach.  This car featured a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and was produced by the Italian automaker from 1974 to 1990.  Kits are available at three different levels of completion.  

Bugatti on the French Riviera

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Bugatti Chiron at St. Tropez, France


Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera has been a resort destination since the end of the 18th century when British, Russian, and other aristocrats made it their vacation getaway of choice.  It made a perfect backdrop for filmmaker ZilverSchmitz for this cinematic edit featuring one of the most glamorous cars around, the Bugatti Chiron. Interesed in purchasing one? The standard edition will cost you northwards of $3 million USD.  Gas and insurance are extra! 

Sports Car Run through Europe

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LION´S RUN - Summer South 2018


Lion's Run, an entertainment company founded in 2013, aims to be the world's premiere automotive lifestyle. With annual trend-setting drives, this Drone Video of the Week nominee shows just what the adventure looks like. The Summer South 2018 run started in Paris, then traveled to Vicy and Toulouse, France, driving through to Bilbao and Saragossa, Spain, culminating in the epic party capital of Ibiza. Enjoy the ride in this Drone Video Awards' People & Lifestyle category nominee. 


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BMW X5 ride

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Porsche 911 FPV

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Carrozzeria BTS

Team Farins
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Audi R8 Spyder + Inspire 2

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BMW i8 Spot

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