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Sisál, Yucatán - The Grand Flamingo Commute

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The Mexican state of Yucatan occupies the western part of the Yucatan Peninsula, which it shares with its neighboring state Quintana Roo.  Far from the beaches and resorts of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, this is rainforest country and it offers an extraordinarily amount of biodiversity.  Contributor Iñigui was in  Sisál, Yucatán when he happened upon a flock of flamingoes.  The drone video he took from this encounter is truly memorable.  



Eaglewood Films

With some of the world's most pristine wetlands, Latvia becomes a veritable sea of birds during certain months.  The Baltic republic becomes a key stopover point when they fly from north to south in the spring, and again when the pattern reverses itself in the fall.  It's an awesome sight, complementing the stunning natural beauty of this small nation.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, contributor Eaglewood Films created an amazing video of the seemingly endless stream of migratory birds.


Flying with Flamingos

Alp Karagulle

In this mesmerizing video, contributor Burak Buyukbayrakt managed to use a drone to film a rather large group of flamingoes on a glass-smooth body of water near Izmir, a city near the Aegean Sea in western Turkey.  Flamingoes are wading birds which are found natively around South America, Africa, and the Middle East.  The aerial footage of these graceful creatures flying over the reflective and glass-smooth water is truly epic! 


Punta San Juan Natural Reserve Peru


At Punta San Juan in southern Peru, a nature preserve has been established to study rare birds in an increasingly endangered environment.  The preserve is home to 4,500 birds including the Humboldt Penguin.  Contributor Danielgarate77 used a drone to visually capture the diversity of the bird life in this park, which is roughly equidistant from Peru's largest cities Lima and Cusco.  


Storks at Mapracharn lake Pattaya Thailand.


Pattaya is a medium sized city on the east side of the Gulf of Thailand, not far from the border with Thailand's neighbor Cambodia .  Nearby Mapracharn Lake has an enormous population of storks.  Contributor Danny Batchelor flew his DJI Phantom 4 drone over this lake, and was able to capture what appear to be thousands of storks flying over the lake.  Shot on a brilliant day, the storks are so numerous as to appear unreal.  


The Most Birds You've Seen in One Place


The title of this video says it all.  Contributor Stevenmconroy was flying his DJI Phantom 3 drone in Shell Beach, California when he encountered thousands and thousands of Sooty Shearwater Birds which had migrated all the way from New Zealand.  He says he got as close as he dared to this massive whirwind of wings and beaks, and based on the video that was pretty close indeed!  


Trumpeter Swans in Minnesota


The northern USA state of Minnesota is ground zero for epic bird migrations in and out of neighboring Canada.  Contributor Tyler Mason was visiting a lake in the northern part of the state in November when he happened upon a group of trumpeter swans taking a break from their southward migration.  His drone footage of what appears to be hundreds of birds on the glass smooth water is spectacular. 


The Seagulls and the Sea


For cinematic drone footage of birds flying along a beautiful coastline, this video can't be beat.  Skylight used a drone to capture a flock of seagulls on the coast of Portugal in the area of Alcobaca, which lies about midway down Portugal's Atlantic coastline.  The video starts with an aerial shot of some spectacular rocks along the beach at sunset, and then picks up some stunning shots of the seagulls flying up the coast.


'For L R P' Aerial Music Video


If you turn off the sound, you might think this video by contributor Earth Propeller was a music video for the 80's band A Flock of Seagulls.  Rather, these white birds flying off the coast of the Netherlands are the stars of this epic music video of the song "For L R P" by the Dutch band the Flying Dutchman.  The first half of the video is some absolutely mesmerizing drone footage of seagulls flapping away over the North Sea.  



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Contributor Pascha created this amazing drone video of Sultan Reedy National Park in the middle of Turkey.  It's located in the Kayseri province, which is situated on the great Central Anatolian Plain which covers much of central Turkey.  Unusually, the marshes of the park are a combination of saltwater and freshwater varieties.  Home to many varieties of flora and fauna, the area was turned into a national park by the Turkish government in 2006.  


GoPro Hero 6 | Flying With Pelicans!!!

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Trying to follow birds while you're flying FPV is insanely difficult.  It's tough to even find them in your FPV goggles let alone try to track them.  JZFPV was flying his FPV quad in Florida when he came upon a group of pelicans.  As they start to scatter, he's able to keep up with them.  For about 20 seconds starting around :55 and then intermittently, you will see some of the best quad-to-bird FPV footage you'll ever see.


Isla de las Gaviotas

Drone 5

In this video by Drone 5, you'll get a bird's eye look at...birds!  Isla de la Gaviotas is a tiny island in the Rio de la Plata off the shore of Montevideo, Uruguay.  The Rio de la Plata is a gigantic river estuary formed by the Uruguay and Paranha Rivers.  Sitting just a half a kilometer from the mainland, it's a major bird site for birdwatching.  Amongst the bird species to be found on and over the island are the western cattle egret, the magnificent frigatebird, and roughly a dozen others.    



FPV Bird Dance

star ling



The Flamingo's


The dance of Flamingos

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