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New York City, Hudson Yards, and Jersey City Lights 4K - Remastered


Experience one of the world's most recognizable city skylines in this 4K drone video. New York City’s skyline is always growing and changing, but one thing remains the same: it always looks good at night. See all of New York lit up in this special video by contributor and drone pilot Majestic, who enjoys the distinction of being the very first winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest.


Philadelphia from the Sky


Philadelphia is one of the USA's oldest cities, and was the site where the original 13 American colonies declared their independence.  While it has been surpassed by New York, the Pennsylvania city on the Delaware River is still an important Mid-Atlantic City.  Contributor Chris Danano used a combination of DJI Phantom 3 and 4 drones to make this aerial portrait of the City of Brotherly Love. 


Fog Over Baltimore

Eyes in the Sky

The Baltimore Inner Harbor was once one of the busiest ports on the USA's East Coast.  As shipping technology progressed, the port's shallow waters could not accommodate the larger ships.  Eventually the area was redeveloped into an entertainment/mixed use district.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky used DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this aerial view of the Inner Harbour area, with downtown Baltimore in the background.  


Jersey City Nights


Many millions of inhabitants of the New York City area actually live across the Hudson River in New Jersey, which connects to Manhattan via several bridges and tunnels.  One of these New York satellite cities is Jersey City, which sits just south of Newark and across the bay from lower Manhattan.  In this video, contributor Axlfro gives us a brief aerial tour of this city on the west side of the Hudson.  




Atlantic city sits on the South Shore of New Jersey.  It is the location upon which the board game Monopoly is based.  While its casinos do not rival the behemoth casinos of Las Vegas, it is much more accessible to the large population centers on the East Coast.  In this video, top contributor Zeke Drone gives us an aerial tour of the biggest casinos on Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk.  


The Sugar Shack

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Baltimore, Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic USA has deep roots as a port city.  While the city's Inner Harbor area has been converted to other uses (in part because it was not deep enough to handle large containerships), the port still remains one of the top 20 in the country, and it is the largest dry bulk port on the East Coast.  In this drone video, top contributor Jeff Walrich gives us an epic aerial view of the Sugar Shack, the country's largest terminal for receiving sugar. 


Chesapeake Bay Bridge in April

Eyes in the Sky

When it opened in the early 1950's, Chesapeake Bay Bridge was the longest over-water span in the world.  it connects Maryland's eastern and western shores of Chesapeake Bay, a giant estuary which is the discharge point for numerous rivers in the mid-Atlantic states of Maryland and Virginia.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky used a drone to create this impressive aerial video of this impressive steel span.


iDroneU - Norfolk VA


Norfolk is a medium sized city in the southeastern corner of the mid-Atlantic state of Virginia, near the opening of Chesapeake Bay.  It is a quintissential Navy town, and is the headquarters of the US Atlantic Fleet.  Top contributor iDroneU used a drone to film this port city.  In this video, you will get some incredible bird's eye views not only of the city's downtown but of several US Navy ships in their berths in the harbor.  


Annapolis City Demo

Eyes in the Sky

Annapolis is a city on northern Chesapeake Bay, and is the capital of the state of Maryland.  Its worldwide name recognition stems from being the home of the US Naval Academy, the service academy for the world's largest navy.  Contributor Eyes in the Sky put together this beautiful aerial portrait of the city, which once  served as the temporary capital of the US while the city of Washington, DC was under construction.  


Epic Footage (4K) : All the Presidents' Heads with the DJI Mavic Pro

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Award winning contributor Jeff Walrich brings us this epic drone video of a collection of large abandoned bust statues of the first 43 Presidents of the USA.  The 6 meter (20 ft.) monuments were removed from Presidents' Park, a failed cultural recreation area in historic Williamsburg.  They now sit in a field, many with crumbling features, yet still amazing to view from an aerial perspective.  


Baltimore City Light Festival 2017

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Cargo ships no longer ply the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland.  Nowadays this storied port is  all about entertainment, dining and festivals.  The biggest thing to hit the Inner Harbor is the Light City Festival, which is a smorgasbord of music, visual arts, and lights.  Contributor Jeff Walrich worked with the promoters to create this amazing aerial and ground look at a major gathering in this Mid-Atlantic USA city.  


Magic in the Mountains | Aerial Film

Matthew Chirico

Contributor Matthew Chirico shares more of his chill vibes in this drone video of a hike through Crane Mountain with his buddies.  Located in Johnsburg, New York of the Adirondacks region, the aerial views he captured with his DJI Mavic Pro reveal picturesque forests with leaves transitioning to fall and hidden waterfalls peeking through the hardscape.