Aerial Tour of Tampa

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Dusk in Tampa


Tampa is the largest city on the west coast of Florida.  It sits on Tampa Bay, which opens up into the Gulf of Mexico.  The metropolitan area, the second largest in Florida after Miami, is often called Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater in reference to the two smaller cities which lie on the other side of the bay.  The area is home to over three million Floridians.  Top contributor Tampa Randy flew a drone over the lovely Southeastern city at dusk to create this amazing aerial video.  

Droning the Tampa Bay Area

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Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida Drone Footage

Matt Hallu...

Take an aerial tour of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida in this beautiful drone video by contributor Matt Hallum.  The "twin cities" lie on either side of Tampa Bay on the state's western (Gulf of Mexico) coast.  The video includes footage of Downtown Tampa, Downtown St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach (on the Gulf of Mexico), and Clearwater Beach (also on the Gulf side).  The Tampa Bay area is home to over three million people, making it the state's second-largest metropolitan area.  

Tampa Waterfront by Mavic Air

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Tampa, Florida - Drone Places - 4K Mavic Air

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Contributor and pilot jpcorzo used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this aerial mini-tour of Tampa, Florida.  The video was shot in the aesthetic heart of the city, along the Hillsborough River and its mouth on Hillsborough Bay, an inlet of the larger Tampa Bay.  Here you can take in the marvelous aerial views of the city's hotels (notably the distincetive-looking Marriott Hotel), marinas, premium shopping areas, and the indoor Amalie Arena.  Tampa is the center of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Area, Florida's second-largest.

Clearwater Beach

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Aerial Tour of Clearwater Beach


Florida's Clearwater Beach is one of a series of long islands which run parallel to the Gulf Shore coast of the mainland.  It sits opposite the town of Clearwater, the third largest city in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, which sits in the top left position of an upside down triangle formed by the three cities (Tampa being in the top right).   In this drone video by Tampa Randy, you'll see the length of Clearwater Beach from a bird's eye perspective, with the mainland of Florida being in the background.

Clearwater Beach and Tampa

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Tampa, FL


In this drone video by GlobalAirMedia, you'll get a mini aerial tour of two of the main cities of the Tampa Bay area: Clearwater Beach and the city of Tampa.  Clearwater Beach lies on a series of "keys" which run parallel to the mainland, just west of the city of Clearwater.  It was recently named the Best Beach in the USA in a recent TripAdvisor survey.  The city of Tampa is the largest in the area, it sits on an eastern inlet of Tampa Bay called Hillsborough Bay.  

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Bumble Bee...

Top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Bumble Bee Productions brings us this fantastic aerial view of the Florida's famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa.  The cable-stayed is the southernmost and the longest of the four bridges which span Tampa Bay.  Completed in 1987, it has a total length of 6.7 km or 4.1 mi., with a longest single span of 366 meters or about 1.1k ft.  The bridge replaced an earlier structure which catastrophically collapsed when struck by a cargo ship in 1980, killing 35 motorists and passengers.

Drone Views of Sarasota

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Sunny Sarasota, Florida

Lone Star ...

Check out these beautiful drone views of Sarasota, Florida, compliments of contributor Lone Star Drones.  It's located at the southern end of its namesake bay, just south of the much larger Tampa Bay on the state's western (Gulf of Mexico) side.  Sarasota and its "twin" city of Bradenton are now considered the southern outskirts of the Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area.  Once closely identified with the Ringling Brothers Circus, Sarasota has emerged as one of the Sunshine State's fastest-growing retiree destinations.  

Skyscrapers, Beaches, Museums, and More

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4K TAMPA, FL Drone Footage (Ultra HD)


Take a tour of the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida with this fantastic drone video by aerialsbyandre.  The video opens with a great show of the skyline of downtown Tampa, home of a dozen buildings over 100 meters tall (330 ft.) as of 2019.  From there you'll fly over the Henry B. Plant Museum, once a luxury hotel built by the railroad whose terminus here gave rise to the city.  Other stops include the Tampa Museum of Art, the Amalie Arena (home of the Tampa Lightning hockey team), and more.

FPV Diving Tampa's Skyscrapers

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Building Diving | Downtown Tampa, FL


In this video, contributor and pilot) pilotfarberrr_fpv gives us a unique first person view (FPV) perspective of Tampa, Florida.  Using an FPV-equipped racing quad, he was able to "dive" the tallest skyscrapers of the city, the center of the second-largest metropolitan area in the Sunshine state.  Check out the (literally) over-the-top views of Tampa landmarks like the 42-story 100 North Tampa Building (at 176 meters or 509 ft., the city's tallest), the 38-story One Tampa City Center, the 36-story Suntrust Plaza Center, and more.  

St. Petersburg: Tampa Bay's Second City

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Downtown St.Petersburg - Florida


St.Petersburg is the "second city" of the Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area; it's situated on the western side of Tampa Bay, opposite the city of Tampa.  Named after the great Russian city, St. Petersburg was founded somewhat later than Tampa, in 1903.  It developed as a separate city until the construction of some very long bridges later in the 20th century connected it directly to Tampa.  In this drone video by mjarti86, you'll get a bird's eye view of Florida's fifth-most populous city as of 2019.  

Proposal at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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Proposal By Drone at Skyway


Just as drones are increasingly being used to film weddings, they are being used to film wedding proposals.  In this drone video by TampaRandy, you'll get to see a production involving a proposal on a boat cruising Florida's Tampa Bay.  The proposal took place in the shadow of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which spans the lower part of the bay between St. Petersburg and Terra Ceia.  The bridge opened in 1987, replacing an earlier span which was the scene of two maritime disasters in 1980.  

Tampa Drone Montage

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Tampa Intro


This short drone montage by bthentic will take you over the Florida metropolis known as Tampa-St. Petersburg.  Situated on Tampa Bay and the adjacent Gulf of Mexico coastline, it's the second-largest metropolitan area in Florida after Miami.  The video alternates between shots of downtown Tampa, home to the metropolitan area's tallest skyscrapers, and its famous Gulf Coast beaches.  The Tampa Bay Area beaches are mostly clustered along the area west of Clearwater.  


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Anything A...
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Tampa Florida HYPE Collab

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Lovin' Longboat Key

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