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DVOW Nominee from Switzerland

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Sunset Above Switzerland | Mavic 2 Pro

Drone My L...

One of the amazing things about DJI's Mavic Pro 2 is the way it combines portability with an outstanding camera. Released in late 2018, the foldable drone weighs less than a kg. (about two lbs.), yet its Hasselbad camera holds its own against cameras on much heavier models.  This allows content creators to put their MP2 in a backpack and head for the hills.  That's what Drone My Life did to create this stunning sunset view of the mountains of Switzerland; this video was picked as a DVOW winner in October, 2019.

DVOW Nominee in the Swiss Alps

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Switzerland | like never seen before

Muhamad Ab...

You can see why top content creator and pilot Muhamad AbuShakra calls Switzerland the most beautiful country in Europe after watching this drone video. He spent nine days in the country taking his drone through the snow covered Swiss Alps, over the turquoise blue lake, through the quaint villages and beyond. When you watch it, you will see why this Central European federation is known for having some of the world's finest natural scenery.  This video won the Drone Video of the Week award in July 2019.

Furka Pass, Lake Geneva, and More

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Switzerland in 4k

NvS Channe...

Drone pilot and AirVūz contributor NvS Channel created this remarkable aerial compilation of Switzerland, which was picked as a Finalist for the Drone Video of the Week in July of 2020.  Filmed with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, the video captures some of the most iconic sites in this mountainous Central European land.  Highlights include the Belvédère Hotel (of James Bond fame) and other shots around Furka Pass, the famous yellow Fairmont Le Montreux Palace on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman), and more.  

Switzerland Tour

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Switzerland: A Higher Way Of Life

iDrone Aer...

iDrone Aerials is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community; he was a two-time Finalist for the annual Drone Video Awards, and has won the Drone Video of the Week contest multiple times.  In this jaw-dropping DVOW Finalist piece, he brings us a stunning tour of Switzerland.  Expertly-edited, the video mixes ground footage with the aerial shots, and features the following Swiss locations: Bern, Kandersteg, Interlachen, Zurich, Stechelberg, Schilthorn, Jungfraujoch, Kleine, Scheiddeg, Murren, Grindlewald, Jungfrau, and more.  

Dronelapses from the Swiss Alps

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Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites 4K HDR - Aerial Timelapse Collection


What do you get when you put one of the world's top practitioners of the art of dronelapse in some of the world's most beautiful alpine scenery? What you get is this stunning piece from award-winning contributor Majestic, which captures some of the most visually appealing spots in Switzerland and northern Italy, including: Zermatt, Matter Horn, Seceda, St. Magdalena. Cortina D’Ampezzo, Lucern, Lauterbrunnen, Staubbach Falls, Grindelwald, Oeschinen Lake, Tre Cime, and Lago Antorno. This video won DVOW in October, 2019.

Wintertime Switzerland by Drone

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Best of Switzerland | winter

Muhamad Ab...

See stunning Switzerland in the heart of winter by drone, courtesy of award-winning AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Muhamad AbuShakra. The mountainous Central European country is home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps Mountain Range, making it an ideal vacation spot for many tourists regardless of the season. You can see the Swiss Alps, some of those vast lakes, and the idyllic ski villages and chalets that dot the valleys of Switzerland throughout this piece. 

Drone Tour of Switzerland

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The Magical Switzerland in 4k


A seven day hike in the heart of the Swiss Alps allowed award-winning contributor BashirAbuShakra to create this spectacular 4k drone video of his trip.  There is something for everyone in this video - endless glaciers, stunning canyons, suspended bridges, shimmering alpine valleys, waterfalls, selfies atop massive rock formations.  The video includes aerial footage of the Matterhorn, Grindelwald, and Triffbrücke.  As a way to show off the beauty of the Alps it's hard to beat this production.

Switzerland Mavic Pro 2 Reel 2019

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My Mavic Pro 2 Highlights: 2019

Paride Mus...

Top AirVuz contributor Paride Musci put together a year's worth of highlights from droning Switzerland, considered by many to be the world's most beautiful country.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video features footage from some of the top sights in this mountainous land, with epic shots of the country's towering peaks, giant glaciers, shimmering alpine lakes, massive arch dams, and world-famous ski resorts.  Some of the featured locations include the Matterhorn mountain and the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge.

Award Winning Video from Switzerland

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The Grey League - Switzerland


Filmed in the southeastern regions of the Swiss alps, this stunning aerial film by contributor Mike Bishop features features aerial footage of Filisur, Landwasser viaduct, Flims/Laax, and more.  The video, filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 mounted to a DJI Phantom 2, won numerous drone film festival awards including the  2017 AirVūz Drone Video Awards in the Countries category.  The finale is a flyover of Switzerland's Verzasca Dam, famous from the opening of the 19th James Bond film GoldenEye (1995).

Three Swiss Towns

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SWITZERLAND | Zermatt | Montreux | Lauterbrunnen | 4K | VLOG

Robin Pusk...

In this Drone Video of the Week finalist by top contributor and pilot Robin Puskas, we are taken on a gorgeous journey through three famous Swiss towns. While in Zermatt, the well-known mountain resort town, you see the crooked and majestic Matterhorn Peak in the background. On the banks of Lake Geneva you'll fly into Montreux and see the beautiful, historic downtown. Then it's on to Lautterbrunnen, an area made famous by appearing in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, #7 in the series.

The Matterhorn Mountain

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The Matterhorn: Mountain and Man


Prepare to be amazed by this stunning Drone Video of the Week nominee of the Italian side of the mighty Matterhorn mountain by top contributor ElectricLife.  The Matterhorn is one of the world's most iconic mountains.  It straddles the Swiss/Italian border, although technically the peak is in Switzerland and the nearest city the Swiss town of Zermatt.  While it isn't the highest peak in the great range (that would be Mont Blanc), it's certainly the most well recognized, with its distinctive pyramid shape.  

Oldenhorn Mountain

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A dream night at 3200 meters!


Just wait until you see the dronie location amodst the Swiss Alps that kicks off this edit - it is epic! The rotating, top-down and flyaway shots that contributor Ultraprod takes of his "camp site" are great examples of how to showoff a singular subject in a very flattering and exciting way. When you finish this quick video you'll be left wondering, "how in the world did he get up there?"  Shot at Switzerland's Oldenhorn Mountain, this video was picked as a Drone Video of the Month Nominee in February, 2019.

Dronie on Haute Cime peak

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*****Hotel in Switzerland


This less-than-forty-second, 4K edit of the mountains in Switzerland may be short, but it is also memorable. Brought to us by accomplished pilot Ultraprod, it features an early evening/setting sun drone flight at the Haute Cime peak.  Haute Cime is the highest peak in the Dents du Midi mountain chain (masif) near Lake Geneva is known for its incredible views since there are no higher peaks within 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) of it. This video was a Drone Video of the Week nominee in May, 2019.

Groner Glacier

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Gorner Glacier, Switzerland


This Drone Video of the Week nominee by top contributor zimydakid is a fantastic example of how a single shot ofa particularly epic location can be make for a compelling production.  And Switzerland's Gorner Glacier certainly fits the bill.  It's the second largest icepack in the Alps Mountains region and, like other glaciers, it is shrinking dramatically due to climate change. It's located within the Monte Rosa Masif of the Pennine Alps near the Italian border, close to the famous ski town of Zermatt.

The Alpstein Masif

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Alpstein - The Northern Outpost


Hailing from Germany, haussmannvisuals is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community.  In this piece, the multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist and Drone Video Award Nominee gives us a breathtaking aerial view of the mountains of eastern Switzerland.  The area filmed is called the Alpstein, and it's a masif within the Appenzell Alps.  One of the northernmost parts of the entire Alps system, the Alpstein is located across the cantons of  Appenzell Innerrhoden, Appenzell Ausserrhoden and St. Gallen.

Zurich by Drone

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Drone Series: Zürich, Switzerland (4K)

Iris Films...

Zurich is Switzerland's largest city.  It is situated in the north central part of the country, not far from the border with Bavaria, Germany.  It lies at the end of Lake Zurich, which extends 40 km (about 25 mi) to its southeast.  Contributor Iris Films used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to shoot this beautiful aerial video of the city, which includes overhead footage of the city's historic churches in Old Town and its well known Opera House.  The city is over 2,000 years old, having been founded by the Roman Republic.

Fall in Zermatt

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The Last Days of Autumn in Zermatt

  • rlardon
    • 2.3k VŪZ
    • 45
    • 51
  • over 2 years ago

Contributor Rlardon took his DJI Mavic Drone on a hike into the Swiss Alps at Zermatt to create this stunning aerial video of the region at the end of the Autumn season.  The video includes drone footage of the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Lyskamm, Breithorn, Mischabel, Dent Blanche and Weisshorn, as well as the mighty Gornergletscher, the colourful larches of the Lötschental and the snowy peaks above Kandersteg.  Zermatt is in the southwestern part of the country, near the Italian border.

Pro Drone Reel from Switzerland

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Showreel - Flying Focus - 2018


There's something for everyone in this fantastic drone reel from Switzerland by AirVuz contributor and pilot Yvonite.  The video opens with some epic shots of Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva, one of the country's most iconic sites.  This is followed by a sequence of great action shots ranging from vintage sports cars to skateboarding and kiteboarding footage.   This being Switzerland, you'll also be treated to some outstanding shots of the country's mountains, glaciers, (of course) some backcountry skiing, and more.  

The Bernese Alps

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Journey to the Top of Europe with a Drone

  • rlardon
    • 1.5k VŪZ
    • 27
    • 25
  • almost 2 years ago

Talented drone pilot and contributor Rlardon hiked to the to the proverbial 'top of Europe' with his Mavic Pro to give us all the best vistas of the Bernese Alps, located in western Switzerland.  While showing some of the usual Alpine destinations such as the Bachalpsee and Wetterhorn, he also shares the site the locals prefer, like the Unterer and Oberer Grindelwaldgletchers. His dedication to conserving these beloved mountains serves as his worthy inspiration for these epic aerial videos.

Furka Pass

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Goldfinger: Furka Pass, Switzerland


Prepare to be blown away by this drone video of a famous mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, compliments of top contributor Electriclife and his DJI Inspire 2 drone.  Furka Pass, lying at 2.4k meters (almost 8k ft.) in south central Switzerland, connects several towns in the area.  It was the shooting location of a memorable scene in the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger, in which 007 (played by Sean Connery) tries to chase down the antagonist in his Aston Martin DB5.  It was the third installment in the series.

Swiss Mountain Passes

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Swiss Mountain Passes: Gotthard, Susten, Furka, and Grimsel


Top contributor Electriclife has done it again with his DJI Inspire 2 and ZenmuseX7 in this spectacular video of the snowy mountain passes of Switzerland. The Grimsel Pass, used by the Tour de Suisse; the Gotthard Pass, connecting northern and southern Switzerland since the Middle Ages; the Susten Pass, popular due to its phenomenal views of the Stein Glacier; and the Furka Pass, made famous by a chase scene in Goldfinger (1964), the third installment of the James Bond series, starring Sean Connery.

Fribourg Canton

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48 Hours in Switzerland's Fribourg Region


Top contributor Zimydakid made the very most of his 48 hours in the Fribourg Canton of western Switzerland.  The video was shot with a combination of drone and ground cameras, in his trademark adventure-travel style.  Featuring climbing, river rafting, paragliding, and other activities, you'll get a bird's eye view of all this region of the country, which is both French- and German- speaking, has to offer.  Fribourg is one of the 26  cantons of the Swiss Federation.  It's located just to the northeast of Lake Geneva.

Lucerne: Heart of Switzerland

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Luzern. Switzerland. 4K Drone Footage

  • lafar
    • 2.2k VŪZ
    • 19
    • 18
  • 8 months ago

The town of Lucern is in many ways the heart of Switzerland. Situated at the north end of its namesake lake, at the mouth of the Reuss River, Lucerne is the largest city in Central Switzerland, the historical region which formed the core of what became the Swiss Federation.  You can see beautiful Lucerne from above in this drone video by contributor and pilot lafar, which was picked as a DVOW Finalist in December, 2019. The video features footage of the city's riverfront, the famous Kapellbrücke covered bridge, and more.  

Bernese Alps: Schiltorn

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Schilthorn in 4k (Summer Edition)

iDrone Aer...

Top contributor iDrone Aerials brought his trusty DJI Mavic Pro drone back to Mt. Schilthorn for a summer look at this magnificent peak in the Bernese Alps.  The Bernese Alps lie in west-central Switzerland, and although Schilthorn is not the tallest of these peaks it's probably the best known.  Famous for its ski slopes, its mountaintop restaurant, and for a famous scene in the James Bond movie Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), Schilthorn is equally spectacular in the summer months.  


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Davos, Switzerland: DJI Mavic Pro

  • Petr
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 25
    • 20
  • over 3 years ago

Davos is a ski resort town in central Switzerland.  At one point, the mountain air of the area was deemed beneficial to people with lung conditions, and many luminaries went there to convalesce.  Davos has also carved its way into cultural conciousness through literature: a real-life Davos sanitorium served as the inspiration for author Thomas Mann when he was writing his opus The Magic Mountain.  Published in 1924, the novel is considered one of the great works of 20th century fiction and of all German novels.

The Matterhorn by Mavic 2

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Majestic Matterhorn: DJI Mavic Pro 2

Paride Mus...

While the Matterhorn is not the tallest mountain in the Alps, it's certainly the most well known.  In part that's due to its distinctive pyramidal shape, which creates high visual prominence and also makes for an extremely difficult climb.  The first face wasn't tackled til 1865 and ended in the deaths of four climbers, and the fourth face wasn't scaled until 1962.   Contributor Paride Musci used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this magnificent video of the majestic Swiss mountain, whose peak elevation is just under 4.5k meters or about 14.7k ft. 

Mount Chasseral

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Mont Chasseral [4K/60fps]


We hope you enjoy these beautiful views of Mont Chasseral as much as we do. Chasseral is part of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, overlooking Lake Biel. Situated in the Cantonn of Bern, Mt. Chasseral's elevation is 1.6k meters or just under 5.3k feet above sea level.  Flying in mountains can be challenging, but the experts at AboveTheClouds make it look easy. Shot on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the team says if you look closely you can see the Black Forest of Germany, the Three Lakes Region, and the Swiss and French Alps. 

Tourbillon Castle and Valère Basilica

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Swiss Landmarks: Valère Basilica and Tourbillon Castle


Contributor Abovetheclouds managed to capture Switzerland''s most famous castle ruins and one of its most famous churches in a single video.  Valère Basilica (sometimes called Valère Castle) is a fortified church near the town of Sion in the southwestern part of the country.  It dates to the 11th century.  Tourbillon Castle sits on a hill opposite Valère.  Built in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, it's been in ruined state since a fire destroyed it just prior to the Napoleonic Wars and was never rebuilt.  

Grindelwald: Iconic Swiss Town

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Aerial Views of Grindelwald, Switzerland

pascalimho... created this beautiful drone video of the iconic town of Grindelwald, in central Switzerland.  Situated in the Bernese Alps, Grindelwald was given some extra exposure by appearing in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005); the footage of the Swiss mountain was used to create the fictional planet Alderaan.  It wasn't the first time in the movies for Grindelwald; the town also appeared in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the series' #7 installment.

Basel: Switzerland's Third City

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Hyperlapse over the City of Basel


Contributor and drone pilot sir_mavic created this awesome hyperlapse of Basel, Switzerland's third largest city after Zurich and Geneva.  The city is situated in the northwestern part of the country, on the Rhine River.  It's very close to the French and German borders, and some of the outer suburbs of the city are actually located in France and Germany.  Basel is one of the great cultural centers of Switzerland, and it's known in part for its museums.  It's also one of the world's richest cities.

Lake Lucerne

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The Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

krisna dia...

Check out this stunning drone video of Switzerland's Lake Lucerne, compliments of contributor Krisna Diantha.  The distinctively shaped lake lies in the center of the country, with the city of Lucerne near its northwesternmost point.  With a surface are of just under 115 square km (around 43 square mi.), it's the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Lucerne is also a deep lake, with a maximum depth of over 200 meters (just over 700 ft.).  It's Switzerland's second most well known lake after Lake Geneva.

Lake Constance and Rhine Falls

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Lake Constance and Rhine Falls Aerial Views

  • MartinD
    • 973 VŪZ
    • 19
    • 12
  • about 2 years ago

Contributor MartinD combined some incredible drone footage and excellent editing to create this brilliant timelapse video of two of Switzerland's great natural sights: Lake Constance and Rhine Falls.  The lake is part of the Rhine River, and is actually shared between Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.   Rhine Falls lies on the High Rhine, the section of the river between Lake Constance and Basle.  It's the largest waterfall in Europe, and its mid-falls viewing platform is a major tourist attraction.  

Heliskiing the Groner Glacier

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Heliski Journey down the Gorner Glacier | Zermatt Switzerland

  • Jturner
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 22
    • 13
  • over 1 year ago

Contributor used DJI Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro drones, combined with ground camera footage, to create this video of an epic helicopter ski trip to one of Europe's most famous glaciers.  The Gorner Glacier runs down the west side of the Monte Rosa masif near Zermatt, Switzerland.  With a surface area of nearly 60 square km (about 20 square mi.), it's the second largest glacier in the Alps.  Monte Rosa, which is part of the Pennine Alps, is the second highest peak in the Alps after Mt. Blanc in France.  

Saas-Fee Glacier

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Saas-Fee - Ice Pavilion - Switzerland | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

Here's an awesome aerial view of one of the most well known ski villages in western Switzerland.  Saas-Fee lies in the Saastal Valley in Valais, the southwesternmost of the Swiss Cantons.  Saas-Fee is the best known of the ski resorts in the area, which lies to the east of the Mattertal Valley (home of the famous Matterhorn).   The video, which was shot mostly with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, features on-the-ground footage of the town's Ice Pavilion which affords up-close looks at the area's famous glaciers.  

Pennine Alps

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Bird's-eye view of the Pennine Alps (part 4)

  • rlardon
    • 2.2k VŪZ
    • 36
    • 42
  • about 2 years ago

Rlardon created this magnificent drone video compilation from Europe's Pennine Alps.  This subrange of the broader Alps system is located in the Valais canton of  Switzerland and the Piedmont and Val d'Aosta regions of Italy.  Most of the video was filmed around the Swiss towns of Leukerbad, Nendaz and Saas-Fee.  The video features footage of the Gemmipass, the Daubensee, the Rhône valley and some waterfalls in the Saastal; you'll also get glimpses of the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, and more.

Engelberg, Canton of Obwalden

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Winter Giving Way to Spring in Engelberg

  • rlardon
    • 593 VŪZ
    • 13
    • 10
  • over 1 year ago

Top contributor rlardon brings us this beautiful drone video from central Switzerland.  It was filmed at the municipality of Engelberg, a resort area in the Canton of Obwalden .  Watch the video to see some epic bird's eye views of the still-frozen alpine lakes Trübsee and Engstlensee, as well as the mountains around Titlis and Fürenalp.  Filmed using a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video brings out the beauty of this area near the geographic center of the country as the winter transitions to spring.  

Graubünden: Ruinaulta and Lake Cauma

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Ruinaulta & Lake Cauma in Switzerland

  • bensava
    • 7.0k VŪZ
    • 56
    • 53
  • over 3 years ago

Contributor bensava created this epic drone video from eastern Switzerland.  It was shot in the Graubünden canton (sometimes called the canton of the Grissons), the largest and easternmost of the 26 cantons of the Swiss Federation.  The first area featured is Ruinaulta, sometimes called Switzerland's Grand Canyon.  It's also sometimes called Rhine Gorge in reference to the Rhine tributary which runs through it.  The other spot shown is Caumasee, an alpine lake near the town of Films.  

The Lake and Canton of Neuchâtel

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Neuchâtel From Above [4K/60fps]


Neuchâtel is one of the 26 cantons which make up the Swiss Confederation.  The canton is situated in the northwestern part of the country.  Its principal geographic feature is Lake Neuchâtel.  The lake, which is prominently featured in the video, is nearly 40 km long (about 28 mi.) and has a maximum depth of about 150 meters (500 ft.).  It's the largest lake that sits entirely within Switzerland.  You can see this beautiful region from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by AboveTheClouds.

Rhine Falls

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Rhine Falls Day Trip

Vernoo Fil...

Vernoo Films combined drone and ground footage to create this amazing video of Switzerland's Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe.   The Falls are located on the section of the river known as the High Rhine, on the border between the Schaffhausen Zürich cantons.  Although the height of the falls is a fairly modest 23 meters (about 75 ft.), the water flow over the 150 meter (about 490 ft.) of the falls is enormous - over 600 cubic meters/second (about 21k cu. ft./second) on average during the summer months.  

Lauvaux and Chillon: Treasures of Lake Geneva

2:17 click to play video

Lavaux Vineyards & Chillon Castle


Contributor and pilot bradsommers managed to combine two of the more iconic sites of Switzerland into one drone video.  Both sites are on Lake Geneva, which lies in the western part of the country.  The Lavaux Vineyards is a well known wine producing area on the northern shores of the great lake.  Chillon Castle is one of the 2-3 best known such structures in Switzerland.  The castle, which dates to the 10th century AD, is on an island on the eastern end of the lake.  Both landmarks are in the Canton of Vaud.

Lake Brienz: Lake Iseltwald

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Stunning Lake Town Iseltwald, Switzerland

Wild & Fre...

Top contributor Wild & Free Travel created this stunning aerial of a beautiful spot in central Switzerland.  Iseltwald is a small town on the shores of Lake Brienz, an alpine lake in the Canton of Bern near the center of the country.  THe town is situated about a 15 minute drive from Interlaken, which sits between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun.  The town of Iseltwald sits on the south shore of the lake and is listed in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites, which serves as a protection mechanism under the laws of Switzerland.

The Beauty of Geneva

2:30 click to play video

Geneva Switzerland (True Beauty)


Geneva, Switzerland is widely regarded as one of the world's most desirable cities.  Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, it is the country's second largest city and the largest in its French-speaking region.  With its distinctive architecture and its iconic fountain in the great alpine lake, it's not only an important financial center but also the home of numerous international organizations including many United Nations agencies.  In this video by Drone_biker, you'll get an aerial tour of this magnificent city.

Mt. Rigi: Queen of the Mountains

0:54 click to play video

Last Light


Check out this stunning drone video from one of the most beautiful mountain masifs in Switzerland, compliments of contributor appulver.  Mt. Rigi is often called the Queen of the Mountains, so named for its prominence rather than altitude.  Located in central Switzerland, it's surrounded by three alpine lakes: Lucerne, Zug and Lauerz. It's part of a range known as the Schwyz Alps, which is essentially a foothill range of the greater Alps system. The highest peak of Mt. Rigi is about 1.8k meters (about 5.9k ft.) above sea level.  

Ticino: The Castles of Bellinzona

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Castles of Bellinzona

  • Kpax
    • 1.1k VŪZ
    • 13
    • 16
  • about 1 year ago

Check out this beautiful drone video of a UNESCO World Heritage site in southern Switzerland, compliments of contributor and pilot Kpax.  The town is named Bellinzona, and it's the capital of the Canton of Ticino.  Lying at the foot of the Alps, the town is famous for its three castles: Castelgrande, Montebello, and Sasso Corbaro.  The castles are testament to the area's strategic importance; its geographic location affords access both to the Po Valley in Italy as well as to key mountain passes.  

Paragliding at Interlaken

0:55 click to play video

Paragliding Interlaken

iDrone Aer...

Top contributor iDrone Aerials put his DJI Mavic Pro drone to good use creating this amazing aerial video shot of paragliders near Interlaken, Switzerland.  In doing so he not only captured the bright yellow and red paraglider colors but the spectacular beauty of the surrounding countryside.  Interlaken is a world-class resort and recreational area in the Bern Canton (one of the 26 cantons or provinces which make up the Swiss Federation).  The canton sits near the very center of Switzerland.  

Lausanne: Switzerland's #4 City

2:22 click to play video

Lausanne 4K Aerial Flight (cinematic)


AirVuz contributor and pilot Drone_biker brings us this beautiful 4k drone video of Lausanne, one of the most important cities in French-speaking Switzerland.  It's the capital of Vaud, the westernmost Canton of this Central European country.  Switzerland's fourth-largest city after Zurich, Geneva, and Basle, Lausanne lies near the northernmost point of Lake Geneva ( Léman), the great lake which partially serves as the French-Swiss border.  Lausanne dates to Roman times, and is home to about four-dozen Swiss heritage sites.  

Ticino's Monte Tamaro

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Monte Tamaro (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
    • 987 VŪZ
    • 12
    • 14
  • about 1 year ago

Check out this drone video of the tallest mountain in the Swiss canton of Ticino, compliments of contributor Kpax.  Monte Tamaro is part of the Lugano Prealps, a foothills subchain of the Alps which runs across the Swiss border with Lombardy in Italy.  The mountain has a peak elevation of just under 2k meters (a bit over 6.4k ft.) above sea level.  Ticino is the southernmost of the 26 cantons (provinces or states) which make up the modern Swiss Federation; it's also one of the main Italian-speaking cantons.  

Aletsch: Largest Glacier in the Alps

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Aletsch Glacier

  • Fantas10
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 13
    • 15
  • about 1 year ago

Check out this stunning 4k drone video of the largest glacier in the Alps Mountains, compliments of contributor Fantas10.  It's called the Aletsch Glacier, and it's situated in Switzerland's Valais Canton in the Bernese Alps subrange.  The 23 km (around 14 mi.) long glacier takes up an astounding volume of over 15 cubic kilometers (around 3.7 cu. mi.).   Formed by the convergence of four smaller glaciers around Konkordia, the Alsetsch eventually flows into the Rhone River, of which Lake Geneva is part.  

Swiss Lake Cities: Zug and Zurich

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Switzerland 4K


Check out this beautiful drone video of two important lakeside cities in Switzerland, compliments of Sphinx100.  Zug is the smaller of the two.  It is the capital of the canton of the same name, on the northern shore of Lake Zug. Far more well known is the second city, Zurich.  Also a canton capital, it's Switzerland's largest urban area.  It lies at the western end of Lake Zurich, a long "smile" shaped body of water which is one of Switzerland's largest lakes.  The video was captured with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.  

Oberwalden: Engelberg and Mt. Titlis

3:45 click to play video

Engelberg and Mount Titlis | Dji Mavic 2 pro Hiking

Paride Mus...

Contributor Paride Musci used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this stunning aerial video of a couple of well known spots in central Switzerland.  The first is Engelberg, a major mountain resort town in the Oberwalden Canton near the center of the country.  The second spot is nearby Mt. Titlis, which sits across Oberwalden and the neighboring canton of Bern.  Standing with a peak elevation of about 3.2k meters (about 10.6k ft.) above sea level, it's part of the Uri Alps subchain of the Western Alps.   

Mountain Pass in Grisons

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Mountain passes have always been critical to understanding the geography of Europe's Alps region.  In historical times, these mountain gaps were often used to site fortresses to protect cities in the valleys.  In modern times, passes have been critical to the siting of more peaceful forms of communications such as roads, railways, and telephone wires.  In this drone video by zekedrone, you'll get an aerial view of Switzerland's Julier Pass; it connects two valleys within the Canton of Grisons.  

Bern: Switzerland's Capital City

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BERN ● Switzerland 2019 | 👉DRONE VIDEO | 4K Ultra HD📷


Here's a marvelous aerial view of the Swiss capital city of Bern, compliments of contributor TravelPenguin.  Located in the west-central part of the country, Bern is the fifth-most populous city in the Federation as of 2019.  Located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the city dates to the 12th century AD and possibly earlier.  It's located on a landform known as the Bernese Plateau, north of the Bernese Alps mountain chain.  The city sits on the Aare River, which is crossed by a number of bridges.  

Lugano: Italian Speaking Capital

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Lugano (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
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  • 11 months ago

Checkout this drone video of Lugano, the largest city in Italian-speaking Switzerland, compliments of contributor Kpax.  It's located in the Canton of Ticino in the southeastern part of the country.  The beautiful city, #9 in population of the Swiss cities, sits on the shores of Lake Lugano.  This glacial lake sits between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, which sit just over Ticino's western and eastern borders with Italy, respectively.  Lugano backs up to the Lugano Prealps, a subrange of the greater Alps range to the north.  

Drone Tour of Chillon Castle

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Chillon Castle

  • Kpax
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  • about 1 year ago

Check out this stunning 4k drone video of one of the most famous castles in Switzerland, compliments of contributor Kpax.  It's called Chillon Castle, and it's located on an island near the eastern end of Lake Geneva.  The structure dates to the 11th century, and was built on the site of an older Roman fortification.  During the bloody period known as the Wars of Religion in the 16th century, the castle served as a prison.  Chillon underwent substantial restoration beginning in the late 19th century.  

Ticino: Historic Morcote

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Morcote, Ticino, Switzerland

  • Kpax
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  • about 1 year ago

Here's a drone video of a beautiful town on one of Switzerland's most well-known lakes, compliments of contributor Kpax.  The town of Morcote is situated in the Ticino Canton, a province which is a southeastern appendage of "mainland" Switzerland into the territory of Lombardy in northern Italy.  Lake Lugano lies in the line of Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, two of Italy's most famous lakes.  Morcote, which sits at the southern end of the lake, is considered one of the region's most historically significant towns.  

Bern Canton: Hasliberg

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Swiss Bliss | The stunning Swiss Alps at sunset | 4K Drone Video


Hasliberg is a Swiss municipality overlooking the Aare river. The area is known for being a family-friendly place with diverse leisure and sports facilities with a blend of the traditional and cultural specialties that make Switzerland stand out. Stand out pilot electriclife flew the stunning Alps mountain range that surrounds the town at twilight adding brilliant colors and depth to this 4K drone video. Read electriclife's description to find out more about the stunning area, which is part of the Canton of Bern.

Ticino's Verzasca Dam

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Verzasca (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
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  • 11 months ago

The Verzasca Dam (also known as Contra Dam) is the fourth-tallest dam in Switzerland but probably the most well-known. The reason is that it was the "co-star" of one of the most famous stunt scenes in cinematic history: the bungee-jumping sequence which opened the 19th James Bond movie, GoldenEye (1995).  In this drone video by Kpax, you'll get a bird's eye view of the 1960's-era structure in Ticino, the Italian-speaking Canton in southeastern Switzerland.  It's on the Verzasca river, just upstream from Lake Maggiore.   

Daubensee and Gemmi Pass, Valais

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Gemmipass / Daubensee | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 8 | DJI Mavic Air

maik kelle...

Here's a nice aerial view of a tiny but beautiful lake and mountain pass in French-speaking Switzerland, compliments of contributor maik kellerhals.  The lake is called the Daubensee, and it's located in the canton of Valais in the southwestern part of the country.  The lake sits near the Gemmi Pass, which connects the cantons of Valais and Bern through the Bernese Alps.  The pass was mentioned in Sir Arthur Canon Doyle's short story The Problem as well as in another short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant.

Kapellbrücke Bridge, Lucerne

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Sunset at Kapellbrücke

Esteban Ca...

Check out this drone video of a famous bridge in Switzerland, compliments of Esteban Castle.  It's called Kapellbrücke, and it's a covered wooden footbridge over the Reusse River in Lucerne, the largest city in central Switzerland.  The bridge was built in the 14th century as part of the city's defensive system.  Kapellbrücke is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe.  The 205 meter (672ft.) span was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1993; subsequently restored, it's one of the top tourist attractions in the region.  

St. Bernard: Switzerland's Highest Pass

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Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard (Valais, Suisse)

  • Kpax
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  • about 1 year ago

Topping out at almost 2.5k meters (about 8.1k ft.) above sea level, the Great St. Bernard Pass is one of the highest road passes in Switzerland. The pass runs through the Valais Alps (a subchain of the larger Alps system, in western Switzerland and France), and was named after Saint Bernard of Monthon, who founded a hospice on the pass in 1049. The area became famous for its use of what are now known as St Bernard dogs in rescue missions. See the mountain pass from above in this drone video by Kpax.

The Dents du Midi

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Flying over the Dents du Midi - Swiss Alps

emmanuel z...

Check out this (literally) over-the-top drone video of a famous mountain in the Swiss Alps, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot emmanuel Zaza.  It's the Dents Du Midi, and it's in the Chablais Alps in the southwestern Canton of Valais. With a summit elevation of about 3.25k meters above sea level (around 10.7k ft.), the multi-peaked mountain is the tallest between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.  First ascended in 1842, the mountain's name translates roughly to "teeth of the south".  

Grandson Castle, Vaud

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Castle Grandson at Golden Hour [4K/60fps]


Contributor and drone pilot AboveTheClouds created this beautiful aerial video of an important Swiss Castle.  The 12th century landmark Grandson Castle is situated in a town of the same name in Vaud, the westernmost of Switzerland's 26 cantons.  It sits on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, the largest lake located entirely within Swiss borders.   The castle was rebuilt in the 13th century by nobleman Otto de Grandson, who accompanied Prince (soon-to-be King) Edward of England on one of the Crusades.

Rhine Falls' Laufen Castle

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Castle Laufen at Rhine Falls, 2017

  • probeat1
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  • almost 3 years ago

Contributor and drone pilot probeat1 created this aerial video of a well-known castle that overlooks the Rhine Falls in Switzerland.  It's called Laufen Castle, and it's located in the canton of Zurich in the German-speaking part of northern Switzerland.  The structure dates to the 9th century AD.  It was acquired by the city of Zurich in the 16th century but reverted to private ownership after that.  The castle has a tunnel underneath it, through which runs a branch of the Rheinfall Railway.  

Switzerland by FPV

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PIKA FPV - Switzerland Dreaming II

  • PikaFPV
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  • 10 months ago

You will experience the beauty of Switzerland from an entirely new perspective in this highly cinematic first person view (FPV) video by pilot PikaFPV.  The opening shot will pull you right in; it's an amazing sequence skimming over a crystal blue alpine lake.  Then it's on to some epic ridge-diving down the rocky slopes above the lake, followed by a marvelous ride down a ravine; at around the 1:13 mark, where you'll take an amazing dive down a waterfall.  This video was a shoo-in for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2019.

Ticino's Lago della Sella

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Lago della Sella - Cima Posmeda - Passo Scimfuss (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
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  • 12 months ago

If you are skeptical about how a hydroelectric dam can be called beautiful, you should check out this drone video by content creator and pilot Kpax.  He put together an amazing aerial tour of the Lago della Sella reservoir and gravity dam in the Ticino Canton of southern Switzerland.  Completed in 1947, the dam has a height of 36 meters (about 120 ft.).  The video also features footage of the nearby Passo Scimfuss mountain pass, which has an elevation of a bit over 2.2k meters (just under 7.4k ft.).  

Bernese Oberland: Oeschinen Lake

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Oeschinensee Lake | Switzerland

Drone My L...

Here's a beautiful drone video of an alpine lake in Switzerland, compliments of contributor and pilot Drone My Life.  It's called Oeschinensee Lake, and it's located in a region called the Bernese Oberland area near the middle of the country. The Bernese Oberland is a type of upland region which is situated between Lake Interlaken to the north and the Rhone River to the south.  The lake is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage site which also covers areas around nearby Jungfrau, Aletsch and Bietschhorn.

Winter in Eastern Switzerland

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Winter in Graubunden Switzerland


The canton of Graubünden eastern Switzerland (sometimes called Grissons) is known for its dramatic Alpine scenery and ski slopes.  AirVuz contributor and drone pilot 70daysaroundtheworld spent some time there in the Winter of 2018 and was able to put together this excellent video of the snowy wonderland. He headed to the famous Films Laax Falera, a sking and biking resort in the area. The video also features an old church with a tall steeple, a small Alpine village, and plenty of mountain views. 

Kulm: Highest Peak of the Rigi's

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Sunset in the Swiss Alps - DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Gabriele B...

While the Rigi Mountains are not the tallest peaks in Switzerland, they are some of the best known and are sometimes called the Queen of the Mountains.  Part of the Schwyz Alps, the Rigi masif is nearly surrounded by three alpine lakes: Lucerne, Zug, and Lauerz.  For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Gabriele Battiston brings us this beautiful drone video of Rigi Kulm, the tallest of the six main peaks of the masif.  Located in the Canton of Schwyz, Rigi Kulm has a maximum elevation of 1.8k meters above sea level (around 5.9 ft.).  

Lake Maggiore's Brissago Islands

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Locarnese: Ascona - Brissago Islands - Locarno (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
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  • 7 months ago

Lake Maggiore is a long and narrow glacial lake which is shared between Italy and Switzerland.  On its northern (Swiss) end, the lake is home to two islands: San Pancrazio and Isola Piccola.  Known as the Brissago Islands, they lie close to the lake's western shore, in the Locarno District of the Canton of Ticino.  In this drone video by AirVuz cotributor and pilot kpax, you'll get a bird's eye view of the two islands as well as the municipality of Ronco sopra Ascona on the shoreline immediately to their west.  

Drone Views of the Heart of Switzerland

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The Alps-Switzerland(Aerial view)DJI

Hugo Aérod...

Filled with stunning shots, this aerial tour of the Swiss Alps by drone pilot Hugo Aerodrone is outstanding.  Shot with the DJI Mavic Pro Zoom, at the :12 mark you'll get a great view of the Church of St. Leodegar in Lucerne, often considered the most "Swiss" of cities in the Federation.  The rest of the video focuses on the spectacular alpine scenery of this Central European country.  You will be taken over shimmering blue lakes, massive mountain valleys, towering ridges, crazily twisting mountain pass roads, and mountaintop castles.  

Climbing Mt. Dolent

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Solo on the Gallet route of Dolent 3823m


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Ultraprod put together this epic video of his solo ascent of one of Switzerland's highest mountains.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, he recorded himself taking the Gallet route to the top of Mt. Dolent.  Part of the Mt. Blanc Massif near the Italian and French borders, the mountain has a peak elevation of a bit over 3.8k meters above sea level (around 12.5k ft.).  The video closes with an epic selfie from the top of the mountain, which was first scaled in 1864.  

Mt. Stockhorn, Bernese Oberland

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Stockhorn - a flight into the fog | Dji Mavic 2 pro - Switzerland Hiking

Paride Mus...

While Switzerland is sometimes thought of as being entirely mountainous, the Alps range actually only covers its southern half.  In the central part of the country, the transition between the two "halves" of Switzerland occurs in a region of the Bern Canton known as the Bernese Oberland, in the foothills of the Bernese Alps.  One of the more notable peaks of the area is Mt. Stockhorn, near Lake Thune.  Seen here in this drone video by Paride Musci, Stockhorn has a peak elevation of about 2.2k meters above sea level (around 7.2k ft.).  

Ticino's Lake Luzzone

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Val Carassina - Lago del Luzzone (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
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  • 12 months ago

AirVuz content creator and pilot Kpax created this drone video of a well-known alpine reservoir lake and dam in southeastern Switzerland.  The lake is called Lago di Luzzone, and it's near the city of Ticino in the Italian-speaking (southern) part of the Federation.  It feeds the arch dam Luzzone, which was competed in 1963.  One of the dam's walls has been converted into a climbing wall, the highest in the world, which covers a vertical span of 165 meters (around 550 ft.) and has 650 bolts and hold points.  

The Matterhorn and Gornergrat by Drone

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Gornergrat and Matterhorn (Monte Cervino)- Hiking Switzerland | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

The Gornergrat is a rocky ridge in the Pennine Alps that overlooks Gorner Glacier, lying just southeast of Zermatt, Switzerland. The observatory on the ridge is where pilot Paride Musci headed out with this DJI Mavic 2 Pro to take in the famous Matterhorn. The mountain straddles Switzerland and Italy with its 14,692 foot (4,478 meter) summit, making it one of the highest in Europe. You can see its unique near-symmetrical pyramidal peak, as well as the surrounding Alps from above in this video. 

Jungfrau and Grindlewald

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About Jungfrau & Grindelwald Switzerland.(4K)

  • minglam
    • 1.6k VŪZ
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    • 47
  • over 2 years ago

The heart of Alpine Swizterland is the Bernese Alps, a chain which runs through the western part of the country.  In this drone video by top AirVuz contributor Minglam, you'll get an aerial view of the area around Jungfrau, one of the main summits of the chain.  Located on the boundary between the Berne and Valais Cantons, it has a peak elevation of almost 4.2k meters above sea level or 13.6k ft.  You'll also see the fabled village of Grindlewald, which lies just to the northeast of Jungfrau.  

Jaun Pass, Swiss Prealps

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Jaunpass trail (Gastlosen view) - Hiking Switzerland | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

Top contributor and pilot Paride Musci used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this fantastic wintertime drone video from a well-known mountain pass in Switzerland.  It's called Jaun Pass, and it connects two cantons through the Swiss Prealps (essentially, the "foothills" of the Alps) in the west-central part of the country.  With an altitude of 1.5k meters above sea level (around 5k ft.), the pass connects the French-speaking town of Charmey (in Fribourg) with the German-speaking town of Jaun in the Berne Canton.  

Rochers de Naye: Heart of the Alps

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Rochers de Naye - Hiking Switzerland | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Paride Musci used his DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to bring us this jaw-dropping aerial video of a hike on a well-known mountain in the very heart of the fabled Swiss Alps: Rochers de Naye.  Located near the town of Montreux and Lake Geneva and straddling the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg in the southwestern part of the country, the mountain has a peak elevation of about 2.05k meters above sea level or around 6.7k ft.  

Viamala: Gorge in Grisons

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Viamala Gorge


Top contributor and drone pilot probeat1 brings us this spectacular aerial view of a famous river gorge in Switzerland.  It's called Viamala, and it lies along a stretch of the Hinterrhein River (a Rhine tributary) in the Canton of Grisons.  Going back to Roman times, the narrowness of the gorge represented a serious obstacle to approaching two different key mountain passes in the region.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, a series of infrastructure investments have made the gorge useable for both foot and wheeled traffic.  

Verbier: Backcountry Skiing Magnet

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Best Ski Resort of 2020 | Verbier | Swiss Alps

Swedish Od...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Swedish Odyssey brings us this terrific aerial view of one of Switzerland's premiere ski resort areas: Verbier.  The village is located in the canton of Valais in the French-speaking southwestern part of the country.  Situated in the heart of the western Pennine Alps, Verbier is generally considered one of the world's top spots for back-country skiing.  In the summer months, the village has received international recognition for its music festival.  

Madonna del Sasso Church, Ticino

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Sacred Mount Madonna del Sasso (Ticino, Switzerland)

  • Kpax
    • 737 VŪZ
    • 9
    • 12
  • 7 months ago

Madonna del Sasso is a well-known pilgrimage church in southern Switzerland.  It is situated in the municipality of Orselina in the Locarno District of Ticino, one of the country's Italian speaking cantons.  It's built on a hill above the town of Locarno, near the northern end of Lake Maggiore.  The founding of the sanctuary was associated with a vision of the Virgin Mary by a Franciscan friar here in 1480.   You can check out this religious site from above in this excellent aerial video by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Kpax.

Oeschinen Lake, Bernese Oberland

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The Magical Swiss Alps Around Oeschinensee | Cinematic 4K UHD Travel Film | DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

Alexander ...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Alexander Shmidt Photography used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this spectacular aerial video of one of Switzerland's Oeschinen Lake.  It's located near the town of Kandersteg in the region known as the Bernese Oberland, the more elevated part of the central Canton of Bern.  The small but stunningly beautiful lake sits at an elevation of about 1.6k meters above sea level or around 5.2k ft.  The lake and its surroundings are part of the  Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Mountains of Grindelwald

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Grindelwald First | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 17 | DJI Mavic 2 Pro

maik kelle...

AirVuz contributor Maik Kellerhals used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone and a DJI Osmo stabilized ground camera to create this stunning video from the mountains around Grindelwald, Switzerland.  Located in the Bernese Oberland in the Canton of Bern, the mountains surrounding Grindelwald are amongst Switzerland's most popular for skiers of all skill levels.  The village is surrounded by a dozen peaks of the Bernese Alps, the highest of which (Mt. Schreckhorn) has a summit elevation of about 4.1k meters above sea level (around 13.4k ft.).  

Piz Gloria, Schilthorn

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A Day In Schilthorn

iDrone Aer...

Piz Gloria is a rotating restaurant atop Mt. Schiltorn in Switzerland.  Top contributor iDrone Aerials used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to capture the scene at this magical Alpine spot, one of the most iconic in Europe.  Piz Gloria owes its fame in part to the movies, specifically the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  In the movie (#7 in the series), agent 007 (played by the unknown George Lazenby) tracks down the villian Blofeld (Telly Savalas) at his allergy research institute atop the mountain.  

Val da Camp, Grisons

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Returning after a two year hiatus from AirVuz, contributor and drone pilot Acornpro brings us this fantastic aerial video of a mountain valley in the Swiss Alps.  It's called Val da Campa, and it's located in Grisons, the easternmost (and largest) of the cantons of the Swiss Federation.  Internationally recognized for its beauty, Val da Camp is listed on Switzerland's Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Cultural Monuments of National Importance.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Skiing in Grisons

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Winter Deluxe


Take a trip down a mountain in the Swiss Alps with skier Ohh Mandy in this aerial video by AirVuz contributor appulver.  He filmed her on the slopes of the mountains around the town of Savognin.  It's located in Grisons, a southeastern canton and the country's largest by land area.   The mountains here are part of the Grison Alps, whose highest peaks have summit elevations of around 4k meters above sea level or a bit over 13k ft.  The town of Savognin itself has an elevation of around 1.2k meters above sea level or a bit over 13k ft.  

Cathedral of St. Gallen

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St.Gallen Cathedral Switzerland Drone Footage


Top AirVuz contributor 70daysaroundtheworld brings us this fantastic drone video of a well-known church in Switzerland.  It's the St. Gallen Cathedral, a Roman Catholic church in its namesake town, which is the capital of the Canton of St. Gallen in the northeastern part of the country.  Dating to the mid-18th century, the church is home to the largest collection of church bells in Switzerland.  The video features footage of the church as well as the city, one of the most important in eastern Switzerland.

Swiss Drone Reel

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Swiss Drone Reel


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot appulver used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this marvelous drone reel from Switzerland.  At the :10 mark, there's a wonderful shot of Lucerne, which lies at the western end of its namesake lake in the middle of the country.  Other highlights include footage from the stunning mountains and valleys of the eastern Canton of Grisons (Graubünden), the alpine town of Engelberg in the Obwalden Canton, the idyllic Mt. Rigi, the medieval town of Zug, and more.  

Famous Swiss Spots

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Switzerland by Drone 4K - Alps, Jungfrau, Mont Blanc, and Matterhorn


See some of the most famous spots in Switzerland in this wonderful compilation by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Johnathan Chen.  After a first stop at France's Mt. Blanc, you'll head to the Swiss resort town of Montreux on Lake Geneva.  Then it's on to the Bernese Alps to see the villages of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen and Mts. Eiger and Mönch.  Finally, you'll head south to the area around Zermatt for views of the Gornergrat Observatory, the Matterhorn Mountain, and the nearby Lake Riffelsee.

Compilation Video

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Switzerland from Above 🇨🇭

AirVūz Soc...

The relatively small European nation of Switzerland has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.  This has not gone unnoticed by drone pilots.   Check out breathtaking aerial footage of Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city is a diverse and vibrant metropolis near the water.   Lake Geneva, where cities line the shores of Switzerland’s largest lake which is crescent-shaped and shared with France, the  Swiss Alps any many other breathtaking Swiss cities and attractions. 

Aerial Traveler: Switzerland

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Aerial Traveler - Switzerland

Aerial Tra...

Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.  A finely curated collection packages these videos into a virtual travel itinerary, inviting us all to experience the aerial views from the best seat you’ll never need to reserve - right where you are now. This month, Aerial Traveler heads to Switzerland, watch the episode now to see it all for yourself!


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TICINO (Switzerland) from above

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This is what i'm living for!

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KONKORDIA (Switzerland)

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Aerial Switzerland From The Sky 4K

  • Zdronu
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    • 72
  • over 3 years ago
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Luca Osswa...