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Siberia in Winter: Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal in Winter


Prepare to be blown away by this stunning wintertime drone video of Russia's Lake Baikal, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot Makhorov.  The great lake of southern Siberia is one of the earth's great ecological treasures: amongst freshwater lakes, it's the world's largest by water volume, its deepest, its oldest, and by some measures its clearest.   When you see these glorious wintertime views of Baikal from this award-winning content creator, you may also agree that it's the most beautiful.  

DVOW Nominee in the Carpathian Mountains


Frozen Carpathians


Top contributor HikeTheWorld created this highly cinematic video from the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia. The great mountain chain forms an arc which begins just east of Vienna, Austria and covers the northern part of Slovakia, serving as the country's natural northern boundary with Poland. Filmed during the winter using both drone and ground camera footage, the video captures the beauty of this alpine region during what some consider to be its most picturesque season. This video was a DVOW nominee in Febraury 2020.

Winter Fairytale in Russia


Winter fairytale


Former Drone Video of the Week winner Tanya Shkondina brings us this fantastic wintertime video from Southern Russia.  The footage was captured around the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort in Krasnaya Polyana near the city of Sochi, a city in the federal subject (essentially, an oblast or province) of Krasnodar Krai.  Located just west of the Caucasus Mountain range that divides Europe from Asia, the resort's extensive alpine ski slopes hosted many of the skiing events when the 2014 Winter Olympics were held in Sochi.  

Icebreaker on the Berents Sea


75 000 h.p. The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker from DJI Inspire 2

DVA winner created this stunning drone video (DVOW winner in June 2019) of two Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers powering through the ice-covered Berents Sea.  Fifty Years of Victory and the Yamal are the only two active Arktica-class icebreakers.  These doubled-hulled vessels are just under 150 meters (486 ft.) long and displace about 25k tons.  Their two OK900A nuclear reactors produce an incredible 340MW of power, enough "juice" to fully supply a medium-sized city.

Wintertime Drone Views of Iceland




Prepare to be blown away by these wintertime drone views of Iceland, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Siggizoom.  Despite the vanishingly short winter days, the North Atlantic island nation has a surprisingly mild winter climate given its northern latitude.  This is particularly true in its coastal areas, which is where most of the footage in the video was shot.   The DVOW winning video features jaw-dropping aerial views of this winter wonderland, which is virtually devoid of tourists during the winter months.  

Winter in Northwestern Turkey


Gorgeous Winter Landscape in Turkey

Drone Adam...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Drone Adam put his DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to good use creating this fantastic wintertime aerial view of the mountains of northwestern Turkey.  It was shot in the Bolu Province, which is part of the East Marmara region east of the Gulf of İzmit.  Located between Turkey's two largest cities - Istanbul and Ankara - Bolu is a largely rural region.  With some of the country's most well-known forested areas, much of the province is covered by the Köroğlu Mountains.  

Christmas in Lapland


Lapland, Finaland - A Travel Film


Top contributor, drone pilot, and travel vlogger th3venture does it again with this fantastic video record of a Christmastime trip to the "capital" of Christmas: the northern region of Finland known as Lapland.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video shows the best of what this winter wonderland has to offer: vast snow-covered forests, a Santa Claus village, a sign marking the Arctic Circle, Northern Lights, a cosy cabin (AirBnB) in the woods - it's all here, even a pack of reindeer! 

Bavarian Winter by Drone


Algau: The Beauty of Winter


Allgäu is a region in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, on the country's southern border with Austria.  While its scenery is stunning all year round, winter is perhaps its most beautiful season.  With seemingly endless snow-covered pine trees, the landscape becomes an iconic winter wonderland.  Contributor and pilot Eye-Catchgraphy used a drone to create a marvelous aerial view of this magical winter landscape.  Watching the time-lapse footage, you can almost smell the crisp mountain air.

Norway's Lofoten Islands in Winter


EPIC Lofoten Islands in Winter


The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway offer a stunning winter landscape, even though the winter temperatures are surprisingly mild for a location above the Arctic Circle.  Top contributor BashirAbuShakra used a drone to create an epic aerial video of this stunning region in the depths of winter.  You will be treated to bird's eye views of fjords, snow covered mountains, floating icebergs, and much more.   The islands are part of Nordland, one of the counties which makes up the region of Northern Norway.  

Winter in Levi, Finland


KopterCam: Winter in Levi, Finland


Finnish drone pilot and AirVuz contributor Koptercam created this amazing aerial video of the Levi skiing and recreational area of Lapland in Northern Finland.  Located north of the Arctic Circle, it's Finland's largest ski resort.  Using a DJI Inspire drone with a DJI X5 camera, much of the film is tracking a group of snowmobilers trekking through the Scandinavian winter wonderland.  If nothing else, it will help you to understand why Lapland and Christmas are so often mentioned in the same breath.

Swedish Winter in Dalarna


Winterland Dalarna of Sweden

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Dalarna is a historical province of west-central Sweden, extending from the western border with Norway well into the interior.  The name Dalarna translates to "valleys", and the area is full of them, along with beautiful forests and lakes.  It is a popular vacation spots for Swedes from the more populous southern and eastern parts of the country as well as from elsewhere in Scandinavia. Contributor and pilot Phexon used a drone to create this impressive aerial tour of this iconic-looking Nordic region in the dead of winter. 

Winter on the Black Sea



Antonio Es...

Berdyansk is a port city in the southeastern Ukraine.  It sits on the Sea of Azov, a shallow body of water which is an extension of the Black Sea.  In this highly cinematic video, content creator and drone pilot Antonio Esteban Gonsales flew a DJI drone over a lighthouse on the sea during the depth of winter.  The highly stylized video does an impressive job of capturing the bleak but beautiful expanse of this semi frozen inland sea, part of what was once the most important waterway in the world.

Alberta, Canada in Winter


ALBERTA is 30 º Below

Where's Fu...

Western Canada's Alberta province, which attracts significant interest from summer travelers, is a magical place in the winter for the properly clothed and sheltered.  As the mercury drops and chinook winds bring in polar air masses, the landscape, covered by the Canadian Rockies, turns to a land of frozen forests and mountain lakes.   In this video, top AirVuz contributor and droe pilot Fujibara Films does a phenomenal job of capturing this ice-cold wonderland from an aerial perpective.  

Frozen Lake Balaton, Hungary


Winter Wonderland at Hungary's Lake Balaton

Skytech Fi...

Lake Balaton in western Hungary is one of the largest  lakes in Europe.  The narrow, shallow freshwater lake (its average depth is about 3m or 10 ft) extends nearly 80 km (50 mi) lengthwise along a northeast axis, with a mountainous landscape on the northwest side and a much flatter one on the other, which lies on the Great Hungarian Plain.  Contributor and pilot Skytech film created an amazing drone video of this notable  body of (very much frozen) water during the depths of the long winter months.   

The Ice-Covered Baltic Sea


Moody Winter in Latvia

Jurgis Kre...

Top content creator and drone pilot Jurgis Kreilis, who was profiled in a segment of the Drone Dish, brings us this masterpiece of a video shot in his native Latvia in the depths of winter.  In his words, "to appreciate the beauty of the winter you don't necessarily need colorful sunrise, sunset or bright sunlight through the day. Winter can be insistent, surly and moody."  So true.  Prepare to be amazed by the winter aerial views of this magnificent Baltic land with its fog-covered lowlands and forests.

Snow Covered Czech Forests


Frozen Portrait | Aerial Film of Czech

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The forests of the Czech Republic make for some of the best iconic winter scenes anywhere in the world.  The tree-covered rolling hills of the countryside become a winter wonderland without match.  In this drone video by contributor TJ, you'll get a bird's eye view of the snow covered Bohemian forests during the depths of the Czech winter.  The video also features winter footage of some spectacularly well-preserved Czech castles and villages, some of the greatest cultural treasures of Central Europe.

Germany's Winterberg


Winterberg, Germany: DJI Phantom 3

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Contributor and pilot Oggy created this epic drone video of the area around Winterberg in Germany.  It's situated in the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia, one of the principal states of western Germany.  As the name perhaps suggests, Winterberg is Germany's winter wonderland.  It's near the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg, one of the country's major ski resorts.  What you'll see in this video is one of the most spectacular winter landscapes in Europe.  The video was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 drone.  

Winter in Iceland and Switzerland


Blinded by Nature | DJI Showreel Phantom 4 Pro

marc stude...

Opening with stunning shots of snowy, frost-covered trees this Drone Video of the Week nominee shows how lovely winter can be in Switzerland and Iceland. As the sun lights up over the Alps mountains of Switzerland and the rivers quickly flow through the green gorges of Iceland, it's easy to see why contibutor Marc Studder named the piece "Blinded by Nature."  Shot with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, this stunning piece this stunning piece was selected as a Finalist for the Drone Video of the Week in August, 2018.

Winter in the Little Carpathians


Frozen Kingdom


The 'Little Carpathians' are an approximately 100km long section of the Western Carpathian Mountains, covering the northern half of Slovakia and giving the Central European country most of its majestic mountainous landscape.  Over 40% of Slovakia is densely covered by fairytale-like forests, and when covered with a fresh blanket of pure, white snow, the scene is breathtaking.  HikeTheWorld was a Drone Video of the Week nominee for this stunning aerial video of this magical slice of Central Europe.

Wintertime in the Romanian Mountains


Winter Wonderland


Winter in Romania is a magical time.  The tree-covered Carpathian Mountains which run through much of the country become tufted in white, providing a winter scene that is visually as appealing as any in Europe.  Contributor BearSkillz, whose previous upload garnered the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week award in late 2018, created this marvelous aerial look at this beautiful country taken at the height of its winter splendor.  Enjoy the views of this winter wonderland in Southeastern Europe.

Ontario's Winter Wonderland


Muskoka | DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Daniel Mol...

Top contributor Daniel Molina used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this beautiful video of a wintertime landscape in Ontario, Canada.  It was shot in the area of Muskoka, which is in the central part of Canada's most populous province.  Muskoka is located a bit over a two hour drive northwest of Toronto.  It is a quintessential Canadian "cottage country" region, dotted with over 1,600 lakes.  It sits to the east of Georgia Bay, a northern extension of Lake Huron, one of the five Great Lakes.  

Latvia in Winter


Winter Patterns

Jurgis Kre...

Latvia sits at a very northerly latitude, which makes for some very long winters.  At the same time, the long winter months in this Baltic republic make for some incredible scenery.  The Baltic Sea freezes, but only partially so, and the freezing temperatures yield giant chunks of ice which float about and collide with each other and the shore.  In this drone video by top contributor Jurgis Kreilis / Film Day, you'll get a nice aerial tour of this frozen winter wonderland including both its coastal and inland areas.  

Snow Covered Bosnia


Snowy Bosnia


If you want to see an iconic looking winter mountain scene, check out this drone video of the mountains of Bosnia & Herzegovina by contributor emirdzanan.  Bjelašnica and Igman are neighboring mountains which are situated just to the southwest of the Bosnian capital city Sarajevo.  Both mountains saw serious fighting in the brutal seige of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War which followed the collapse of Yugoslavia.  With two plus decades to heal, the area has reverted to its former magnificent state.

Winter on Lake Superior


Beauty In The Bitter Cold // DJI Mavic Pro


If you've wondered how cold weather affects drone operation, check out this video by Whitespace Films.  It was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro drone in Duluth, the Lake Superior harbor city in northern Minnesota.  The temperature was about minus 20 degrees Farenheit, which is not untypical on cold days in this part of the world.  The drone held up just fine, and was able to capture some spectacular aerial footage of what appears to be smoke coming off of the nearly-frozen lake.  

Icelandic Winter


Iceland in Winter Part II


See Iceland in winter from the air in this peaceful and breathtaking video by pilot ClearSky. In this Part 2 of his epic journey, he’ll head to the famous Skógafoss waterfall of southern Iceland along the cliffs of the former coastline, to the glaciers of Sólheimajökull and Svínafellsjökull. ClearSky will also hear to the steeply-walled canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur, Vestrahorn mountain, and the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón. It’s a fantastic overview of some of the most famous spots on the island nation in one of it’s most beautiful seasons.

Winter in Northern Norway


Life In the Arctic. Tromsø

Babang Des...

Home to around 72,000 people, Tromsø, Norway is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It's the principal city in the recently consolidated Troms og Finnmark County, the northernmost of the Norway's 11 counties.  The views itself might be familiar, the centuries-old wooden houses that make up the city’s historic center are legendary as are the Northern Lights you can see from the area. You can see in this drone video by Babang Deshommes just how frigid and cold the area looks, but also how beautiful it is. 

The Caucasus in Winter


Winter Wonderland // Sabaduri Mountain // Georgia


Check out this stunning aerial video of a wonderous winter mountain scene in the middle of Georgia, the republic in the Caucasus region.  Sabaduri Mountain is located in Tbilisi National Park, named for the capital city which lies to its southwest.  The mountain is part of the Saguramo Range, which runs along an east-west axis to the north of Tbilisi.  The highest peak in this range is Mt. Saguramo, which reaches an altitude of just under 1.4k meters (almost 4.6k ft.) above sea level. 

Winter in Hokkaido, Japan


Snowy Mountains , Frozen Lakes of Hokkaido-Japan


Winter ,is a special time in Hokkaido, the northernmost of the four main islands of Japan.  With a population density of less than an eighth that of Honshu, its hilly-to-mountainous interior is full of lakes which become frozen playgrounds in the coldest months.  In this drone video, you will get some aerial glimpses of this winter wonderland.  Featured locations include the reservoir Asahidake Lake, Katsurazawa Lake, Akan Lake, and Toro Lake.   The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.

Winter in Northern Russia


The Beautiful Russian Winter from Above


Northern Russia is home to some of the world's most iconic winter scenery. It's a land of vast pine forests, interspersed with thousands of lakes.  During the long winter months, these areas become enrobed in white, and the scene presented is hauntingly beautiful.  In this video by contributor Dronemedia, you'll get a bird's eye view of a forest in the depths of the frigid Russian winter.  The video was shot in Russia's Northwestern Federal District, one of the eight official regions of Russia.  

Frozen Quebec in Winter




While the population of the Canadian province Quebec is heavily concentrated in its southern area along the St. Lawrence River, the province is enormous.  Its territory extends over 1.3 million square km (over 500k square mi.) of land area, making it the largest southern tier province.  Most of this area is in the northern part of the province.  In this amazing video by top contributor Dizifilms, you'll get an aerial view of this frozen wonderland, which extends to latitudes running through Greenland.  

Winter in Northern Minnesota


The Minnesotan

Fit Lam St...

Take a ride through the North Star State with local pilot, Fit Lam Studios. Also known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota’s many season and lakes can be seen in this tribute video. It opens in the North Shore, the part of the state that boarders Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. Other notable shots include aerial shots of both of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul, as well as Duluth Harbor, the Minnesota State Fair, and plenty of action shots of people playing outdoor, winter sports.

Winter in the Czech Mountains




AirVuz contributor and pilot sojkincz was picked as a Finalist for the Drone Video of the Week for this fantastic wintertime video of the Beskid (Beskydy) mountains of the northern Czech Republic.  The Beskids run for a length of about 600 km (around 360 mi.) through the northern Czech Republic, along the border between Slovakia and Poland, and into Ukraine.  They form part of the great Carpathian range, which also covers much of Romania.  As you will see in the video, the Beskids form a truly iconic winter landscape.   

Winter in Russia's Arkhangelsk Oblast


Winter in the Nord


Here is an aerial view of some spots in Russia's northern Arkhangelsk Oblast (province).  While there are spots further north in Russia, it's not many.  Thre province covers a large area along the end of the Dvina River and on the White Sea.  This drone video by contributor Alexeykalinin, you'll get a bird's eye view of this Arctic land in the winter.  It includes footage of the White sea, the region's deep forests, bridges over the Dvina, Vorzogory village, and the Kudemskaya narrow gauge railway.

Michelle Kwan on a Frozen Minnesota Lake


Lake Skate - Michelle Kwan

Fit Lam St...

Michelle Kwan is considered the top American figure skater of her generation.  Retired since the mid-2000's, she has two Olympic medals to her name in addition to nine US and five World Championships.  One of the most popular female athletes of all time, she went on to serve as an American cultural envoy under two different Presidents.  And can she still skate!  Check out this stunning video of Ms Kwan by top contributor Fit Lam Studios, who filmed her skating on a very frozen White Bear Lake just north of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Snow Covered Lapland Finland


YLLÄS ON A WINTER'S DAY (February 2020)


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot timoksanen created this stunning wintertime drone video from the northern Finnish region of Lapland.  The video was shot on and around the Ylläs, an elevated structure known as a fell.  It reaches a maximum altitude of about 718 meters above sea level or a little under 2.4k ft.  It's located in Kolari, a municipality of the western Lapland region which lies along the Swedish border.  This is one of the most popular areas for skiing (both downhill and cross-country) in the country.  

England's Lake District




England's Lake District is one of the few spots in the United Kingdom where snow can be found semi-regularly.  With its highest peaks approaching 1k meters above sea level (around 3.3k ft.), combined with a relatively northern latitude (the District is near the Scottish border) and a location some distance in from the sea, winter temperatures are low enough that snowfall occurs with some frequency.  When it does, it makes for some incredible winter scenery, as you'll see in this drone video by AirVuz contributor Jakevideo.  

Turkey's East Marmara Region Covered in Snow


Beautiful Winter Drone Footage with Dji Mavic 2 Pro, Kartepe-Turkey

Drone Adam...

Check out these wintertime drone views from the mountains of northwestern Turkey, compliments of AirVuz contributor Drone Adam.  It was shot around the town of Kartepe in the Kocaeli Province of the East Marmara Region.  Kartepe is located in a hilly-to-mountainous area between the Gulf of İzmit (the eastern extension of the Sea of Marmara) and Lake Sapanca.  The name "Kartepe" translates roughly to "snowy hills", and when you watch the video you'll see it's an appropriate name for this winter wonderland.  

Colorado and Japan by Drone


Why winter is my favorite season! Colorado & Japan

Hayden Kas...

Top AirVuz contributor HAYDEN KAST has made a specialty out of using drones to film skiers.  It's notoriously difficult to film skiers flying down mountains - the speeds are high, the trees are many, and the "stage" is highly sloped.  In this drone video, he compiled some of his best skiing footage to show us how these flying cameras can truly capture the essence of skiing.  Much of the footage was captured in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  There's also footage from the mountains of Hokkaido, the northernmost main island of Japan.   

Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia


Winter is here


For a first upload to AirVuz,new contributor  dmitry_kolomayko brings us this stunning wintertime drone video from the Caucasus Mountains of Southern Russia.  The video was filmed near the town of Dombay in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, one of the seven Federal Subjects of Russia's North Caucasus Federal District.  The area is part of the Teberda Nature Reserve, an ecological reserve which covers the northern slopes of the western part of the Caucasus range and is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.



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