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Santorini: Southernmost Cyclades Island




Santorini is a small crescent-shaped Greek island in the Aegean Sea, the southernmost of the Cyclades group of over 200 islands (many of which are uninhabited).   It is known for its crisp, white buildings and blue roofs, jutting out from the cliffside towards the azure sea. Top contributor Lucaspinhel, who has over 200k followers on Instagram, uses those blues and whites to his advantage, creating pops of orange, yellow, and red with the beautiful dresses his models wear in this unique drone video.

Skopelos and Skiathos


Mamma Mia!: Greece's Sporades Islands


Contributor Patassini_ale used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful video of Greece's Sporades Islands in the northern Aegean Sea.  The video includes footage of three of the four inhabited Sporades: Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiathos.  Associated with the Greek god Dionysos, Skopelos is the most well known of these islands.  Famously, Skopelos was used as the primary shooting location for the 2008 musical film Mamma Mia, based on a Broadway show of the same name and starring Merryl Streep.

Samos: North Aegean Island


Exploring Samos from Above: DJI Mavic Pro


Samos is an island of Greece lying in the eastern end of the Aegean Sea.  Part of the North Aegean official grouping of islands, Samos features a mix of quaint seaside towns, amazing beaches, and numerous historical sites especially in its mountainous interior.  Seen on a map, the island is actually much closer to mainland Turkey than to the Greek mainland.  Ride along with top content creator and pilot Beemflights, who uses a drone to give us an amazing aerial tour of this Mediterranean paradise.  

Naxos: Largest of the Cylades


Naxos Island, Cyclades, Greece

Island Vid...

Contributor and drone pilot Island Videography created this stunning aerial video of the Greek island Naxos.  Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades, a group of over 200 islands in the Aegean Sea.  It's extensively mentioned in Greek mythology; the god Zeus was believed to have been raised in a cave here.  The video will take you around some of the highlights of the island, including the city of Naxos on the western end of the island and the Naxos Portara (Great Door) on a tiny islet north of the main town.

Rhodes: Largest Dodecanese Island


Hello Rhodos island

Ivan Doval...

For an aerial tour of the Greek island of Rhodes, it's tough to beat this video by contributor and drone pilot Ivan Dovala.  Rhodes is one of the outermost Greek islands.  It's the largest of the Dodecanese, a group of 150 islands at the southeastern reaches of Greek territory, mostly just off Turkey's Mediterranean coastline.  The video features footage of Lindos, Filerimos, Rhodos city, Monolithos, Kritinia castle, Waterpark.Pheraklos castle, Fourni beach, Ladiko beach, Tsampika beach, Antohny Queen beach, and more.  

Andros: Northernmost Cyclades


Andros - The Exquisite Island


Check out this beautiful drone video of Greece's Andros Island, compliments of AirVuz contributor fakefaketv.  Andros is the northernmost member of the Cyclades Archipelago, which consists of about 220 islands (many of which are uninhabited) in the western Aegean Sea.  The video features footage of the following Andros locations: the town of Chora on the eastern side of the island, including its Amphitheater; the spectacular Tourlitis Lighthouse, the Tis Grias to Pidima Beach in the southeastern part of the island; Ateni Beach; and Foggy Road.

Amorgos: Easternmost Cyclades Island


Amorgos Island - Greece

Island Vid...

Amorgos is one of the 20 or so major islands of the Cyclades, a group of about 220 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.  It is less well known than some of the other islands in the group such as Santorini and Naxos.  Amorgos is a comparatively long, narrow island that is the easternmost of the major Cyclades; its permanent population is around 2,000.  In this video, contributor Island Videography treats us to a beautiful bird's eye view of this Aegean gem, including some of its small seaside towns and secluded beaches.

Milos: Southwestern Cyclades


Milos Island, Greece: Abandoned Sulfur Mine Dronie

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Top contributor wrenee has a well earned reputation as the Queen of the Dronie.  Her AirVuz video portfolio consists of dozens of epic drone selfies shot from exotic places all over the world.  In this video wrenee and her drone, Furbie, collaborated to shoot a spectacular dronie on the Greek island of Milos outside of an abandoned sulphur mine.  Milos is the southwesternmost of the Cyclades islands, in the western Aegean Sea.  Among other distinctions, it was the home of the Venus de Milo statue before it was moved to Paris.  

Skiathos: Sporades Archipelago


Travel to Skiathos

Nelstill ...
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Check out this marvelous drone video of the Greek island of Skiathos, compliments of contributor Nelstill.  Skiathos is part of the Northern Sporades group of islands off the eastern coast of Greece.  Until recently, the Sporades were far less well known than the Cyclades group to the south.  That's beginning to change though, not least because of the movies: Skiathos and its sister Sporades island Skopelos were used to film the 2008 hit Momma Mia, the film adaptation of the Broadway hit play.  

Kefalos, Kos Island


Kefalos Windsurfing


The Greek islands off of Turkey's western coast have ideal conditions for the challenging sport of windsurfing - strong steady winds, semi-protected bays, and lots of room to run.  It's not surprising then that some of the world's best windsurfers hail from here.  In this video, content creator and pilot WulcanStudio uses a drone to capture the world-reknowned windsurfing scene near Kefalos, on the Greek island of Kos.  Kos is one of the Dodecanese archipelago which form the outermost of the country's Aegean Sea islands. 

Mykonos: Aegean Party Capital


Droning Dutchman - Mykonos by Drone


The Droning Dutchman headed to the Greece to create this stunning aerial video of Mykonos, one of the country's Aegean Islands.  Part of the Cyclades group which lies on the western side of the sea, Mykonos is informally known as the party capital of the Aegean for its legendary nightlife scene and relaxing atmosphere.  Near the end of the video, you'll see the town of Little Venice on the island's western end; this was the filming location for the final scene in the 2002 blockbuster The Bourne Identity.  

Paros: Central Cyclades


Paros, Drone Views, Greece

david drey...

Paros is part of Greece's Cyclades, a group of islands in the western Aegean Sea.  Paros lies in the middle of the group, just to the west of the better known island of Naxos.  The island has been known for its fine marble since the Antiquity, and in fact the island can be said to be made of marble.  The island has a rich history, having played an active role in the various military struggles which have taken place throughout the region.  See Paros from above in this drone video from David Dreyfus.   

Fournoi: North Aegean Region


Fournoi: Island of the Pirates

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Check out this beautiful drone video of a small Greek island called Fournoi, compliments of contributor Geokok.  Fournoi is part of Greece's North Aegean Region, a group of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea that are actually closer to mainland Turkey.  In the ancient world, the island was famous for its role in shipping throughout the region.   It is the site of many shipwrecks and at times was used as a base by pirates who preyed on what were once some of the world's busiest shipping lanes.  

Sifnos: Central Cyclades


Sifnos, Greece

Icarus Aer...

Icarus Aerial Filming, one of the top commercial drone piloting companies in Greece, created this spectacular aerial video of the island of Sifnos.  Sifnos is part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, which includes Mykonos, Milos, Naxos, and other well known Greek islands.  The stunningly beautiful island is about 15 km (about 9 mi.) long at its widest point, and it has a permanent population of about 3,000.   It is known in part for its summertime religious festivals.  

Syros: Central Cyclades




The Greek island of Syros lies in the middle of an archipelago known as the Cyclades, which are clustered off the country's eastern coast in the Aegean Sea.  Settled for at least 5,000 years, Syros covers a land area of just over 100 square km (around 40 square mi.) and has a population of a bit over 20k.  Historically, given its position, Syros was considered one of the most important ports in the western Aegean.  You can check out this beautiful spot in the Aegean Sea from above in this drone video by grigorelis.  

Nisyros: Volcanic Dodecanese Island


Nisyros Volcano 4K | Crater Stefanos | Greece | Europe

Joe Paskes...

Top contributor Joe Paskes created this marvelous aerial video of Nisyros, a volcanic Greek island.  Nisyros is part of the Dodecanese group in the eastern Aegean Sea, which lie much closer to mainland Turkey but which in fact are Greek possessions having been colonized by Greece during the Antiquity.  The island is a relative infant in geological terms, having been formed only about 150,000 years ago.  The video will take you right over the main crater of the volcano, which last erupted in 1888.  

Thasos: North Aegean Region


Summer in Greece, Thasos Θάσος 2017


Check out this beautiful drone video of the Greek island Thassos, compliments of contributor and drone pilot skyCinemaMD.  Thassos is part of a grouping of islands known as the North Aegean, situated (not surprisingly) in the northern part of the Aegean Sea.  Thassos sits a bit to the southeast of Kevala on the mainland.  It was known as a sort of spa in ancient times, well known for its bathing facilities.  It is far less well known by tourists, despite being the 12th largest Greek island by land area.  

Thirasia: Santorini's Western Neighbor




Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist PawelWorsztynowicz brings us this fantastic drone video of the Greek island of Thirasía.  Part of the Cyclades group of islands in the southern Aegean Sea, Thirasia is a "satellite" of the larger island of Santorini (also known as Thera), which lies immediately to its east.  Thirasia covers a land area of just under 10 square km (about 3.6 square mi.).  In the video, you'll also see the tiny islands which lie in the waters between Thirasia and its larger neightbor.   

Tinos: Central Cyclades


Tinos - The Spiritual Island


Take an aerial tour of the Greek island of Tinos, compliments of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot fakefaketv.  Part of the Cyclades group of islands in the western Aegean Sea, Tinos is surrounded by the better-known islands of Andros (to its northwest) and Mykonos (to its southeast).   During the Antiquity, it was known as both Ophiussa and Hydroessa.  The video includes footage of the following locations: Exomvourgo, Kolymbithra Beach, Livada Beach, Agios Sostis Beach, Tripotamos, Dyo Choria, Krokos, Volax, and Panormos Bay.

Kos: Third-Largest Dodecanese


Kos, Greece: Paradox of Waves in 4K

Joe Paskes...

Kos is one of the Greek islands which looks like it should be part of Turkey if you see it on a map.  It is part of the Dodecanese chain of islands which lie just off of the western coast of Turkey, much nearer to that country than to Greece.  Kos is the third largest island in the group, after Rhodes and Karpothos.  Contributor and drone pilot Joe Paskes put together this beautiful drone video of Kos, which sent a contingent of soldiers to fight on the Greek side in the Trojan War (according to Homer's Iliad).  

Chios: Westernmost Cyclades


Aithḗr: Calm Saturday (dji Mavic 2)


Check out these fantastic drone videos from the Greek Islands, compliments of AirVuz contributor FrontierNG.  He filmed the village of Lagkada, which lies on a bay on the eastern side of the island of Chios.  Chios is part of the North Aegean cluster of islands which actually lie just off the Turkish mainland.  In the case of Chios, it's very close; the island lies just across the roughy five km wide (three mi.) Chios Strait from the Turkish city of Çeşme.   Chois is the fifth-largest of Greece's many islands in terms of land area.  

Lindos, Rhodes


Lindos - Rhodes 4k

Ian Applet...

Lindos is one of the more famous villages amongst the islands of the Aegean Sea.  It's located on the eastern side of the island of Rhodes which is part of a grouping of Greek islands known as the Dodecanese that lay off the coast of Turkey.  Founded in the 10th century BC, Lindos occupied a critical position amongst the Greek colonies established on the islands and on the mainland of what is now Turkey during the Antiquity.  You can get a marvelous bird's eye perspective of Lindos in this drone video by Ian Appleton.  

Beautiful Santorini


A Postcard from Santorini


Drone Video Awards nominee ZilverSchmitz has taken his impressive skills to the Greek island of Santorini. The island in the Aegean Sea is one of the Cyclades islands that was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century, leaving it with the rugged landscape it has today. He’ll include shots of the coast, sea, and some of those famous white-walled towns that give this island such a distinctive look.  Santorini has a full-time population of about 15k and it covers around 90 square km or around 35 square mi. 

Kea: Westernmost Cyclades


Island Kea in Greece


AirVuz contributor pasxos30 used a combination of drone, ground, and underwater camera footage to bring us this video from the Greek island of Kea.  Kea is one of the westernmost members of the Cyclades Archipelago, a group of Greek islands which lie to the southeast of Athens, roughly midway between the Peloponnese Peninsula and the mainland of Turkey.  Kea is the closest of the Cyclades to the Greek mainland; it's only 20 km (around 12 mi.) east of Cape Sunion at the tip of the Attica Peninsula.  

Legendary Mykonos


Mykonos Greece From Drone Perspective 🇬🇷 DJI Mavic 2 pro

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Top contributor Boyanoo brings us this outstanding drone video of the fabled Greek island of Mykonos.  The video opens with a great shot of the Little Venice neighborhood of the island's namesake main town; this was the filming location for the final scene of the 2002 thriller Bourne Identity.  From there, you'll be treated to some great shots of other built-up areas on the island's western side, its more secluded northern beaches, and the legendary aquatic recreation scene here in the western Aegean Sea.  

Tour of Skopelos


Skopelos the greenest island in Greece


Check out the Greek island of Skopelos from a drone perspective in this awesome aerial by contributor Moses B.  Skopelos is part of the Sporades archipelago in the northern Aegean Sea.  The video features some excellent shots of the main town of Skopelos (which lies on its northern coast) as well as the red roofs of the village of Glossa on the island's western end. At the 6:08 mark, you'll get a great view of Kastani Beach, which lies east of Glossa and which featured prominently in the 2008 hit musical Momma Mia.   

Rhodes: Kritinia Castle


Kritinia Castle, Rhodes,Greece

Rhodes dro...

Contributor Rhodes Drone created this beautiful aerial video of a well known castle on the Greek island of Rhodes (also known as Rodos), the largest and best known of the Dodacanese chain which sits off the coast of western Turkey.  Kritinia Castle is located in a town of the same name on the northern coast of the island.  The castle was built in the late 15th century as a means to protect the town's inhabitants from attacks and harassment from fleets of the Ottoman Empire operating from the Turkish mainland.  

Alonnisos, Northern Sporades



Icarus Aer...

Alonnisos is one of the Northern Sporades, a group of Greek islands in the western Aegean Sea.  It's the third-largest of the two dozen islands which make up the group, behind the somewhat better-known islands of Skiathos and Skopelos.  Seen here in this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot Icarus Aerial Filming, Alonnisos is about 20 km long (around 12 mi.) and about 4.5 km at its widest (around three mi.).  Its permanent population of a bit under 3k is concentrated in a series of villages along the island's eastern coast.

The Church of Panagia Paraportiani, Mykonos


Paraportiani Orthodox Church, Mykonos


AirVuz contributor and pilot sphereview brings us this marvelous aerial tour of the Church of Panagia Paraportiani on the Greek island of Mykonos.  The Greek Orthodox Church lies at the southern end of the mouth of a small bay on the western end of the island, which is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, east of mainland Greece.  The church was completed in the 17th century.  The name of the church translates to "Our Lady of the Side Gate" in reference to its location relative to the town.  

FPV Trip to Kos


Vacationing on Kos, Greece


In this video by SassySander, you'll be able to check out the fabled Greek island of Kos via a totally new perspective - that of a camera mounted to a first person view (FPV) racing drone.  Kos is part of the Dodecanese Islands, an archipelago of Greek islands that lie just off the western coast of Turkey.  It's the second-most populous island in the group, after Rhodes.  Ride along for some epic views of the island's rocky coastline, Greek Orthodox Churches, and tiny islets which lie just off its shores.  

Milia Beach, Skopelos


Greece / Skopelos Island / Milia beach 5/1/2021


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor and pilot zahosstamoulis brings us this fantastic drone video from the Greek island of Skopelos.  The video was shot at Milia Beach, which lies on the western side of the island, roughly opposite the island's (namesake) main town.   Shaped roughly in the form of a saxophone, Skopelos is part of the Northern Sporades, a group of islands in the western Aegean Sea north of the island of Euboea.  The island has an area of about 96 square km (around 37 square mi.). 

Villas of Oia, Santorini



Chris Borg...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot Chris Borg created this excellent travel video from the fabled Greek island of Santorini.  He collaborated with the Oia Sunset Villas, an accommodation property in the town of Oia on the northwestern tip of the roughly crescent-shaped island, the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands in the country's South Aegean region.  As you'll see from the video, the villas provide a perfect vantage point for soaking up the sights of this idyllic island destination.     

Skyros: Southernmost Sporades


Skyros island - Magazia beach and Chora


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor alexbiski brings us this drone video of the Greek island of Skyros.  Skyros is the southernmost island of the Sporades, an archipelago of the western Aegean Sea.  It's also the largest of these islands by land area, covering an area of just under 225 square km (around 80 square mi.).  With a full-time population of about 3,000 residents, the island played an important role in Greek mythology: it was from here that Achilles set sail for Troy after being discovered by Odysseus.  

Momma Mia Cliff, Skopelos


St. John's Chapel and Momma Mia Cliff, Skopelos


The 2008 film Momma Mia, an adaptation of the 1999 Broadway musical based on the music of Swedish supergroup Abba, was one of the highest grossing musical films of all time.  Famously, much of the movie was filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos in the western Aegean Sea.  In this drone video by zahosstamoulis, you'll see one of the most recognizable filming locations of the movie: the Chapel of St. John, on the island's northeastern shore.  Perched atop a cliff, this was where the movie's climactic wedding scene took place.  

Birds over Naxos


Birds dancing with drone


Check out this remarkable drone video taken over the Greek island of Naxos, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot ikoukouzis.  It was filmed flying over Naxos City, the main town on the largest of the Cyclades Islands in the western Aegean.  As he was cruising the waterfront of the town (which is located on the western side of the island), he encountered a flock of birds flying through the dusk skies here.  Impressively, he was able to create several different sequences showing the birds from different angles.  

Skiathos Drone Views


Skiathos Greece - The best place to see

Nelstill ...
  • Nelstill
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  • over 2 years ago

AirVuz contributor and former Drone Video of the Week winner Nelstill created this beautiful drone video from the fabled Greek island of Skiathos.  Part of the Northern Sporades group, Skiathos lies just to the west of the somewhat better known island of Skopelos.  About 12 km long (aound 7 mi.) and 6 km wide (around 4 mi.), the island's coastline consists of inlets and capes, with many inviting beaches.  The video includes footage of the island's old port, which was used as a filming scene for the 2008 hit movie musical Mama Mia.  

Western Santorini


CINEMATIC | Welcome to Santorini - Oia [ 4k ]

The Hobby ...

The Greek island of Santorini vaguely resembles a backwards-facing letter "C", with its western coast forming a bay which is partly enclosed by the outlying island of Thirasia.  In this drone video by contributor The Hobby Traveler - Gabrish Gabor, you'll get an aerial view of two beautiful towns on this stretch of coastline.  The first is the village of Oia, which lies at the northwestern end of the coastline.  The second spot is the more well-known town of Thera, which is the island's capital and lies near the center of the "C".  

Mykonos Drone Views


Mykonos Drone - Summer 2018


Mykonos is one of Greece's Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea.  The island is on the eastern end of the group, which is centered on a point southeast of Athens.  It played an important role in the struggles that played out in the late Middle Ages between the Venetians (who controlled much of the Aegean for a time) and the then-rising Ottoman Empire.  With a population of about 10,000, it's known for having an active LGBT community.  Check it out from a bird's eye view in this drone video from Mykonosdrone.  

Rhodes Drone Views



Tonny Nagt...

Rhodes is the largest of Greece's Dodecanese Islands, an archipelago which lies just off Turkey's western coast.  In this drone video, you'll get great aerial views of virtually all of the islands.  In order of appearance, you'll see the Lindos Acropolis site, St. Paul's Bay, Kritinia castle, the Fort of St. Nicholas, the Mandraki Harbour, the New Market, Grandmaster's Palace, the Kloster Ammos monastery, Anthony Quinn Bay, Asklipio Castle, the Old City of Rhodes, Symi Harbor, Monolithos Castle, and more.



Skiathos & Skopelos


Naxos hinterland

Island Vid...



Rhodes - Greece - P4

Ian Applet...

Cyclades Islands in 4k


Postcard from Santorini

Blagoy Mom...