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Drone 5

For a one minute+ tour of the Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo, it's hard to beat this drone video by Drone 5.  Shot along the city's waterfront on the Rio de la Plata, the video captures the city's beaches, its world-reknowned Rambla de Montevideo promenade, its busy seaport, and the neoclassical Legislative Palace building, which was built in 1904.   It also features some amazing shots of the Telecommunications Tower with its curved roof (the city's tallest building), as well as some epic timelapses.  



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LIGHTHOUSE - Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Let's Fly Production

Let's Fly Production created this stunning drone video of a stretch of the Atlantic coastline in Uruguay.  The spot is near Cabo Polonio, on the southern end of the Rocha province.  This is the part of the coastline where the Rio de la Plata (on which the capital city Montevideo is located) transitions to the open ocean.  Much of the video is shot around the village's lighthouse, which serves as a navigation aid to the substantial shipping traffic between Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.  

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La Mano

Luiz Gerbase

Contributor and drone pilot Luiz Gerbaze created this amazing drone video of one of the more unusual sites in South America.  La Mano ("The Hand") is a sculpture built by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázaba.  It is on the beach of Punta del Este, a beautiful beach town about a two hours' drive east of the Uruguan capital city Montevideo.  Completed in the early 1980's, it is a major draw for travelers who seek out the beautiful beaches along Uruguay's Rio de la Plata and Atlantic coastlines.

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Isla de las Gaviotas

Drone 5

In this video by Drone 5, you'll get a bird's eye look at...birds!  Isla de la Gaviotas is a tiny island in the Rio de la Plata off the shore of Montevideo, Uruguay.  The Rio de la Plata is a gigantic river estuary formed by the Uruguay and Paranha Rivers.  Sitting just a half a kilometer from the mainland, it's a major bird site for birdwatching.  Amongst the bird species to be found on and over the island are the western cattle egret, the magnificent frigatebird, and roughly a dozen others.    

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Nuestro lugar en el mundo.


Florida, Uruguay is a rather a small but historically significant city the interior of the South American country.  It's located in the southern region of the country, about an hour's drive north of the great capital city Montevideo.  On the outskirts of the town is the Pedra Alta rock formation, a site of considerable cultural importance to Uruguay.  It was here that in 1825 the core of what became modern Uruguay declared its independence from what was then known as the Empire of Brazil. 

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Montevideo. Institucional CUDA.

Drone 5

Uruguay's capital city Montevideo is one of the most beautiful cities in South America.  It's on the Rio Plata, the great estuary which is also home to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city to which Montevideo is often compared.  In this video, you'll get an aerial glimpse of Montevideo compliments of Uruguay native and contributor Drone 5.  Take in the modern skyscrapers, the beautiful walkways along the waterfront, the historical churches, and European flavor of modern Montevideo.

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Rambla de Montevideo

Drone 5
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Contributor and drone pilot Drone 5 gives us this aerial view of one of the main attractions in the Uruguayan capital city Montevideo.  The Rambla is a giant sidewalk that runs along the entire Montevideo waterfront on the Rio de la Plata, the giant estuary across which sits Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.  The Rambla "rambles" for an amazing 22 km (about 13 miles), affording pedestrians easy access to much of what this highly cosmopolitan city has to offer.  

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Villa Serrana

Drone 5

In this video, Drone 5 takes us over one of the most beautiful towns in the interior of Uruguay.  Villa Serrana is in the state of Lavalleja, an interior province in the southeastern part of the country.  In recent years, tourists have been drawn to its beautiful landscape of rolling green hills.  The town was developed relatively recently, in the 1940's, and it has only a small number of permanent residents.  This beautiful spot is a short distance from the state capital of Minas.

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Puerto de Montevideo

Drone 5

The city of Montevideo in Uruguay arose where it did because of its potential as a harbor.  It's situated on Montevideo Bay, a protected area of the Rio de la Plata.  The city's port is one of two major seaports on the great estuary, the other being Buenos Aires on its far side.  The port is one of the major components of the economy of Uruguay's capital city, which is home to one in three Uruguayans.  In this video, you'll get a drone's eye view of the great harbor, compliments of Drone 5.

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The ship

Drone 5

For various reasons, Uruguay's Montevideo Harbor is home to dozens of abandoned ships.  Most have been left to rust due to unpaid debts and liens, and the government recently announced a plan to clear them from the harbor.  In this video, Drone 5 flew his drone out over the harbor at sunrise to film one of these rusting hulks.  The view of the ship combined with the just-rising sun and the cranes of the port makes for an amazing visual experience!   

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KiteSurf Malvín, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Drone 5

The steady winds and relatively calm waters of the Rio de la Plata estuary make for some of the best kite surfing opportunities in South America.  In this video, contributor Drone 5 flew his drone out over the water to capture the growing kite surfing scene on the Uruguay side of the great waterway, on the other side of which lies the Argentine capital city Buenos Aires.  It was filmed in the Montevideo neighborhood of Malvin, which lies near the eastern end of the city's waterfront.  

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Aerogeneradores AKUO Energy Uruguay - Top Quad


Renewable energy is very big in South America, and it's not just hydropower.  The flatter parts of the eastern side of the continent offer some of the world's best windpower resources.   Windpower accounted for about a sixth of the country's electricity generation in 2016, up from virtually zero just a few years earlies.   In this drone video by TopQuad, you'll get an aerial view of one of the country's windfarms.  Located in its Florida province, it's one of dozens of such installations across the country.


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The palace.

Drone 5
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Blur 4k

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Drone 5
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Buceo Port

Drone 5
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Lost ship

Drone 5
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World Trade Center.

Drone 5