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The Magical World of Cappadocia


The otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia, formed by volcanic explosion, has long provided the perfect backdrop for hot air ballooning. In this spectacular video by drone pilot Andrii_Lutsyk, the sky is magically filled with the colorful nylon 'envelopes' (balloons) while the passengers - watching from the balloon's basket - are treated to the best views of the chimney rock formations, the countless stone churches, and the Bronze Age homes (:45), which were carved from the rock walls.

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Balloon Travel in the Ural Mountains

Vladimir Z...

The Ural Mountains are traditionally regarded as the border between European and Asian Russia.  Though the peaks of the Urals are not as tall as those of the Alps range to their west, they are one of the most important geographical features in Russia and are incredibly rich in mineral resources.  In this video, contributor and pilot Vladimir Zhilko treats us to a beautiful drone video of hot air balloons floating in the clouds above the mountain range, east of which lies the great expanse of Siberia.

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Cappadocia, Turkey is the believed to be the top worldwide destination for hot air ballooning.  The reason for this is primarily the other phenomenon for which this area is famous - its fairy tale chimneys, giant rock formations which are best appreciated from the air.  In this drone video, contributor AprilWed uses some epic editing techniques to make this fantastic drone time-lapse of the ballooning scene in this area of Central Anatolia, the region which cover much of the middle of the country. 

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Napa Hot Air Balloons


Bright and sunny skies, generally moderate winds, and beautiful aerial vineyard and winery views are three reasons why hot air ballooning has always been a big draw in Napa County, California.  This large wine growing center located northeast of San Francisco has many balloons floating over it on a given day, probably as many as any spot in the United States.  In this video, top content creator and pilot SF Drones gives us a drone view of the balloons floating in the crystal blue California sky. 

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Hot air balloon festival in Vietnam

Dang Cine ...

The hot air balloon festival that is held in the city of Huế, Vietnam draws people from countries all over including the Netherlands, Korea, India, Japan and more. Contributor Dang Cine captured aerial footage of the aerial spectacle with his drone and amongst the glowing orbs are some unique designs like a Smurf and a baby chick.  Huế is a historic town situated about midway down Vietnam's long South China Sea coastline, just a few km/mi inland upstream from the mouth of the Perfume River.  

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Turkey Hot Air Balloons

AirVūz Soc...

Voted one of the best places to take a hot air balloon ride in the world, Cappadocia, Turkey offers breathtaking views perfect for taking in while floating high above the Earth.  Driven by travelers intent on seeing the area's famous "fairytale chimney" rock formations from the air, Cappadocia has come to occupy a hallowed place within the worldwide ballooning community.   Watch the AirVūz compilation video of the best drone videos of soaring hot air balloons in Turkey! 

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2017 Clovisfest Hot Air Balloons!

Red Dragon...

Clovisfest is a Fall festival in Fresno, in California's Central Valley.  With beautiful views, warm dry air, and generally predictable wind conditions, the festival has become one of the top annual events in the country for hot air balloon enthusiasts.  Contributor UA&Visuals worked with the festival's organizers to create this beautiful promotional video of the event.  He's able to capture some epic footage of some of the balloons plying the skies over Fresno, which is about a two hour drive from Los Angeles.  

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Evening Balloon Flight UK

Kevin Watk...

Despite its sometimes-inclement weather and strong winds, hot air ballooning is quite popular in the United Kingdom.  Many of the world's top hot air ballooning pilots hail from the British Isles, and UK billionaire Richard Branson is a notable hot air balloon enthusiast.  In this video, contributor Kevin Watkins captured some hot air balloonists flying in the early evening in the UK. The flying site is in Archway in southeastern England, not far from the capital city London.   

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Hispadrone - The Balloon Dance #DJI #4K


The valleys and plains of southern Spain make for some amazing hot air ballooning.  Balloonists are treated to epic views of some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe, a place of amazing cliffs and rock formations and distant snow-capped mountains.  It's not surprising that Spain punches well above its weight in the world of hot air ballooning.  Creator Hispadrone brings us this amazing drone video of a hot air balloon riding the air above this magical part of Andalusian Spain.  

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My Craziest FPV Experience - Johnny FPV x Beautiful Destinations


When legendary first person view (FPV) drone pilot JohnnyFPV says he has a video that features his craziest FPV experience, you know it is going to be incredible.  In this epic and highly cinematic FPV freestyle video, he takes on the region of Cappadocia in central Turkey.   The area is famous for its fairy tale chimneys and the hot air balloons which fly over them, but you've likely never seen it from this perspective.  This epic, 4K, sixty-second piece is just a teaser for the full-length video he plans to release. 

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Kapadokya [ Cappadocia ] Vlog TURKEY in 4K


The semi-arid region in central Turkey called Cappadocia is a sight to behold. Check it out in this drone video, courtesy of world-traveling contributor and drone pilot dronesantana007. You’ll see both aerial and ground, close up shots of the area’s famous canyon houses and rock-face churches and monasteries. Many travelers choose to see the beautiful and otherworldly landscape from hot air balloon, something you will also see in this fabulous, 4K, birds-eye-view video. 

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Mavic Air flying amongst Hot Air Balloons in Teotihuacan


San Jaun Teotihuacán is an archaeological complex just northeast of Mexico City, Mexico. The once flourishing pre-Columbian city links the famous sites of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. Drone pilot PabloByrne used his DJI Mavic Air to fly amongst the hot air balloons which take tourists over the complex.  It's believed that the city of Teotihuacan was likely the largest city in the Western Hemisphere in the first half of the first milennium AD. 

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Hue City - the capital of feudal - Vietnam

Dang Cine ...

Contributor and drone pilot Dang Cine put together this excellent aeria video of a well-known hot air balloon festival in the Vietnamese city of Huế.  Held in April, the even draws balloonists and spectators from all over the world.  Huế is one of the most important cultural centers in Central Vietnam, and one of the country's dozen largest cities overall.  Capital of the Thừa Thiên-Huế Province, the city was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty until 1945 and was on the front line of the Vietnam War from 1945-75.

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Hot Air Balloon near Celje, Slovenia


For a first upload to AirVuz, mzynfoce brings us this stunning drone video of a hot-air balloon in the Central European country of Slovenia.  The video was filmed near Celje, Slovenia's third-largest city.  The area is part of the region of Styria (not to be confused with the Austrian region of the same name), which covers an east-central portion of the country.  The landscape here is one which transitions from the mountainous terrain that covers most of northern Slovenia to the Pannonian Plain, sometimes referred to as the Hungarian Plain.   

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#ComeToKapadokya Beşiktaş Balloon-4K

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Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü, also known as Beşiktaş, is a Turkish sports club founded in 1903, and based in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, Turkey. The football (or soccer in the USA) team is one of the most successful in the country and has never been relegated to a lower division. Pilot jesus_tr captured the team’s hot air ballon while in the famous Cappadocia region in this well-done, 4K drone video and drone-lapse.

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Ballontreffen Bad Griesbach 2019

copter one...

Check out this amazing drone video of some hot air balloons floating over southeastern Germany.  The video was shot as the balloons flew over and around the town of Bad Griesbach.  It's situated in the southeastern corner of Lower Bavaria, the easternmost of the seven administrative regions of Bavaria.  The town is just a few km/mi west of the Danube River, which marks the boundary between Germany and Austria.  The rolling plains and red-roofed buildings of the region make a perfect backdrop for the colorful balloons.  

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Flying With Hot Air Balloons


Cappadocia, Turkey is known for its distinctive tall, cone-shaped rock formations. It’s a geological oddity, with its honeycombed hills set along the Anatolian plains. A popular activity in Göreme is hot-air ballooning. Look at the dozens of colorful, hot-air balloons in as they liter the skyline in this video by ssolunoglu. Opening with drone shots of the unique experience, it moves in to a time-lapse of the balloons as they travel across the sky.

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Air Cappadocia: Turkey

aquinox me...

The area around Cappadocia in central Turkey is known for two things: (1) its spectacular "fairy tale chimney" rock formations and (2) hot air balloons.  This is not coincidental; the reason hot air ballooning became so popular here is that it afforded the best way to view the spectacular natural scenery, which is a function of the unusual patterns of sedimentation and erosion which prevail here.  The balloons themselves create a skyscape which beautifully compliments the landscape.  Witness this fantastic drone video from Aquinox Media.  


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Fly from and in hot air balloon

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Drone Hot Air Balloon

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Lost in Time

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Crowded sky

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Up, Above the Mountains

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Cappadocia II

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Небесный вояж 2018

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