Flight through a Glacier
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Dragonstone - First person view dragon flight?

  • Gab707
    • 3.3k VŪZ
    • 20
    • 12
  • a month ago

With the final season of the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" airing this year, just about everyone is feeling inspired to create something dynamic thanks to the awarding-winning show. That includes long-range, cinematic king Gab707. This mountain surfing flight, set to the score for “Dragonstone,” is a gorgeous, dragon-inspired flight by the AirVūz and DRL pilot. He was inspired by GOT, you’ll be inspired by him. 

Utah, USA
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Conquering Titans

VerJan FPV

Verjan FPV dominates some ginormous crimson rock towers in the deserts of Utah, USA.  His long range session looks like he sent his quad all the way to mars with the fiery red landscape lit up by the transitioning sun.  Smoke in the distance from wildfires in Colorado create an even more unearthly vibe in this gutsy long range flight.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, French Alps
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Touch the Ice / FPV Long Range One Lipo

Menga FPV

FPV pilot Menga FPV pushes his skills and battery to the limit in order to reach the icy peak in this awesome long range flight.  Through out this freestyle session he rushes over surprisingly diverse terrains in this one path.  From a flower filled meadow, to moss-covered crags, and then finally the snow-covered glacier at the finish.  

French Alps
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The Cold Edge of the World

  • Gab707
    • 11.6k VŪZ
    • 53
    • 19
  • 7 months ago

Winner of our FPV Freestyle Flow category in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards, this mountain surfing piece by AirVūz pilot Gab707 reminds everyone why he's the king of long-range FPV mountain surfing. Although post-production tools do assist him with how steady his flight appears, Gab707's skills can't be overlooked. An avid hiker, you can bet that he climbed a good way up the mountain in order to get views like this. 

French Alps
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FPV - Maiden Flight

Nicolas Gaillard

Over the river and through the woods, to an epic FPV flight he goes!  FPV pilot Nicolas Gaillard prepared for this mountain surf by logging 20 hours on an FPV simulator.  His dedicated training definitely comes through in his smooth through the French Alps as he gracefully passes through the mountain peaks and tricky gaps of the local surroundings.

Swiss Alps
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PIKA FPV - Switzerland Dreaming

  • PikaFPV
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 34
    • 23
  • 7 months ago

Using the GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 7, and GoPro Session on his custom quad, PikaFPV takes long-range to a new level in this Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Flow nominated piece. Switzerland is the perfect backdrop for his tight manuevering through jagged ravines and around the frozen tundra. Watching this flight will leave you feeling inspired to get out, rip a couple of packs and enjoy winter!

Swiss Alps
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Flight log: Elevations

  • Gab707
    • 2.8k VŪZ
    • 80
    • 36
  • 2 years ago

You've seen the Alps, but we're betting you've never seen them as breathtaking as from the vantage of Gab707's racing drone. His graceful cruising along the ridges gives us the sense that we're the happiest of birds, charmed by the expansive and grand views of the this ruggedly beautiful area.

Tatras Mountains, Slovakia
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You will see the Tatras Mountains of Slovakia from an entirely different perspective in this remarkable video by contributor Matusknapfpv.  He mounted a GoPro camera to a flying wing and a racing drone and flew first person view (FPV) over some of the most spectacular mountains, ridges, and valleys of the Orava region in the northern part of the country.  Enjoy these FPV views from his aircraft flying over some of the most stunning mountain scenery in Europe.  

Dolomites, Italy
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Dolomites Moments | FPV Long Range and FreeStyle

Davide FPV

The Dolomites Mountain Range in northeastern Italy is an aerial cinematographer's dream. Putting a contemporary twist on the average video, Davide FPV uses his mini quad to capture the beauty of the range. This video of twists and turns, power loops, barrel rolls and more makes the viewer feel like they're in a twisted version of the Sound of Music. 

Park City, Utah
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Long Range | Snowboarding | Utah Never Disappoints!

    • 1.0k VŪZ
    • 15
    • 5
  • 4 months ago

Really good long range flying is not as easy as these guys make it look and we're not just talking on the sticks. Oftentimes there are mile-long hikes through the elements involved in order to get the best, most cinematic shots. Hikes like the one JZFPV says he took to create this piece. He says "Utah never dissapoints," we say neither does JZFPV. Speed, flow, accuracy, and perfect shot-framing make this flight and edit one for the books. 

Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, Kazakhstan
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Long Range Alma-Arasan Almaty - KZ


FPV mountain surfing is all about picking epic locations, and contributor and FPV pilot IGOR GL did just that with this amazing video from Kazakhstan.  Using a racing quad built on a Nidici XF5 frame, he went way out over the mountains above Almaty, the country's largest city.  The foohills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains prove to be a fruitful place to display his FPV piloting skills.  Note the considerable range used in the flight; it's a long way out there!  

Andes Mountains, Chile
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Feel Good Andes Freestyle


Top contributor and FPV pilot ChileVuela uses the Andes Mountains in Chile as the backdrop for his epic mountain surfing videos. One of the first FPV pilots to demonstrate the possibilities of long-range FPV flight in treacherous mountain conditions, he's excelled at the art and inspired other pilots around the world to do the same.  To make this video, he used an Impulse RC 4" quad with a GoPro camera mounted on it in addition to the FPV camera.

Swiss Alps
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Behind The FPV Goggles: Gab707

Behind The Goggles

Gabriel Kocher, aka Gab707, lives in Quebec, Canada.  He first developed worldwide attention with his FPV videos flying over the Alps of Switzerland, where he lived for a time.  His long-range "mountain surfing" videos got worldwide notice, and he was selected as a pilot for the Drone Racing League for its second and third seasons, which were broadcast on ESPN.  In this episode of Behind the Goggles, you'll hear about his exciting journey to becoming a professional FPV drone pilot.  

Swiss Alps
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Cut on fire


Long-range FPV flying is absolutely magical for FPV fans and non-fans alike. It’s an experience so many of us would never have if not for the talents pilots and quasi-scientists who can build a small drone with enough power to make it to what looks like the ends of the earth. Pilot doclate takes us on a long-range flight through the snow-covered mountains, surfing his way down the peak's long, untouched edges.

Slovenian Alps
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Slovenian mountains embraced with sativus

Marko Kolenc

The Slovenian Alps are incredibly beautiful in spring. The purple flowers that dot the landscape are crocus sativus, or saffron flowers. In this FPV flight by Marko Kolenc the hills are littered with the beautiful flowers, we can only imagine what it smells like there! This flight through the mountains and trees truly give you that bird-like FPV experience we’re all always craving, looping in and around the unqiue Slovenian houses and floating through the air.

Swiss Alps
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The Spring Snow - Golden VAL

Golden VAL

Spring snow is never really welcome, that is unless you are hoping to create a phenomenal, FPV mountain surfing video. Enter Golden VAL. He takes full advantage of the snowcapped hills and rolling clouds to bounce around the rocky edges, flow over the trees, and summersault down the mountain sides in this highly visual and entertaining flight.

French Alps
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Icy thumbs | Winter FPV

Blue Owl FPV

Blue Owl FPV is representing female pilots well in this video, which was nominated in the Freestyle Flow category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. She says she decided to rip around a bit while waiting for skiing season to start in the French Alps. What she got was an inspiring flight barrel-rolling over the frozen ground, diving through the trees, power-looping around the side of the mountain, and smooth flying throughout the rest of the landscape. 

Mount Garfield, Colorado, USA
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Cinematic "Long Range" - Mountain Surfing


We didn't think mountain surfing or cinematic FPV could get any better, until we saw them blended together in this edit by WestPsydeFPV. Man were we pumped! The breathtaking views and superman-like feelings we've come to expect with mountain surfing were made all the more entertaining by the cinematic qualities of the edit. His color filters, speed and reverse editing skills and a music selection that was most definitely spot on jumped this piece into our Pilot's to Watch list for the week of March 8th. 

Chamba-Montblanc, French Alps
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Big Mountain Dive - FPV long range - Quadcopter

Menga FPV

Long-range mountain surfing looks so easy, and that’s the whole point. Menga FPV couldn’t just drive up to these mountains, he had to ski his way in. Once he was on the rocky, snow-covered peaks he (like other pilots) had to deal with the blinding white of the snow while keeping his proximity tight and his flow smooth. Did we mention the cold fingers? It’s a task, but when done right it looks so good and so simple - just how pilots like Menga FPV want it to look. 

Matterhorn, Swiss Alps
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Epic Long-range Drone Flight - Uncut

beeb FPV

To see the possibilities inherent in long range first person view (FPV) drone flight, look no further than contributor beeb FPV.  He mounted a GoPro Hero 7 camera to a racing quadcopter and conquered the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.  In four minutes, he was able to reach the famously symmetrical peak, which stands almost 4.5k meters (about 14.7k ft.) above sea level.  That left enough battery power to safely return the drone and its fantastic footage.  

French Alps
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[BOMBA] Ride up edit (short version)


Ride Up Mountains is a group that skis up mountains just as fast as they ski down them. Yep, you read that right. BOMBA_FPV came along for the ride, recording the whole thing from his FPV quad. He'll float under, through, around and behind the riders as they take the mountain by storm. It is a seriously cool and entertaining experience!  

Pennine Alps, Italy
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Valkyrie's Ride [Cinematic]


In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie choses who will live and who will die on the battle field. Then she picks her few from the dead to come live with her in Valhala, where they will prepare for the epic battles of Ragnarök. She's pretty epic. It's easy to see why Cst FPV was inspired to name this cinematic mountain flight after the mythical warrior women, because it too is epic.

Pyrenees Mountains, Spain
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Man on the Moon


Between the black and white filters, the mirorred imaging effects, and smooth soaring you really will think you're in an imaginary land or walking on the moon. This long range flight by vasiliz rips down the mountain side and through the snow, using editing tricks like reverse, speed, and duplicity to his full advantage. 

Waimea Canyon, Hawaii
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Waimea Canyon by FPV

  • Gab707
    • 736 VŪZ
    • 21
    • 7
  • 6 months ago

Gab707 is one of the top first person view (FPV) pilots on earth.  He's participated in multiple seasons of the Drone Racing League, and his long-range FPV mountain surfing videos are the stuff of legend.  In this video, he tackles one of the world's most famous canyons: Waimea Canyon in Hawaii, sometimes known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  Situated on the western side of the island of Kauai, the canyon has a maximum depth of about 900 meters, or around 3k ft. 


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Free your mind

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Mont Albert

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Last Day 2018

VerJan FPV
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Trying Dives [Cinematic]

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Swoon // Autumn Vibes

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Bluebird Day

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Golden Crests

Tomz FPV