See Top Bird's Eye Views of Trentino Alto Adige

The Magnificent Dolomites
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The Dolomites - The World's Most Powerful Mountains

Ryan Shirley

Contributor Ryan Shirley experienced pure awe and wonderment when he hiked through the Dolomites in northern Italy, which form part of the Alps Mountains system.  The overwhelming power of the mountain peaks comes across in his intensely edited aerial reel that features shots from Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Seceda, Sassolungo, and Lago di Braies. This video was chosen as a Finalist in the Nature and Landscape category in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

Aerial Tour of Trentino
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Trentino: My Region from Above

daniele bolgia

Contributor Daniele Bolgia created this stunning aerial mini-tour of Trentino, a province of Northern Italy.  Trentino is essentially the southern half of the semi-autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige, the northern half being the province of South Tyrol.  The video will take you through the spectacularly beautiful province, including magnificent shots of the  Dolomites Mountains and the provincial capital Trento.   With a population of about 120,000, Trento is one of the largest cities in the Alps.

Northern Italy's UNESCO Site
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The Dolomites in 5K: Aerial Cinematic Video


Contributor Electriclife created this stunning aerial video of the Dolomite Mountains.  Situated in northeastern Italy, this range is part of the eastern Alps, which have lower altitudes than the western Alps.  While the highest peaks in the Dolomites are a modest 3-3.3k meters (just under 11k ft) they more than make up for their modest altitude by their spectacular limestone rock formations.  Most of the range has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.

Stelvio: Second Highest Pass in the Alps
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Italy's Stelvio Pass: 5K Epic Drone Video


Electriclife created this breathtaking 4k drone video of Stelvio Pass, one of the highest mountain passes in the Eastern Alps range.  It connects Italy's South Tyrol and Sondrio provinces in the far north of the country.  With its hairpin turns, the road running through the pass is considered one of the best drives in the world, though certainly not for the faint of heart.   This pass was the scene of heavy fighting between Italy and Austria-Hungary during World War I.

Dolomites in Winter
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Dolomite In Winter 4k | Südtirol | The Story Of My Drone


Top contributor Bashir Abu Shakra recovered his lost drone and put it to good use creating this stunning 4k video of the Dolomites in Italy's Sudtirol (South Tyrol) region in the country's northeastern parts.  Shot in the winter, the video features breathtaking shots of alpine villages and the highly distinctive jagged tops of the Dolomite Mountains.  These mountains form part of the Eastern Alps range and extend into Slovenia to the east.

Dolomites: World War I Artillery Duels
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Epic Nature: The Dolomites from the Air


Italy's Dolomite Mountains are stunning in their natural beauty, and their jagged peaks make them among the world's most distinctive looking.  One of the most remarkable aspects of the history of these mountains is that they were the scene of heavy fighting in World War I.  Artillery duels between Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces in these passes were commonplace during the conflict, which ran for three years and resulted in hundreds of thousands of fatalities and over a million total casualties.

Villnöß in South Tyrol
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Italian Dolomites: Villnöß


Behold this stunning 4k drone video by Bashir Abu Shakra from northeastern Italy.  Villnöß is a small town in Italy's South Tyrol province.  The German-sounding name of the town and the province is not coincidence; this area had historically been part of the Austro Hungarian Empire prior to it being ceded to Italy following the First World War.  His video gives us bird's eye views of the magnificent alpine valleys and jagged Dolomite peaks around the hamlet.  

Magnificent Drei Zinnen
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Drei Zinnen - Dolomites in 4K (Drone in Winter Wonderland)

Thomas Vitali

Contributor Thomas Vitali gives us a great drone's eye view of one of the most iconic spots in the Alps, specifically the Dolomite subrange of northern Italy.  The Tre Cime di Lavaredo, or Drei Zinnen as they are known in German ("three Merlons") is a three-peaked mountain which covers part of the the South Tyrol and Belluno provinces.    While the peaks once formed the Austro-Italian border, Italy's territorial gain of all of South Tyrol in World War I pushed the border well north of here.

Hyperlapse in the Dolomites
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Dolomiti Hyperlapse


When you combine one of the world's most photogenic mountain ranges with modern drones and video editing, this is what's possible.  The hypnotic swirl of clouds that hug the peaks of the Dolomites in this drone video is incredibly captivating. Using hyperlapse techniques with a drone, contributor Gianluca_simonella created a dynamic aerial view of the famous mountain range. The immense mountain peaks stand tall as the delicate shadows of clouds pass overhead.

Mist--Covered Dolomites
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The Misty Dolomites: DJI Mavic Pro

Marco Cantieni

Although the majestic Dolomites are loved for activities they host such as hiking, cycling, skiing, mountain climbing, and BASE jumping, this UNESCO declared World Heritage Site mountain range in the northestern Italy is breathtakingly beautiful on it's own merits as well.  Drone videographer Marco Cantieni created this ethereal bird-eye view of this gem of the Alps, adorned with morning mist.  The Dolomite range is considered a sub-range of the Alps system, and extends into Slovenia.  

DVOW Nominee from the Dolomites
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The Dolomites: A Visual Lyric of Life's Wonders

  • Lorenzo
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Shot with the DJI Mavic Air, this cinematic film of Northern Italy was a Drone Video of the Week nominee. Content creator Lorenzo dedicated this piece to his wife, who he says has been a wonderful gift in his life. The Dolomites, specifically Alta Badia, Südtirol, and Trentino Alto Adige, set the remarkable backdrop for a short film meant to show a man's love for his bride. This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week in November 2018.

Castle in Trentino
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Castles & Ghosts

daniele bolgia

Located in Trentino, Italy, the Castle Pergine guards the Valsugana valley and Lake Caldonazzo.  It was built in the 13th Century and inhabitted by Austrian Royalty until 1521 when it was passed on to the prince bishops of Trento. In 1900 it was bought by German's and remodeled, slowly turning into a hotel and restaurants. Legend has it that a mysterious lady in white frequents the Camera del Comino (the Fireplace Room). Do you believe in ghosts?

Tower of Pisa in the Dolomites
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The Dolomites: Rifugio Torre di Pisa

daniele bolgia

A national treasure in northeastern Italy and part of the Southern Limestone Alps, the Dolomites produce some of the best drone videos of mountains we've seen here at AirVūz. Nominated for Drone Video of the Week, Daniele Bolgia shows us a specific part of the mountain range called "Rifugio Torre di Pisa." The area is known for the rock that bears a remarkable resemblance to Pisa's famous Leaning Tower, which is located well to the southwest in Tuscany.  

Winter Paradise: The Dolomites
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Dolomites Winter Wonderland

daniele bolgia

The Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy has 18 peaks over 3k meters (about 10k ft.).  While these are not the highest peaks of the Alps system of which they form a subrange,  they are among the most spectacular.  In this video by Daniele Bolgia, you can see these magnificent jagged peaks for yourself.  The entire range, which covers much of the Trentino Alto Adige region and part of the Veneto region, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site. 

Hyperlapse Boomerang in the Dolomites
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Dronehyperlpase Boomerang in the Dolomites


This quick but intense dronelapse footage in the epic landscape of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy's Trentino Alto Adige region will knock your socks off. Contributor backpackpassion shot this aerial boomerang with a DJI Mavic 2 during that magical time of day where bright beams of sunlight give the shifting clouds a warm glow. Their chaotic grace amongst the mountain peaks make for some epic viewing, testament to the beauty of these mountains and the power of the newest Mavic.

Lago di Carezza
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Devastation at Carezza

Abstract Aerial Art

Contributor Abstract Aerial Art captured the devastation from severe winds near Lago di Carezza (Karersee) in northeastern italy.  The lake is near the town of Welschnofen in the South Tyrol province, part of the Trentino Alto Adige region.  As you will see in the video, the area suffered massive tree damage from a storm that produced extreme winds which wreaked havoc on vast forested areas.  It will likely take centuries for this area to repair the damage caused in just a few short hours.

Mighty Forte Vezzena
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My Dream is to Fly

daniele bolgia

Contributor Daniele Bolgia created this stunning drone video of Forte Vezzena in northern Italy.  It sits atop Mt. Vezzena, part of the Vicentine Prealps in the Trento province.  It was a key position in a string of fortifications constructed by Austria-Hungary in the years leading up to World War I, when the area was part of that empire.  Once Italy joined the conflict on the Allied side in 1915, the fort was under near-constant artillery bombardment.  Despite suffering significant damage, it never gave way.   

Italy's Mighty Dolomite Mountains
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Mighty Dolomites


Haussmannvisuals is known for their artistic eye and cinematic edits. This video of the Dolomite mountain range in Italy's Trentino-Alto-Adigio region is no exception. Considered a sub-range of the Alps mountain system, the Dolomites includes peaks of up to of just over 3.3k meters (nearly 11k ft.) above sea level.  The Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2009. Enjoy the magnificent views from above in this 80 second piece. 

Sunset in Italy's Dolomite Mountains
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The Dolomites at Sunset

daniele bolgia

Showcasing the brilliant Dolomites Mountains of Northern Italy, this Drone Video of the Week Nominee by daniele bolgia is stunning. Called "The Pale Mountains" due to their color, this area of the mountain region soaks up the sunlight and turns stunning shades of orange, gold, and red at sunset. Daniele shot this piece on the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, allowing him to really emphasize the brilliant colors seen in nature. The Dolomites cover parts of Italy's Trentino-Alto-Adigio and Veneto regions.

Marmolada: Highest Peak of the Dolomites
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Dolomites: On the Roof of the World

Alberto Ardit

Contributor Alberto Ardit created this beautiful drone video of some of the most spectacular mountains in Italy.  The Dolomites are a subchain of the Alps which extend across portions of the northeastern regions of the country.  The tallest peak of the chain is Marmolada, which straddles the Trentino-Alto-Adigio and Veneto autonomous regions.  It's height is just over 3.3k meters, just under 11k ft. above sea level.  The video covers Marmolada as well as the neighboring Sella and Pordoi Passes.  

P4 Footage of the Dolomites
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The Dolomites_South Tyrol_Italy


The imposing grandeur of the Dolomites in northeastern Italy were captured in epic style by drone pilot Koorosh and his DJI Phantom 4 Pro. With rotating backdrops of both fog and blue sky, the rugged landscape of this eastern portion of the Alps is juxtaposed by the quaint churches and elegant castles which adorn it's foothills, as seen here in the beautiful aerial video.  The video was filmed in Italy's South Tyrol province, the northern half of its Trentino-Alto-Adigio region.

The Crazy Peaks of Italy's Dolomites
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Lands Of Peace Epic Dolomiti Mountains | 6K Ultra HD Aerial Drone Film


There's something about the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy that makes them stand out even amongst some tough competition from across the Alps system.  It's not their height - the highest peak in the range is "only" about 3.3k meters (just under 11k ft.) - Mt. Blanc and Monte Rosa would tower over them.  Rather, it's the crazily shaped jagged peaks that make the range seem so other-worldly.  See how top contributor Electriclife does an amazing job bringing these limestone wonders to life.

Castle Beseno: Mountain Fortress
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Medieval Fortress | An Italian Castle in 6K Ultra HD


Located in the hills of southern Trentino (the southern half of the Trentino-Alto-Adige region of northern Italy), Castle Beseno dates back to the 16th century. Used as a fortress and re-shaped to protect its inhabitants against firearms, it sits overlooking the Adige Valley. Thanks to this high-definition drone footage by electriclife, we are all able to appreciate the massive and impressive fortress that stands strong hundreds of years after it was originally built. 

Italy's Stelvio Pass
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Passo dello Stelvio | The Stelvio Pass by drone | 4K UHD Stilfser Joch


Stelvio Pass isn't the highest mountain pass in the Alps but it is, by all accounts, one of the best drives not just in the Alps but in the world.  It connects the province of Sondrio (part of the Lombardy region) with that of South Tyrol (part of the Trentino-Alto-Adigio region).  Running parallel to the Swiss border, it reaches a height of about 2.75k meters (just over 9k ft.)making it the second highest paved pass in the Alps.  The magnificent roadway is shown from above in this drone video by Electriclife.  


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The Dolomites (Part II)

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Flying in the Dolomites

daniele bolgia
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Explore the Dolomites by drone 4K

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