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Pilot JohnnyFPV Chasing Exotic Cars

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Lambos in Miami


While most drone filming of sports cars continues to be with gimbal stabilized rigs, FPV pilots have caught on.  FPV racing drones can fly much faster and thus keep up with sports cars even traveling at significant speed.  It's not for the faint of heart though; one false move and the drone can be destroyed and an expensive car dented.  Top contributor JohnnyFPV shows us how it's done with this epic FPV video from Miami, in which he chases a very expensive Italian sports car.

Racing after a KIA (commercial footage)

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Mission Turbo : The Chase

White & Rice

FPV drone pilots are beginning to get the attention of car companies and marketers, who see the power of using camera-mounted racing drones to film sports cars from the air.  The perspective is unique, much different from the one afforded by gimbal-stabilized drones such as the DJI models.  In this video, an advertising company teamed up with some top drone racing pilots to create  commercial for a car dealer by chasing a car through the streets of Minneapolis.

Tracking 4x4s in the Elements

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Off-Road Clips

Yubeta.Blv FPV

FPV drone pilot and contributor Yubeta.Blv FPV has broken much ground filming fast-moving off-road vehicles with an HD camera mounted to a racing quad.  This requires extraordinary piloting skill, in many ways more difficult than FPV chasing cars which are confined to roads and have more predictable motion patterns.  This video is a highlight reel of his best quadcopter-chasing-4x4 clips, each of which is epic in its own right.  

Trailing the Drifters

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Harley Queen FPV

This adrenaline charged video shows the convergence of fast cars, a closed track, and a highly skilled FPV drone pilot, namely Australia-native Harley Queen FPV.  While she's captured much of the natural beauty down under, she also took note of the thrill of car drifting. Aside from riding shotgun, there's no better way to take in the rush of high speed, purposeful oversteering, and the loss of traction...the quadcopter wins! 

Keeping Pace with the Aventador

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Lamborghini Sunrise


The chill backdrop of his home state of Colorado is usually the focus of FPV drone pilot FlyLife...except when he had a chance to chase a Lamborhghini Aventador at sunrise. This exotic supercar owns all roads and steals all scenes, but when those scenes are captured by a nimble, racing FPV quadcopter, the car chase hits new levels of excitement.  Looks like the morning 'golden hour' can be just as exciting...

Cinematic Pursuit, Above the Track

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Watch out for those cones! Don't worry, FPV pilot Mac FPV is right on track with this cinematic car chase footage that was taken at the golden hour.  As the race cars speed through obstacles on the road, Mac rolls and spins around the cars in the air.  Watch this flight as he does laps around these autos with ease.

Racedriver Turned FPV pilot, on the Chase

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Live My Dreams Ep 1 First Attempt


Sometimes, first time is the charm. So is the case in this first-timer’s tracking fight by Phety_FPV. He got in his proximity flying during this round of the 2018 French Drift Championship. If you find it hard to believe that this was his first go, you might change your tune once you hear that Phety_FPV used to be the one behind the steering wheel. That unique skill must give him the advantage he needs when it comes to chasing such speedy machines.

Full-Throttle Flying

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Living in the moment!


The tight following shots in this FPV edit are so good! Tayla_gang_ gets after it in this cinematic freestyle ride along with friends, ripping past motocross riders and above trucks whipping donuts in the sand. It's a quick, one minute edit full of fun and inspiration. 

Harder, Better, Faster...FPV style

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DRIFT. GoPro HERO7 x Johnny FPV


JohnnyFPV does it again! With promises of a good ol' fashioned face-melting, he kicks things off with some slow-mo action of his nimble quad flying through that thick tire smoke on the track below.  Keeping his racing drone in close proximity to the speeding drift cars, he shows absolutely no fear and has his expert-level flight skills on full display. Get right into the action in this wicked drone chase with the very talented and world renowned drone pilot JohnnyFPV.

Close Proximity Car Chase

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Formula Drift Orlando


JohnnyFPV has taken out his mini quad and is getting all the angles at a Formula Drift event in Orlando, Florida, USA. His proximity flying in this piece is no joke; at certain points in the flight, the professional drone pilot gets so close to the windows of the cars you think he’s going to either break the window or crash his quad and watch it shatter in a spectacular fashion. Leave it to Johnny to get just that much tighter and make drift chasing that much more dramatic. 

Sports Car Drifting

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Sports Car the FPV Drone Experience // George FPV

George FPV

We’ve seen FPV videos follow drift and race cars, but this video stands out. Why? His flying style makes you really feel like you could be the one driving the car. That feeling is made possible because of George FPV’s drifting, flowing flying technique as he follows the cars at Adria International Raceway in Smergoncino, Italy. Our only problem with this drone video is it’s too short; we never want it to end!

Cinematic Drifting

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Wild Willy FPV

Wild Willy FPV does it again in this dynamic FPV video of the Winton Winter Drift Matsuri. Drone drifting looks easy thanks to the tight shots he's able to grab. That, combined with the ground camera close ups shot on his Sony A7III make this a textbook example of how to create a cinematic piece with your quad. This video is a nominee in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the FPV Freestlye Cinematic category.

Race Cars in Spain

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Formula E is a unique class of motorsport racing that only uses electric-powered cars. Conceived less than a decade ago, the series is in its fifth season and is sanctioned by FIA. Talented drone pilot Red—fpv was lucky enough to chase down some of the drivers in Spain as they prepared for race day. Seeing these sexy, luxury race cars up close is one thing, seeing them as they rip around the track from the proximity only FPV can bring is a whole new experience. 

Pilots, Producers and Police

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1000HP Sandrail + Racing Drone Police Chase

Yubeta.Blv FPV

Only an hour from the Mexican boarder, the unincorporated desert community of Glamis in Southern California isn’t where you’d expect to find a crew of pilots, producers, police and dune buggies. However, that’s right where Yubeta.Blv FPV found himself while on a shoot with production company BelieveCam. The 1000 HP dune buggies our pilot is flying around really rip up the desert sands, making for an exciting and phenomenal FPV flight.

Fast Tricks in New Caladonia

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Drift training New Caledonia


Talk about some tight corners and fast tricks; FPV pilot NAKAL NC keeps up with these incredibly talented drift drivers as they navigate some of the tightest cones we’ve ever seen. With how much these cars are burning out it would be easy to get lost in the smoke, but our pilot manages to keep up and stay tight on his subjects. Our favorite part? The life-sized Hot Wheel car that NAKAL NC finds right off the top. Some dreams do come true!

Professional Rally Car Driver and FPV Racer Drone

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Sébastien loeb rally wrc poursuit by fpv racer drone


Sébastien Loeb is a French professional rally, racing and rallycross driver who has competed all around the world in the sport he loves. In fact, he is the most successful driver in WRC (World Rally Championship) history having won a record 9-times in a row. Red—fpv tails him in this epic car vs. FPV drone stand off that earned him an FPV Pilot to Watch nod. You’ll have to watch to find out who wins! 

Dune Buggie Chase in Dubai

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  • Fincky
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  • 7 months ago

The deserts that surround Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are legendary. What better way to see and celebrate miles and miles of sand than this: rent 1600 horsepower dune buggys with your friends, then film your adventure with a skilled FPV pilot. Fincky and his boys on Team Blacksheep knew what they were doing when they decided to create this epic piece. 

JohnnyFPV in Pursuit

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DRIFT v2 - Johnny FPV


JohnnyFPV has done it again, blowing all of our expectations out of the water with this spectacular FPV video. The AirVuz FPV Drone Video of the Year Award Winner takes a ridiculous ride tracking Formula Drift racers around the blacktop and through the mountainside, taking in the burnouts and keeping up with some of the fastest, tightest cars in the world. If you’re curious about the gear JohnnyFPV uses in flights like this, he’ll tell you all about it after the footage wraps near the end of the video. 

Drifting in Greece

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Mountain drift


Who knew Greece was the perfect location for shooting drift racers? The gorgeous, zigging and zagging countryside makes for some of the best blacktop a racer could ask for; both FPV and mountain drifters alike. FPV pilot Svinik007 flew hard and fast behind these Russian and Ukrainian drifters, attaching the GoPro Hero 7 Black to his quad to create this memorable piece.

Close Proximity Chase

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Always In Action!

George FPV

Clocking in at only twenty seconds, our only problem with this drone racing video is that it’s too short. First-person-view pilot George FPV gets up close and personal with these drift racing cars, tailing along six different vehicles each of which is unique in their look, both body of the car and style. You can see more videos like this one in both our Drone Videos of Drift Cars and FPV Car Chasing custom collections. 

Malaysia Xtreme Drift Championship

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Dorifto | Drift Cars FPV Drone Chase


The Malaysia Xtreme Drift Championship is no fancy thing, these drivers get down and dirty on the track keeping it old school and street-savvy. FPV pilot PilotxHuzai flew his custom rig around the 2017 world championship competition to get those tight, intense angles only a talented pilot and fast quad can get at an event like this. 

Practice Makes Perfect

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Drift practice at Tököl Airport


Has anyone ever asked you if you’d like to use your FPV quad to capture some drift car drivers on practice runs? Who would say no? Pilot zsolteefpv got that opportunity at a recent practice event at the Tököl Airport in Tököl, Hungary when the local drift drivers were out for some time at the wheel. He definitely grabbed the moment and created one smooth video. 

Chasing a Professional Rally Car Race

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Sébastien Loeb is a professional rally, racing, and rallycross driver from France. He’s won the World Rally Championship a record nine times in a row. Daniel Elena is a Monégasque rally co-driver who works with Sébastien and has helped him win his record number of titles. Daniel has 79 wins, which makes him the winningest co-driver in WRC history. Drone racing pilot Red—fpv got the opportunity to track the two in this epic car chasing by FPV video.

Rally Car Chasing

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The Rally FPV Experience

Livyu FPV

When drone racing pilot Livyu FPV gets invited to film some rally car action, you better believe he says yes. With drivers getting up to 105 mph (170kmph) on the straight lines, keeping up with the speed ain’t easy. However, this talented drone pilot has the skills to do it and his 5-inch quad has the speed he needs to make this video one for the books.  Can't help but feel our adrenaline pumping just watching it...

Drifting Fantasy

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DRIFTSTASY - Cinematic FPV & Drift feat. Karolina Pilarczyk AKA Polish Drift Girl

Lukasz Lewenda

We’ve seen some fantastic rallycar drift races by FPV quad, but this latest upload by cinematic pilot Lukasz Lewenda may be one of the all-time greatest. The 4K, FPV video doesn’t just leave it to tracking the cars, he’ll take them head on, fly side-by-side with the thousands of pounds of metal and, if that weren’t enough, he’ll whip out some tricks with incredibly close proximity to the muscle machines and blacktop. It’s dynamic, exciting, and includes 100% natural sound that really makes you feel like you’re right there with him.

Go Kart Drift

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Dacono is a small town in Weld County, Colorado, just a 40-minute drive from Denver. It’s the home of the IMI Motorsports Complex, a 1-mile go-kart track that also hosts dirt or off-road courses and spectator events. That’s where FPV pilot and cinematographer Stealth shot this action-packed shred. He takes him mini-quad behind a variety of vehicles, tracking them as they each take their turn drifting around the track. 

Slovakia Drift Powerfest 2019

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Powerfest 2019 | Slovakia ring - Drift & Drones


Automotodróm Slovakia Ring is a motor racing circuit in Orechová Potôň, Dunajská Streda District in Slovakia. Completed in 2009, the track record was set in 2012 by British Formula E Driver, Sam Bird. The track has held numerous major events including the FIA GT Championship and Blancpain Sprint Series. FPV pilot snail.fpv was able to capture drift and drag cars ripping up the track at Powerfest 2019. 

DM Bash 2019

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Slide into the DM Bash 2019


Slide into the DMs can mean sending someone a direct, private message on social media, but this version of the saying means something totally different.  The Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA, held the “Sliding into the DM Bash 2019,” a drift racing event that included skid pads, donut and figure eight spots, and more. AirVuz FPV Pilot phluxyfpv got the opportunity to take his mini quad out on the track to get tight shots, fly throughs, and tracking shots of the speedy cars.

Kaeng Krachan Circuit

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Drift competition FPV Freestyle @Ratchaburi


Ratchaburi is a province in central Thailand to the west of Bangkok and bordering Myanmar. While it is known for the Damnoen Sakuak floating marketing, the city is also home to the Kaeng Krachan Circuit. The race track, which opened in 2010, is the second largest in Thailand and features 3 different track configurations: a full course (2.912 km/1.8 miles), a medium course (2.4 km/1.5 miles) and a short course (1.004km/0.62 miles). FPV pilot Mrsator shows us the course in this drift chase by drone video.

Mad Max Fury Road

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Demolition Derby or post-apocalyptic future? You decide in this thrilling and fast-paced FPV chase video by frankcitro. Either way, it’s clear in his flying that this event was a blast to fly around. In this short video, you get to see a new perspective to the gritty and adrenaline-filled experience of Demolition Derby driving without getting behind the wheel. This excitement combined with frankcitro’s seasoned flying skills makes this an engaging video to watch.


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Porsche 911 FPV