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Other-Worldly Mountain Surfing

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Alt Horizon


The once-distinct worlds of gimbal-stabilized aerial videography and first person view (FPV) video content are slowly converging.  In one manifestation of this phenomenon, content creators who once relied exclusively on aerial platforms like the DJI Phantom and Mavic series are delving into the FPV world, using the greater speed and agility of FPV-equipped quads to create highly cinematic content.  Case in point is this magnificent "mountain surfing" FPV piece from AirVuz contributor, the two-time Drone Video Award winner. 

Mount Etna, Italy

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PIKA FPV - Sicilia Dreaming

  • PikaFPV
    • 303 VŪZ
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  • about 1 month ago

In this stunning video, drone pilot PikaFPV takes us on a long range flight in which he skirts around the hot spots and edges of a very active Mount Etna, on the east coast of Sicily, Italy.  This active volcano, along with its rolling steam and surrounding hills, was enticing enough to call to this pilot in a way that felt entirely ethereal.  His sweeping runs and graceful surfing along the ridges prove he can certainly make the most of the landscape around him.  We noticed that too, and that's why he was added to our FPV Pilots to Watch List on April 2020.

Chile's Andes Mountains

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El Comillo del Diablo (The Devil's Fang)


The GoPro Hero 8 is something of a game-changer for first person view (FPV) pilots.  With built-in stabilization, the new camera obviates the need for post-production image stabilization.  Witness this spectacular piece from top AirVuz contributor and FPV Pilot to Watch in January 2020, ChileVuela.  He mounted his GoPro 8 onto one of his racing quads and set out for a rock formation called the Devil's Fang (Quinquili) in Chile's Andes Mountains.  It's situated in the southern Araucanía Region, not far from the border with Argentina.  

Table Mountain, South Africa

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Floating down from Table Mountain


At around 3,500 feet, Table Mountain is a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town, South Africa. The flat-topped mountain is a popular tourist attraction that, in 1998, then-President Nelson Mandela proclaimed the mountains a “gift to the earth.” Taking us down the mountain in this mountain surfing video is pilot Dovescape_fpv. The float down the mountain at sunset is both peaceful and beautiful. 

Riding the Slovenian Alps

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Slovenian Alps

  • KoryFPV
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  • 9 months ago

The Julian Alps, or the Slovenian Alps, are what dreams are made of. Mountain peaks, picture-perfect lakes, stunning valleys, and blue-green rivers fill the region in northwestern Slovenia and dazzle all who visit. First-person-view (FPV) pilot KoryFPV takes us to the Julian Alps, specifically the Mangartska jama National Park in Strmec na Predelu. His mountain surfing skills are shown clearly throughout this piece, hitting his line and making the viewer feel like they are truly flying. 

Lac Blanc, France

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Ayzen FPV...

The Ballons des Vosges Natural Regional Park was a popular spot for flying this week! In this fantastic edit, FPV pilot Ayzen FPV gave us a sweeping tour of this sprawling reserve, centered over the picturesque Lac Blanc, in northwestern France.   With even fresh snow and the setting sun, the whole setting worked well to show off his mad skills.  We liked everything we saw, so we had to add Ayzen FPV to our Pilots to Watch list in February 2020!  Bravo, Ayzen FPV!

Moab, Utah

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Looking Back

VerJan FPV...

The Castleton Tower (also known as 'Castle Rock), near Moab, Utah is a world famous subject for photography and rock climbing, and so it makes perfect sense that it would be a killer backdrop for FPV flying too.  Top FPV pilot VerJan FPV practically owns these skies, considering his great flights over Utah and Colorado, and we claim this vid as our new fave from him.  He gives us a rear-view perspective of his flight around the 1000ft high bedrock tower, and to show our appreciation, we placed him (again) on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in January 2020.  

Cinematic Flight through the Dolomites

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Cinematic FPV - DOLOMITES, Italy (DJI FPV)


There aren’t many places in the world that garner views quite as stunning as those captured around the Italian Dolomites. The sheer cliffs, deep valleys, and incredible range of the mountains make quite the setting for pilots to fly over. We love this FPV flight by pilot AurelFPV. Shot on a perfect day that was filled with low-lying clouds, autumn colors, and a light pink sunrise, the piece moves quickly due to those visuals plus the pilot’s dynamic flying skills. 

California's Mt. Whitney

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FPV Filmz - High Mountain Proximity


First person view (FPV) mountain surfing requires considerable piloting skills; there is generally no recovering a racing quad that crashes cruising along a mountain ridge.  Flying "in formation", with one quad chasing another, ups the difficulty and the stakes even further.  That's what makes this piece from FPV Filmz so incredible.  The video features footage from two very skilled FPV pilots flying in tandem on California's Mt. Whitney, the the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States.

Soaring Above the Sierra Nevadas

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Cloud Surfing the Sierra Nevadas

nikofilmz... this fantastic 29 seconds of awesomeness.  You'll feel like the luckiest bird ever, soaring high above the Sierra Nevadas in Sequoia National Park courtesy of FPV pilot Nikofilmz.  Sounds like he and his buddy Carter had an unexpected turn of events that led to them doing some cloud surfing with their quadcopters, and lucky for us, that all meant we got to watch this incredible air-to-air chasing scene that leaves us just wanting to see more!  We'll be watching his profile page on AirVuz, like you, for the next amazing flight...

Carpathian Mountains, Romania

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Suciu Adri...

The Făgăraș Mountains are the highest of the Southern Carpathians of Romania. Within the range is Bâlea Lake, a glacial lake that lies at 2,034 meters (6,673 feet) above sea level. It is there that we find FPV pilot Suciu Adrian as he tests his quads capabilities above the snowy mountains that surround the lake. He’ll mountain surf the peaks, then track a snowboarder with his quad as they both head down the untouched terrain.

Swiss Alps

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Cut on fire

  • docl8
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    • 8
  • about 1 year ago

Long-range FPV flying is absolutely magical for FPV fans and non-fans alike. It’s an experience so many of us would never have if not for the talents pilots and quasi-scientists who can build a small drone with enough power to make it to what looks like the ends of the earth. Pilot doclate takes us on a long-range flight through the snow-covered mountains, surfing his way down the peak's long, untouched edges.

French Alps

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Icy thumbs | Winter FPV

Blue Owl F...

Blue Owl FPV is representing female pilots well in this video, which was nominated in the Freestyle Flow category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. She says she decided to rip around a bit while waiting for skiing season to start in the French Alps. What she got was an inspiring flight barrel-rolling over the frozen ground, diving through the trees, power-looping around the side of the mountain, and smooth flying throughout the rest of the landscape. 

Mount Garfield, Colorado, USA

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Cinematic "Long Range" - Mountain Surfing


We didn't think mountain surfing or cinematic FPV could get any better, until we saw them blended together in this edit by WestPsydeFPV. Man were we pumped! The breathtaking views and superman-like feelings we've come to expect with mountain surfing were made all the more entertaining by the cinematic qualities of the edit. His color filters, speed and reverse editing skills and a music selection that was most definitely spot on jumped this piece into our Pilot's to Watch list for the week of March 8th. 

Chamba-Montblanc, French Alps

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Big Mountain Dive - FPV long range - Quadcopter

Menga FPV...

Long-range mountain surfing looks so easy, and that’s the whole point. Menga FPV couldn’t just drive up to these mountains, he had to ski his way in. Once he was on the rocky, snow-covered peaks he (like other pilots) had to deal with the blinding white of the snow while keeping his proximity tight and his flow smooth. Did we mention the cold fingers? It’s a task, but when done right it looks so good and so simple - just how pilots like Menga FPV want it to look. 

Matterhorn, Swiss Alps

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Epic Long-range Drone Flight - Uncut

beeb FPV...
  • beeb FPV
    • 1.1k VŪZ
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    • 10
  • about 1 year ago

To see the possibilities inherent in long range first person view (FPV) drone flight, look no further than contributor and FPV pilot beeb FPV.  He mounted a GoPro Hero 7 HD camera to a racing quadcopter and conquered nothing less than the mighty Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.  In four minutes, he was able to reach the famously symmetrical peak, which stands almost 4.5k meters (about 14.7k ft.) above sea level.  That left enough battery power to safely return the drone and its fantastic footage.  

Mountain Surfing in the Pyrénées

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WINTER MAGIC - Snowy Pyrenees x FPV Drone


When you have the jawdropping Pyrénées practically in your backyard and a nimble quadcopter for cruising around them all, you get to capture incredible FPV drone footage like this, uploaded by the FPV pilot vasiliz.  In this long range mountain surfing masterpiece, he peacefully glides along the famed ridges, coasts over the tree tops, and dives elegantly over the rugged peaks.  We felt at peace after soaking up the juicy flow, and for that, we felt it was only right to place Vasiliz on our February 2020 FPV Pilots to watch list.  Bravo Vasiliz!

Park City, Utah

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Long Range | Snowboarding | Utah Never Disappoints!

    • 1.2k VŪZ
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  • over 1 year ago

Really good long range flying is not as easy as these guys make it look and we're not just talking on the sticks. Oftentimes there are mile-long hikes through the elements involved in order to get the best, most cinematic shots. Hikes like the one JZFPV says he took to create this piece. He says "Utah never dissapoints," we say neither does JZFPV. Speed, flow, accuracy, and perfect shot-framing make this flight and edit one for the books. This was an FPV Pilot to Watch video in January of 2019.

French Alps

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[BOMBA] Ride up edit (short version)


Ride Up Mountains is a group that skis up mountains just as fast as they ski down them. Yep, you read that right. BOMBA_FPV came along for the ride, recording the whole thing from his FPV quad. He'll float under, through, around and behind the riders as they take the mountain by storm. It is a seriously cool and entertaining experience!  

Pennine Alps, Italy

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Valkyrie's Ride [Cinematic]

Cst FPV...
  • Cst FPV
    • 1.3k VŪZ
    • 18
    • 14
  • over 1 year ago

In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie choses who will live and who will die on the battle field. Then she picks her few from the dead to come live with her in Valhala, where they will prepare for the epic battles of Ragnarök. She's pretty epic. It's easy to see why Cst FPV was inspired to name this cinematic mountain flight after the mythical warrior women, because it too is epic.

Flight through a Glacier

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Dragonstone - First person view dragon flight?

  • Gab707
    • 3.9k VŪZ
    • 33
    • 18
  • about 1 year ago

With the final season of the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" having aired this year, just about everyone has been feeling inspired to create something dynamic in homage to the awarding-winning show,  and that includes long-range, cinematic king Gab707. This mountain surfing flight, set to the score for “Dragonstone,” is a gorgeous, dragon-inspired flight by the AirVūz and DRL pilot. In it, he runs straight through a glacier in the Alps Mountains!  

Montagne Sainte-Victoire, France

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  • nurkfpv
    • 1.5k VŪZ
    • 14
    • 9
  • about 1 year ago

Top AirVuz contributor and 2018 Drone Racing League (DRL) Champion nurkfpv created this stunning first person view (FPV) video from a famous mountain in Southern France.  It's called the Montagne Sainte-Victoire, and it's a mountain ridge which runs about 18 km (around 11 mi.) on an east-west axis, beginning at a point a few km/mi east of Aix-en-Provence.  The mountain featured prominently in the paintings of the great Post-Impressionist Paul Cezanne, and later inspired the work of Pablo Picasso.   

Phang Nga Mountains, Thailand

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Phang Nga Mountains


Phang-Nga is a notorious part of Thailand, renowned for its clear waters, snow-white beaches, and colorful reefs. The mountains there are carved by thick rivers and covered with jungle brush, while the bays are defined by their aqua color and limestone cliff sides. You can see the magical island for yourself in this mountain surfing flight by FPV pilot bilsonfpv who brings us on a short but cinematic journey through the province in southern Thailand.

Buachaille Etive Mòr, Scotland

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Buachaille Etive Mòr - The Full FPV Journey!


Check out this highly cinematic first person view (FPV) video of one of the most iconic sights of Scotland, compliments of contributor and FPV pilot ARI3S FPV.  The scene is the Buachaille Etive Mòr, a mountain which sits just east of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.  With a peak elevation of just over 1k meters (about 3.3k ft.), the mountain sits at the head of the glen (valley) of Etive.  One of the most-photographed sites in Scotland, the mountain appeared in the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall.  

French Alps to the Swiss Alps

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Slightly Warm

  • docl8
    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 13
    • 10
  • 12 months ago

What’s the fastest way to get from the French Alps to the Swiss Alps? By FPV quad of course! FPV pilot doclate took a relaxing mountain surfing flight between the two countries’ highest peaks at that special time of year when things finally start warming up. The melting snow contrasting with the growing green foliage and gushing waterfalls makes for a perfect flight spot. We're looking forward to seeing what this spot looks like in the warmer months to come. 

Easter Morning Mountain Surfing in Norway

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Easter Mountain Surfing Norway

Lervik FPV...

Name a better way to spend a Sunday morning than gliding over the snowcapped, untouched mountains in perfect sunlight. We’ll wait. Lervik FPV took his mini quad out into the pristine, Norwegian mountains on Easter morning to get a little surfing time in on the sticks. This video definitely gives you all of the eagle-like feels you’d expect from a great, mountain surfing run.

Gateway to the Rockies

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S.U.R.F.I.N.G. Mountains

  • Stealth
    • 1.0k VŪZ
    • 14
    • 18
  • about 1 year ago

Lyons is a Statutory Town in Boulder County, Colorado, U.S.A. with just over 2,000 citizens as of 2010. Located near the St Vrain Creek and Rocky Mountain National Park, it is sometimes referred to as “The Double Gateway to the Rockies.” This FPV pilot takes us mountain surfing over the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, taking in the colors, views, and foliage unique to the area with his mini-quad. 

North Shore Mountains, Canada

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Mountain Dives and Water Falls


The open of this cinematic flight will get you all kinds of excited to see what’s in store from our favorite Canadian freestyle pilot, MATTYSTUNTZ. Flying over the weekend, we assume the Vancouver-based pilot was flying through the North Shore Mountains - Grouse, Cypress, and Seymour Mountain. Regardless of where he flew, the rush of flying up these cliffs and down the gushing falls is invigorating and exciting, leaving you feeling inspired to try waterfall diving for yourself.

Chamonix, France

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1 pack before the thunderstorm

Menga FPV...

Most pilots fly long-range while other pilots prefer to get up close to the mountain they are surfing. Menga FPV is of the later category, mountain biking for two hours in order to hit this location. There’s something to be said about working for your spot and this video says it all. The only downside was that by the time Menga FPV got there a thunderstorm was rolling in, meaning only about 10 minutes of flight time to capture this footage.

Air to Air Mountain Surfing

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Destination Unknown | FLUX and KerniFPV Race Drone Formation


Sometimes the most inconvenient and unknown destinations can create the most memorable videos. The trip FPV pilots KerniFPV and FLUX took was turned upside down when the weather would not cooperate, sending only rain and clouds when all they needed was a few hours of sun. However, the dense fog covering the mountains and littering the forest floor makes for a really cool, eerie piece. The air-to-air, tracking action just adds to the overall feeling of being followed into the unknown.

Cinematic Flight in the French Alps

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Flying 2 month with my Cinematic FPV drone

Drone My L...

Heading out for a two-month trip just to fly a mini quad sounds like a dream for most pilots. FPV pilot Drone My Life was able to take his racing drone out through the fabulous, historic European country of France recently. That’s where he grabbed these insane shots of the French Alps, plenty of tree proximity shots through the forests, freestyle runs over the lavender fields in the Provence region, waterfalls and so much more.

Beyond the Clouds

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The Land Beyond The Clouds

Cst FPV...

All we can say is, “wow.” The location pilot Cst FPV found for this latest flight is absolutely phenomenal. From the greenish, gray tint of the rocky cliffs to the jagged rocks of the mountain themselves, the clouds that drift across the frame and cling to the land and the opaque lighting that hits the camera, it is all perfect for FPV. Add a skilled pilot, some music, a little editing, and you’ve got yourself an FPV Pilot to Watch.

Geneva, Switzerland

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After work #1min

  • docl8
    • 848 VŪZ
    • 12
    • 12
  • 10 months ago

Lac Léman, or Lake Geneva, is a crescent-shaped lake between France and Switzerland that looks over the Alps. It is just as idyllic as it sounds, with the luxurious Geneva, Switzerland on one side and the spa town and resort of Évian-les-Bains on the other side. FPV Pilot doclate takes us to the southern French side of the lake to take in the beautiful views in 4K quality.

Mountain Surfing Compilation

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FPV Mountain Surfing

AirVūz Soc...

Just as surfers ride giant waves with their boards, fpv pilots are surfing giant mountains with their quads. AirVuz put together a compilation of incredible FPV footage that these drone pilots are able to capture along the peaks and ridges of some of Earth's most impressive mountains. Whether it’s flying in a winter wonderland in Switzerland, diving Mt. Baker in Washington state, racing to the peak of France's Chamonix-Mont-Blanc,, the scenic footage these drone pilots capture is breathtaking.

Surfing Italy's Dolomites

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Amazing FPV experience in Italy

Jakob JFPV...

A province in northeastern Italy (specifically, the Trentino-Alto-Adigio region), South Tyrol includes part of the Dolomites range and its limestone summits like the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. FPV pilot Jakob JFPV was there for an extended vacation there over the summer of 2019 and captured these incredible drone shots of the mountainous area, which is part of the greater Southern Limestone Alps range. His video was so stunning we had to name him an AirVuz FPV Pilot to Watch in August of 2019.

Scotland's Bideaan nam Bian

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Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe, Scotland


Mountain Surfing is a term of art in the world of first person view (FPV) drone piloting - it basically means flying a racing drone over mountain ridges and down slopes and (of course) capturing it in HD video.  In this video, contributor and FPV pilot ARI3S FPV takes on one of the highest peaks in the Scottish Highlands: Bidean nam Bian.  With a peak elevation of 1.15k meters (about 3.8k ft.), it's the highest peak in County Argyll in the western Highlands. It's located just south of the town of Glen Coe.  

Cruising Mountains in Norway

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Ryssdalen//Skrommelnebba 08.09.19

Lervik FPV...

Ryssdalen, Trøndelag is a valley in Norway that is close to Sorvika and Nordvika off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Central Norway.   In this video, AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Lervik FPV takes us on an epic FPV flight through the golden valley on a bright afternoon. After a a ride through the valley, it is time to hit the mountains. The clean line he flies, along with the crisp and clear footage he takes with his FPV-equipped racing quad makes this an absolutely spectacular video. 

Austrian Alps

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The beautiful mountains of Bad Hofgastein | FPV Freestyle

antonvs fp...

Bad Hofgastein is a small town in the Austrian state of Salzburg. A spa town, it is located in the Gastein Valley and includes a large ski resort. That’s where FPV pilot antonvs fpv worked all of last winter, so he wanted to head to the same spot to see what it looked like in the summer months. He’s taking the green mountains in with his FPV goggles and drone, enjoying a freestyle mountain surfing flight before summer fades away into fall. 

Surfing through Clouds

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Mountain Line - Cinematic FPV

Felix Math...

This mountain session is impressive to say the least! Take a cruise down the sharp edges, rocky hills, and incredible peaks that stick out through the clouds in this FPV video by Felix Matheron. The advent of long range mountain surfing has really changed the game as far as cinematic FPV is concerned and this mountain line is certainly one of the pieces that will impress audiences for some time to come. See more videos like this in our FPV Mountain Surfing collection. 

Colorful Colorado

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Beautiful Colorado!

    • 296 VŪZ
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    • 5
  • 6 months ago

Check out this incredible, cinematic FPV flight by pilot JZFPV. He’s taken his mini quad skills out to the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado to test out his mountain surfing abilities. He’ll fly tight to the mountainside and float over the gushing rivers, surrounded by boulders, then up over the evergreen tree tops. Looks like he passed this test with colors. 

Freestyle in the French Alps

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FPV Freeride through the French Alps


The breathtaking Alps outside of Nice, France were calling FPV pilot Daaaam06, and luckily he grabbed his high performance quadcopter and responded in kind: he made an epic mountain surfing flight, created a fantastic edit, and shared it here on AirVuz. These long-range flights require trust in both the drone and one's flying, and as far as we can see, Daaaam06 is up to the challenge.  Watch as he cruises along rugged and picturesque peaks and puts some boss moves around all of that rock, and for that, we put him on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in March 2020.

Taking on Aitana, Spain

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Live free

  • Pepone
    • 206 VŪZ
    • 9
    • 7
  • 6 months ago

Flying through the mountains near Alicante, Spain, pilot Pepone sure knows how to mountain surf. He’s taking on Aitana, the highest mountain in the Alicante province. The peak rises up to 4,613 feet (1,406 meters) above sea level. You can see the many, lower mountains and hills that surround it as well as the unique foliage beneath it due to the camera's clarity and the smooth flying by Pepone. This video was featured on our social media pages in November of 2019. 

Winter in Southern France

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Standing in a frozen lake - FPV


Being able to stand on a frozen lake is one of winter's priviledges, and FPV drone pilot Hector.fpv made the most of it from this very scenic perch, the frozen Lake El Passet in the Porté-Puymorens region in southern France. The fresh snow gave him a clean slate for launching his quad and capturing the fantastic views of the surrounding Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees.  His take on the breathtaking winterscape caught our attention and secured his spot on our Pilots to Watch list in January 2020.  Bravo, Hector.FPV!

Giau Pass, Dolomites, Italy

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Passo Giau - Cinematic FPV

  • sten
    • 253 VŪZ
    • 13
    • 7
  • 10 months ago

Passau Giau, or the Giau Pass, is a high mountain pass in the Dolomites. Located in the province of Belluno, Italy it connects the Corina d’Ampezzo with Colle Santa Lucia and Selva di Cadore. With an elevation of over 7,000 feet the location is just screaming for someone to come and film a cinematic mountain surfing flight through it. Enter FPV pilot sten, who captured the passes beauty in this dynamic 4K flight.

Spanish Pyrenees Mountains

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Surfing Mountains (vallter)

uri fpv....

Taking us on a sweet mountain surfing lesson is pilot uri fpv. He’s taken his mini quad out to the mountains in Catalonia, Spain. Vallter is a popular ski resort area that extends to over 8,000 feet. Although he is outside of that ski area, you can see why the region in Spanish Pyrenees Mountains  is so popular. You can see more videos like this in our FPV Mountain Surfing Collection. 

Mercantour National Park

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Drone FPV Mid Range with Dji HD (Alpes)


French FPV freestyle pilot FaroùkFPV admitted there was a fair amount of stress while creating this breathtaking long range footage in the Mercantour National Park, north of Nice in France. Nonetheless, he got the job done with a help of a good friend, and he cruised through this alpine landmark, known for it's mountains, gorges, and picturesque lakes.  The final product feels like a dreamscape for the happiest of birds, so we felt like it was time for his first appearance on our FPV Pilots to Watch List in January 2020.  Bravo, Faroùk! 

Mountain Surfing in Montana

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Montana High

VerJan FPV...

Like everything else in the world of first person view (FPV) video, FPV mountain surfing has evolved.  It was originally about pilot courage and long-range transmission: in short, getting the quad out and back with useable video footage.  As pilot skills have improved and long-range equipment has become more reliable, the emphasis has shifted to maximizing the cinematic quality of the resulting video footage.   To see what we mean, check out this fantastic piece from the Rocky Mountains in Montana, compliments of contributor VerJan FPV.  

Cinematic and Dynamic Mountain Surfing

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Alpination - SKI FREERIDE & FPV -


As first person view (FPV) pilots continue to hone their skills and FPV technology continues to improve, FPV video content is proliferating in several directions.  In contrast to early freestyling videos, which were all about showing technical flying skills, we're seeing FPV pilots focusing on making more cinematic shots of beautiful landscapes, as well as increasing skills with respect to filming moving "targets".  This video by J-TRUE FPV illustrates both FPV styles, capturing some epic mountain and skiing shots in the Alps.


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Tomz FPV...
2:25 click to play video

HyperCine X ReelSteady GO

Cst FPV...
  • Cst FPV
    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 11
    • 14
  • 12 months ago
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I'm Back!

  • vasiliz
    • 709 VŪZ
    • 16
    • 11
  • 11 months ago
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Flying in a blue dream

  • Gab707
    • 488 VŪZ
    • 17
    • 8
  • 11 months ago
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White Rock