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Pilot Madeleine in Hawaii 2017 - Oahu Drone Tour


Contributor and drone pilot Ryzone has developed a large following by creating highly stylized drone videos of tropical locations, often by collaborating with human subjects to be part of the video.  In this video, he worked with Instagram star Pilot Madeline, who has several hundred thousands followers on the social media platform.  Together they created this stunning video, mostly shot with a drone, which combines human beauty and the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. 


Hawaii by Drone (4k)


Contributor TD Heyden used a DJI Mavic drone to put together this stunning aerial tour of the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Maui, the two most popular destinations of the Aloha State.  The tour includes beautiful bird's eye footage of Hawaii's world-famous beaches, spectacular mountains, and the capital city of Honolulu which is situated on Oahu.  As you watch the video, you'll see the brilliant colors of this tropical paradise literally jump off the screen.


Lucky We Live Oahu

Hungaro Explorer

Oahu is by far the largest of the Hawaiian Islands in population, and is also the location of the state's only major city, Honolulu.  While the island has become largely urbanized, contributor Hungaro shows us some of the less-populated parts of this Pacific Ocean island.  The video will serve to reminding you of how Hawaii came to get such a hold on the imagination of travelers from across the mainland United States and indeed from around the world.  


West Maui

iDrone Hawaii

Following the arc of the Hawaiian islands eastwards, Maui is the next to last island, before the island of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island).  Maui was the second Hawaiian island to develop a large tourism trade, following the lead of Oahu.  This stunning drone video from iDrone Aerials will show you why this island paradise in the Aloha State has became such a hit with travelers (and more recently, drone pilots) from around the world. 


Aerial Views of the Kalalau Trail Along the Na Pali Coast of Kauai


Kauai is the westernmost of the main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.  It has been developed more recently than Oahu and Maui, and its pristine scenery has made it a favored location for filming feature-length movies.  Hiking along the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast, contributor brianeastMedia treats us to a spectacular aerial view of this marvelous island, which is geologically the oldest of major islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.


Hawaii, The Big Island


Hawaii's Big Island is big - the easternmost island of the archipelago, which bears the name of the USA's 50th state, has roughly twice the land area of the rest of the islands, combined.  That means more beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, surfing, and everything else the Hawaiian islands have to offer.  Contributor Th3venture and his companion spent a week on this volcanic island with a DJI Phantom 4 and a GoPro, producing one BIG travel video.  


When the mountains are calling...

Hungaro Explorer

The Ko'olau Mountains sit on the eastern side of Oahu, the most populous island of Hawaii and the home of Honolulu, the state's principal city.  The highest peak in the mountains is about 1k meters (about 3k ft) above sea level, a figure more impressive when considering the short distance from the peak to the Pacific shore.  Contributor Hungaro used a drone to create this stunning aerial video of these spectacular mountains and the Pacific Coast against which they are set.  


Sailing in Kaneohe bay


Kaneohe is the largest bay in the Hawaiian islands, sitting on the south shore of Oahu.  Because of the protection provided by the bay, it's become a major center of sailing, as well as other water sports activities.  In this video, contributor Skyhighhawaii uses a drone to create an unforgettable video of a catamaran sailing across the crystal waters of the bay.  The picture of the tilted craft sailing along the amazing light green sea is almost hypnotizing.


Life is a Hyperlapse


Contributor Videosophy is known for highly creative drone videos, both of his home state of Hawaii and other spots around the world to which he travels.  He is also quite skilled at advanced post-production editing techniques.  In this video, he combines spectacular drone footage of Hawaii with some amazing hyperlapse editing, creating a stunning visual feast of the Aloha State.  Viewer beware: his love of this magical island paradise is contagious.  


Kahakuloa Head Maui

iDrone Hawaii

Kahakuloa Head sits in a relatively remote spot on the western side of the island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.  The road which runs through the area is extremely narrow, scaring off many would be visitors.  While these fears may be justified, contributor iDrone Hawaii makes a compelling visual case for taking the risk with this spectacular bird's eye view of this Pacific Ocean paradise, the second most populous island in America's 50th state.  


Trekking The Spectacular East Oahu


Hawaii is a hiker's paradise.  The islands of this Pacific archipelago are full of volcanic mountains and rock formations which are easily reachable by well-equipped walkers; in most cases no climbing equipment is required.  In this video, top contributor Ryzone brought a drone along for a hike in the mountains of eastern Oahu, the states's most populous island.  The video shows the hikers reaching the tops of some spectacular seaside rock hills and shoot some epic dronies.


Hawaiki nui vaa 2017

Tahiti Fly Shoot

The Polynesian people who initially populated Hawaii were some of the earth's first seagoing peoples, and (as with other seagoing cultures) the key was having the right type of boat.  In this case, it was a boat style called a Va'a, which is an outrigger type canoe that has proven its seaworthiness over the centuries.  Tahiti Fly Shoot flew over the 2017 Hawaiki Nui Va'a race and created this spectacular drone video of the event, which is the largest such outrigger canoe event in the world.    


Hawaï : Big Island & Kauai [4K]


The eight islands comprising the American state of Hawaii offer a broad range of geography that includes volcanoes, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and lush green landscapes, and each has its own unique lure to locals and guests.  Videographer TheDroneTrip felt the pull towards Kaua'i, known as the Garden Island, and the appropriately named Big Island, known for its Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, to make this incredible 4k video of the Aloha State.


The Garden Island

Dragonfly UA&Visuals

Of Hawaii's four main islands, Kauai is best known as the filming locations for movies and television shows.  With natural scenery that is the equal of anything on the islands, it has become a magnet for film and TV producers seeking tropical backdrops.  Dragonfly UA&Visuals used a DJI Mavic Pro and ground cameras to create this amazing aerial video of the island which was a shooting location for Jurassic World, Tropic Thunder, Hook, and many more feature films.


Shipwreck Beach Lanai

iDrone Hawaii

Lanai is the smallest of the publicly accessible Hawaiian Islands.  The location of the island creates strong winds and treacherous Pacific Ocean currents which have caused many shipwrecks over the years.  In this video, contributor iDrone Hawaii uses a DJI Phantom 4 drone to fly over a wreck off of Lanai's Shipwreck Beach, so called because of the number of wrecks which inhabit the sea bottom off the island's shores.



Hawaii 2018