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Oslo: Norway's Capital City
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Flying over Oslo

Anders Edholm

At the end of the Oslofjord, in the southeastern part of Norway, lies its capital city Oslo.  The city was believed to be founded by Vikings in the 11th century.  It is the capital of Norway and the third largest city in Scandinavia after Stockholm and Copenhagen.  Contributor Anders Edholm flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over this remarkable city on one of the great fjords of Norway.  Oslo hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Games to be held since before World War II.

Oslo's Vigeland Sculpture Park
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Vigeland Sculpture Park

Mohri Films

Located in Norway's capital city Oslo, the Vigeland sculpture park is dedicated to the cycle of life. Each of the over 200 statues in Vigeland park is a moment frozen in time.  The sculpture park is part of Frogner Park, which is situated in the western part of the city.  It is one of the top tourist destinations in Norway's capital.  Contributor Mohri Films used a drone to create a memorable aerial perspective of the sculptures which populate this impressive Scandinavian park.

The Osloforrest
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The Osloforrest


Kaosolsen created this stunning drone video of the vast forest area which surrounds Norway's capital city Oslo.  Sometimes called Marka, the area is a major recreational area for the residents of Oslo, one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.  Although the area is not formally part of Oslo, its use is heavily restricted by law.  As you'll see from the video, it's an area of almost fairy tale like beauty, endless expanses of trees and serene looking lakes.

Summer in Eastern Norway
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Norway: Summer is on it's way!

Beta Films

While winter in Norway is not without its charm, the country truly comes to life during the summer, when the scenery becomes green and the days become endless.  In this video, Beta Films captures the magic of eastern Norway as the season turns to summer.  The video features epic bird's eye views of the areas north of the country's capital Oslo (not far from the border with neighboring Sweden to the east), Nevelfjell, Lillehammer, Mesnali, and more.

Lillehammer, Olympic City
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Spring in Lillehammer (Norway) - A Bird's Adventure

Beta Films

Lillehammer is probably the best known city in eastern Norway, after the capital city Oslo.  It is situated in Oppland County, about 170 km (approximately 100 mi) north of the capital.  It is in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Lillehammer is perhaps best known for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics.  Lillehammer enjoys the distinction of being the northernmost city to ever host the Olympics.  Beta Films brings us this amazing drone video of Lillehammer and its surroundings.

Buskerug County: Senhovd Mountain
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Senhovd Mountain - Norway

Espen Bålerud

Top contributor Espen Bålerud created this epic drone videos of one of the most prominent mountain peaks in eastern Norway.  Senhovd is located in the Rollag municipality, which lies due west of the capital city Oslo.  It is a bit over 1.1k meters (about 3.k ft), making it one of the tallest mountains in the region.  While not the tallest in the area, it is likely the most distinctive - unlike the other mountains in the area, which have flat tops, Senhovd has a pointy shaped top.

Oslo Region: Lake Sognsvann
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Paradise doesn't have to be tropical!

Mohri Films

Part of why Oslo, Norway is perenially at the top of the lists of the world's most liveable cities is the 
"green belt" of outdoor recreational areas that surround the Norwegian capital.  These easily accessible lakes, forests, parks, campgrounds, and hiking trails are heavily used by the 1 million+ residents of metropolitan Oslo.  In this video, Mohri films gives us a bird's eye view of Lake Sognsvann, a small but beautiful lake which is situated just north of the city.

Drammen, Greater Oslo
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Sunset in Drammen


Contributor HaimanAskari used a drone to give us this amazing bird's eye view of Drammen, a small city in southeastern Norway.  It is situated about 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Oslo, and is considered part of the Greater Oslo metropolitan area.  It's a port city, at the mouth of the Drammenselva River as it flows into the Dramnmensfjorden which then flows into the Oslofjorden.  The video beautifully captures the heart of the city on the river, just as the sun is beginning to set.  

Norway's Largest Stave Church
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Heddal Stave Church


Check out this amazing drone video of one of the most important remaining stave churches.  These wooden churches with their post and lintel architecture were once common throughout northern Europe.  Given their wood construction, very few stave churches remain standing, and most that do are in Norway.  Heddal Stage Church, the subject of this video, is the largest remaining state church in Norway.  It is situated in Heddal in Telemark County in the southeastern part of the country.  

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump
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Holmenkollen Ski Jump - DJI Inspire


Contributor AboveMedia created this amazing drone video of a well known ski jump in southeastern Norway.  Holmenkollbakken is located near Holmenkollbakken, a borough of Oslo.  It's been rebuilt over a dozen times, and is one of the world's oldest ski jumping facilities.  With a current capacity for 70,000 spectators, it's hosted many important ski-jumping competitions, including at the 1952 Winter Olympics.  The area is also popular with cross-country skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.  

Paragliding in Telemark County
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Paragliders Dream

Espen Bålerud

Contributor Espen Bålerud is one of the top aerial videographers in Norway.  Recently, he had an opportunity to put his drone to use in the classroom as well, when he was invited to shoot some paragliding done by his classmates.  In doing so, both the drone and the paraglider found the best views of the Seijord municipality in Norway...from above!  Seljord is located in Telemark, one of the counties which makes up the Eastern region of Norway.

Jotunheimen National Park Bike Trip
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Check out this stunning video record of an epic biking trip through the mountains of southern Norway, compliments of contributor fotoknoff.  The video, which combines DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone footage with ground footage, was shot at the Jotunheimen National Park.  The Jotunheimen Mountains, which are a sub-range of the Scandinavian Mountains (sometimes called the Scandinavian Alps, but related to the Alps of Central Europe).  The range is home to the highest mountains in all of Norway.

Tjøme Island
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The End of the World

  • esguno
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Contributor esguno shot this stunning drone video from a remote island in southeastern Norway which is known as "the end of the world".  Tjøme Island is part of Vestfold County, whose mainland is on the western side of the Oslofjord.  As the second largest of the islands here, Tjøme is a major seasonal destination - its population swells from about 4,000 to roughly 10x that number in the summer months.  Seasonal visitors include the Norwegian Royal Family, who have a summer home here.  

Grorud Valley, Eastern Oslo
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Oslo, My City


Check out these aerial views of the eastern part of Oslo, Norway, compliments of contributor kaosolsen.  The Norwegian capital city, which sits at the head of the Oslofjord (which is technically a bay not a fjord).  The area covered in the video is known as the Grorud Valley, which is the eastern part of its city.  Once considered somewhat remote from central Oslo, the area has grown significantly and is now home to about 25% of the city's population of about 675,000 as of 2019.   

Nature of Hedemark County
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Norway - Region of Hedemark


Contributor Valemonstudio created this beautiful drone video of a remote area of southeastern Norway.  Hedmark is one of the counties which make up the region of Eastern Norway (which is actually southeastern Norway given the country's shape).  Situated north and a bit east of Oslo, Hedmark is one of Norway's most rural counties.  It's a land of dense forests and serene lakes (including its largest lake Mjøsa), along with a long border with Sweden to the east.

Andersnatten Mountain
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Andersnatten Drone Video - Norway

Espen Bålerud

Top contributor Espen Balerud created this beautiful drone video from Andersnatten, a mountain in southeastern Norway.  The mountain, which is located in Buskerud County, has a peak elevation of about 730 meters or around 2.4k ft.  It's a popular spot for rock climbers and hikers, for reasons which will be obvious once you see the video.  Andersnatten is part of the municipality of Sigdal, approximately a two hour drive north of the Norwegian capital city Oslo.  

Rondane National Park
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Norway, Rondane, Dovrefjell National Park 4K


Here's an amazing bird's eye view of Norway's oldest national park, compliments of contributor Tenore.  Rondane National Park covers almost 1k square km (about 375 square miles) in Oppland and Hedmark Counties in the southern part of the country.  Opened in 1962, the park contains ten peaks over 2k meters (around 6.5k ft.) in altitude.  The park was subject to a significant expansion in 2003, which resulted in a greater than 50% increase in the size of its footprint.  

Numedal Historical Region
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Rollag A Small part of Numedal - Norway

Espen Bålerud

Top contributor Espen Balerud created this beautiful drone video from a spot in southern Norway.  Rollag is a municipality in Buskerud County, one of the counties which makes up the official Eastern region of Norway.  It's part of a traditional region (which is based on cultural boundaries) called Numedal.  Numedal is the southernmost in a series of valleys which cover much of southern Norway.  The region features much natural beauty as well as countless examples of traditional Norwegian architecture.  

Mjøsa: Norway's Largest Lake
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Norway's Largest Lake

Jawad GC

Check out this stunning drone video of the largest lake in Norway.  It's called Lake Mjøsa, and its spread across three counties in the southeastern part of the country.  The lake covers about 360 square km (around 140 square mi.), and it's extremely deep - around 450 meters (close to 1.5k ft.) at its deepest point.  Its shores are home to a number of towns, the most well-known of which is Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Winter Olympics.  The lake is about 100 km (60 mi.) north of Oslo. 

Furutangen, Hedmark County
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Winter in the Norwegian mountains


In a country known for its beautiful winter scenery, Furutangen, Norway is a standout.  It is a winter recreational area in Hedmark County in the eastern part of the country.  It's located an hour's drive to the northeast of Lillehammer, the former Olympic host city.   The hills and mountains around Furutangen offer opportunities for both downhill and cross country skiers.  In this drone video by contributor Aarvig_luftfoto, you can check out this winter wonderland from a bird's eye perspective.  

Akershus County: Fetsund
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Fetsund, Norway


Fetsund, Norway, is a municipality of Akershus, one of the counties which makes up the country's official Eastern region.  The county, which lies north of Oslo, is the second most populous in Norway.  This being Norway though, that still leaves a lot of wide open spaces.  In this video by contributor Aarvig_luftfoto, you'll get an aerial tour this part of the country.  It's a beautiful area of rolling hills, rivers, and lakes, sort of a transition zone between metropolitan Oslo and rural Norway.  


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