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Morning mist in Sweden


The landscape of Sweden differs greatly from its fellow Scandinavian countries, especially Norway and Iceland.  Devoid of mountains, volcanoes, and fjords, Sweden is instead blessed with thousands beautiful lakes and gigantic forests.  In this stunning drone video, contributor Lars Bulow shows us a picture of a land of mist-covered lakes, all from a bird's eye perspective! 


Green Lake, the emerald jewel of Austria


Green Lake (Gruner See) lies near the center of Austria in its Styria province, in the southeastern part of the country near the Slovakian border.  As its name suggests, Gruner See is known for its emerald green (yet extremely clean) water emanating from the surrounding Hoschwab Mountains (part of the Alps range).  In this video, contibutor ClearSkys flies over this incredible body of water with a drone, giving us an aerial view of one of Austria's most iconic sights! 


Mystical Woods


Ireland was once a land of dense forests, which covered the entire island.  Human inhabitation has destroyed 99% of the forest cover, but the bits that remain continue to hold great appeal.  In this video, Ashville Aerial flies a drone through one of these (as the title suggests) mystical forests.  The footage is absolutely mesmerizing; one expects a leprechaun to jump out from behind the trees at any moment. 


Scandinavia: Landscapes of Sweden


Sweden is an enormous country, stretching almost 1,600 km (1,000 mi) from north to south.  To create this amazing video, contributor Nate Summercock flew his DJI Phantom 3 drone literally up and down the length of this Scandinavian country, from Abisko National Park in the north to Skane in the south.  The result is a beautiful bird's eye view of this magnificent country in the high summer months. 


This is Fall in Vermont - Foliage in the Groton State Forest

Green Mountain Drone

New England in the northeastern USA is known for its brilliant colors in Autumn.  Among the states of the region, Vermont is the smallest but also is blessed with thick forests.  In this video, contributor Green Mountain Drone treats us to an aerial view of Fall in the state of Vermont with footage of Groton State Forest at Kettle Pond State Park, Boulder Beach State Park and Owl's Head State Park.  


Lääminki (from Dawn till Dusk)


Lake Laaminki sits in southern Finland, near the town of Kangasniemi.  The forest surrounding the lake is what one would picture in a postcard for Finland, thousands of acres of pine trees under a crystal clear sky.  Contributor Timoksanen flew his Yuneec Typhoon drone over this magnificent bit of Scandinavia and produced this amazing aerial video of an iconic Finnish lake and forest scene.  The proverbial icing on the cake is the magnificent pink sunset.  


Black Forest Germany - Karma Drone & GoPro Hero 6

Daniel Gavrilas

Daniel Gavrilas used a GoPro Karma drone to give us this beautiful aerial view of the Black Forest.  Situated in the southwestern corner of Germany, it is the source countless children's fairytales.   The Black Forest marks the divide between the Rhine River basin to its west and the Danube basin to its east.  As can be seen in the video, these forest-covered mountains are interspersed with idyllic small German towns.  



Trey Player

Contributor Trey Player used a drone to serve up this epic bird's eye view of California's Redwood Forest, just north of San Francisco.  Redwood trees, which are unique to northern California, are part of the sequoia family.  They are not only the world's tallest trees but also the oldest living organisms on earth.  The tops of these majestic trees can reach well over 100 meters (300 ft.), and the oldest Redwood specimens are believed to date to as long as 3,000 years ago!


Magical Forest


The Czech Republic is known in part for its dense forests, which cover much of the countryside especially in Bohemia, the country's western region and its historical core.  Goings on in these (or myths thereof) forests have been the subject of children's fairytales for centuries.  In this video, top contributor Ludoweet flies a drone through one of these magical forests.  Shot at the outset of the fall season, the endless trees present as a brilliant mix of orange and green.    


The Osloforrest


Kaosolsen created this stunning drone video of the vast forest area which surrounds Norway's capital city Oslo.  Sometimes called Marka, the area is a major recreational area for the residents of Oslo, one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.  Although the area is not formally part of Oslo, its use is heavily restricted by law.  As you'll see from the video, it's an area of almost fairy tale like beauty, endless expanses of trees and serene looking lakes.


Winter wonderland


Belarus is a landlocked and generally flat country.  More than anything, what distinguishes its landscape it its forests.  About 40% of the land area of the country is forested.  During its long winters, these forests become true winter-wonderlands, on a par with the best forests of Scandinavia.  In this drone video by FFly.Belarus, you'll get a bird's eye views of the country's endless forests in the dead of winter.  It was filmed near Mogilev (the country's third largest city) in its east-central region.


Lithuania | Colors of autumn

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With much of its land area covered in lakes and forests, the Baltic republic of Lithuania becomes a festival of colors in the Autumn.  The country has about 3,000 lakes, many of which are surrounded by dense forests.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot VyGas created a marvelous aerial view of the country during the height of the Fall season.  Prepare to be amazed by the brilliance of the landscape, which in many respects resembles New England in the USA during the autumn season.



Sam Houston National Forest

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RUSKA (Autumn in Lapland)






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