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Beautiful Oregon


For a great aerial introduction to the state of Oregon in the USA's Pacific Norhwest, it would be tough to beat this video by TomDrone.  This production has something for everyone - yawning canyons, roaring waterfalls, vast forests, the iconic volcanic mountain Mt. Hood, bridges and viaduct that run forever, spectacular coastal boulders, even a logging camp.  This video makes a credible case for the Beaver State being the singlemost beautiful state in the entire United States. 



jay worsley

Award winning contribibutor Jay Worsley has made a big name for himself with his highly artistic drone videos of iconic sights of the Western United States.  His video "Perspective" was chosen as the AirVuz Drone Video Awards winner in the Landscape category.  In this video, he takes his DJI Inspire Pro drone out through the magnificent southern Oregon Coast from Eugene to Brookings. It affords bird's eye views of some of the most spectacular coastline in the United States.  


Seattle from above

Dave Yip

Seattle, Washington is the principal city of the USA's Pacific Northwest, and it is one of the 15 largest metro areas in the United States.  It is a highly cosmopolitan city of giant gleaming skyscrapers that is the center of the worldwide jet airplane industry, and yet the giant Mount Rainier visible in the distant background puts it all in perspective.  In this short but impressive video, contributor David Yip gives us an aerial tour of the Seattle waterfront on Puget Sound. 


Best Drone Footage Oregon 4k | DJI Mavic AIR - Wonders of Oregon Javi Mora

Javi Mora

This drone video of Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest won the Drone Video of the Week Contest in August, 2018.  On a road trip through the Beaver State, contributor Javier Mora Marin and a friend captured this amazing aerial footage from some of the state's most spectacular spots.  Highlights of the video include bird's eye views of Silver Falls, God’s Thumb, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, Mount Hood, and some of the state's many lush pine tree forests. 


Exploring Washington State


Washington State is situated in the the northwest corner of the United States, bordering the Canadian province of British Columbia.  The Evergreen State has some of the greatest landscape diversity of any state, with vast pine forests, towering volcanic mountain peaks, and a large desert in the eastern part of the state.  Contributor Explorewashingtonstate does just that with this great aerial tour of this amazing state in the northwestern corner of the continental USA.


Secret Hike to Volcanic Ruins || OREGON


Some of the best hiking areas of the continental USA are in the country's Pacific Northwest.  Washington and Oregon both offer a huge tracts of forests, mountains, and river valleys which offer spectacular natural scenery to some of the world's most avid hikers.  In this video, contributor Shanestiles took a Nikon camera and a DJI Phantom 4 drone on an epic hike to some remote volcanic mountains in Oregon, resulting in some epic views of Oregon's amazing geology.


Columbia River Gorge Dronie

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Contributor Dirka was one of the first drone pilots to gain a large following on Instagram; he currently has well over 200k fans.  He is a professional photographer and his drone videos reflect that background.  In this video, he sets up a group drone selfie flying backwards over the Columbia River Gorge in America's Pacific Northwest.  The  pull-out provides an epic view of the mighty canyon carved by one of North America's largest rivers, which divides the states of Oregon and Washington.



60 Seconds

Top contributor 60 Seconds used a drone to create this amazing aerial tour of an abandoned bridge in the USA's Pacific Northwest.  The Vance Creek Bridge was built in the 1920's to serve the logging industry in Washington.  As the fortunes of the state's forestry sector waned, the bridge was de-commissioned in the 1970's.  Now it's a major attraction for hikers who seek out this amazing span, which stands 106 meters (347 ft.) tall.


iRev - The Last Days of Fall - 2018


The North Cascades of Washington, United States, is a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers and lakes. AirVuz contributor Chris Neibauer takes us on one epic ride around the mountains on dirt bikes in this edit. Shot with both GoPros and drone footage, you get both the intense impact on the ground cameras attached to the bikers mixed with the awe-inspiring beauty that is the mountain range in fall from above. 


Oregon Road Trip!


Top contributor Braybraywoowoo ventured from his native British Columbia over the border and down a state to Oregon.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, he created this memorable video of his road trip.  In addition to some beautiful shots of the state's rock coastline, dense forests, and beautiful mountains, he was able to aerially film one of the most amazing spots in the state: a retired 727 jetliner that now serves as a home in the Oregon woods! 



60 Seconds

The USA's Pacific Northwest was once home to a huge forest products industry, with hundreds of saw and paper mills around the region.   With the rise of much tighter environmental restrictions, high labor costs, and tough competition from foreign producers, the industry in Washington and Oregon has been decimated.  In this video, contributor 60 Seconds gives us a bird's eye view of a paper mill in Blue Heron, OR which succumbed to the poor conditions and was abandoned several years ago.


Westcoat with MAVIC2

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Geared up with his DJI Mavic 2 drone, contributor Hofcut, explored the famously scenic views of North America's Pacific Northwest.  Complete with crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, temperate beaches intermixed with rocky shores, dense pine forests, and powder-topped mountain peaks this drone video is truly an exemplary representation of this coastal region.  Enjoy all the beauty of the PNW in this remarkable adventure from above.


Diving Seattle - FPV

FPV Brothers

This first person view (FPV) video from FPV Brothers will give you an entirely new perspective on the great city of Seattle, the informal regional capital of the USA's Pacific Northwest.  On an (untypically, for Seattle) reasonably clear New Year's Day, a GoPro Session 5 affixed to a TBS Crossfire racing drone was used to dive (piloting with video goggles) the Columbia Center, which is the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest and one of the half-dozen tallest on the West Coast.  


Droning America: Portland, OR

Droning America

In this segment, Droning America heads to Portland, Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest, the quirky city which lies a three hour drive south of the larger city of Seattle.  Hostess Angie Avestruz met up with Seth and Brit Morrisey of Morrisey Productions to see the best of Portland and the surrounding area from their DJI Inspire and Phantom 4 Pro drones. From Mount Hood to the rocky coastline, Oregon's diverse landscapes has never looked better thanks to drones.


The Drone Dish: Mckenzie River Drone Photography

The Drone Dish

In this episode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason meets up with Matt Vidal (Air Vūz Profile: Mckenzie River Drone Photography), a former Forest Service member turned drone hobbyist who captures his aerial footage almost exclusively in the pristine Oregon wilderness of the USA's Pacific Northwest.  They talk shop and highlight some of epic aerial footage of the mountains, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas which make Oregon one of the most sought-after filming spots for drone pilots.




60 Seconds

Oregon Flash Back

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