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CH drone

Lake Geneva is one of the most well known sites in the Alps region, as well as one of the world's most famous freshwater lakes.  It forms part of the border between Switzerland and France, although its "Geneva end" and the city itself sit entirely within Switzerland.  It is a very long long (73 km or 45 mi) and deep (max depth of over 300 meters  or 1k ft) lake, one of the largest in Europe.  Enjoy the bird's eye views of this amazing Alpine lake, courtesty of contributor CH Drone.  




Lake Como is Italy's third largest but best known lake.  It is situated in the Lombardy region in the northern part of the country, near the Swiss border.  This deep, glacial lake in the foothills of the Italian Alps has been a favored getaway for wealthy travelers since Roman times.  Contributor Yoelkamara flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over Lake Como, creating this marvelous aerial look of this stunning alpine body of water, one of the most iconic sites in Italy.


Winter Wonderland at Lake Balaton

Skytech Film

Lake Balaton in western Hungary is one of the largest  lakes in Europe.  The narrow, shallow lake (its average depth is about 3m or 10 ft) extends nearly 80 km (50 mi) lengthwise along a northeast axis, with a mountainous landscape on the northwest side and a much flatter one on the other, which lies on the Great Hungarian Plain.  Contributor Skytech film created an amazing drone video of this notable  body of (frozen) water during the depths of winter.   


Lake Garda 4K

Chris Borg

Lake Garda is Italy's largest lake.  It's situated on the border betwen Italy's Piedmont and Lombardy regions,  near the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains (part of the Alps system).  The stunningly beautiful lake has "starred" in many movies, most notably as the filming location for the opening scene of the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum Solace.  Top content creator Chris Berg treats us to a stunning aerial tour of the lake and mountainous surroundings.


Autumn of Naiman Lake

Bagi Max

Naiman Lake is a large freshwater body in the Central Asian country of Mongolia.  It is located in the middle of the country, to the southwest of the capital city Ulan Bator.  The lake sits nearly 2.4k meters (about 8k ft) above sea level on the Great Mongolian Plateau, one of the most important geological features of Central Asia.  Contributor Bagi Max used a drone to create an unforgettable aerial tour of this incredibly beautiful place during the peak of Autumn colors. 


Skadar Lake. Morning 2017


Skadar Lake is the largest in southeastern Europe.  It lies on the border between Montenegro and Albania in the Balkans.  It covers a surface area of about 500 square km (about 200 square mi.).  The lake is connected to the nearby Adriatic Sea by the Bojana River and is also connected by another river to Lake Ohrid, another important lake in the region.  Contributor Fox Creativity flew a DJI drone over this lovely Balkan lake one fine morning, creating this memorable bird's eye view.  


First snow - Kühtai / Finstertal Lake


Austria's Finstertal Lake (Finstertalspeicher) lies in the heart of the Tyrol province in the western part of the country, not far from Salzburg.  The magnificent alpine lake is known for its aqua blue color, on which the peaks of the surrounding Tyrolean Alps reflect.  Contributor DJPhotography flew his drone over this beautiful area in September, just as the season was starting to turn.  The aerial footage of this alpine valley will make your jaw drop. 



Shane Mc Grath Photography

This video is of the stunning Lake Bled and Waterfall Savica in Slovenia. Lake Bled is in the Julian Alps (a sub-chain of the main Alps range) of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled.  This beautiful small town has a castle overlooking the lake and an island sitting in the middle of it.  Contributor Shane McGrath used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial tour of this UNESCO World Heritage site.  


Pink "Lake Hillier", Middle Island with Esperance Island Cruises

  • Jaimen
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  • 3 years ago

Lake Hillier is a highly unusual lake on Middle Island,  a small island situated just off of the southern coast of the state of Western Australia.  Due to the presence of an unusual organism, the color of the lake's water is a vibrant pink hue.  In this video, contributor and drone pilot Jaimen Hudson worked with a cruise line operating on the lake to produce an amazing aerial perspective of a one of a kind body of water.  


Lääminki (from Dawn till Dusk)


Lake Laaminki sits in southern Finland, near the town of Kangasniemi.  The forest surrounding the lake is what one would picture in a postcard for Finland, thousands of acres of pine trees under a crystal clear sky.  Contributor Timoksanen flew his Yuneec Typhoon drone over this magnificent bit of Scandinavia and produced this amazing aerial video of an iconic Finnish lake and forest scene.  The proverbial icing on the cake is the magnificent pink sunset.  


Horses on the beach

  • FlyONE
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  • 2 years ago

FlyONE used a drone to create this epic video of horses riding along the shore of Turkey's largest lake.  Lake Van lies in the country's Eastern Anatolian region, not far from the border with Iran.  The lake covers almost 3.8k square km (just under 1.5k square mi), with a maximum depth of 450 meters (just under 1.5k ft).  It is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the world.  The lake's unique structural features have led to its being closely studied by geologists around the world.



Alp Karagulle

Among the more amazing natural sights in Turkey's Central Anatolia region is Lake Tuz.  It's the second largest lake in Turkey (after Lake Van) and one of the largest salt lakes in the world.  Located roughly between the cities of Konya and Ankara, the lake covers about 1.6k square km (a bit over 600 square mi).  It is home to one of the world's largest bird sanctuaries.  Alp Karaguelle created this epic drone selfie flying over this amazing salt lake on the great Central Anatolian Plain.


OHRID - Coastline

Uncle Damn

Lake Ohrid is one of the most spectacular bits of natural scenery in the Balkans.  One of the largest lakes in the region, it forms part of the border between Macedonia and Albania.  It is one of a handful of UNESCO World Heritage sites to be designated as both a natural and cultural site.  In this video, top contributor Uncle Damn gives us a bird's eye view of the area around the city of Ohrid on the lake's northeastern shore, one of the most popular destinations on this deep, crystal blue lake.


Meke Volcanic Lake Konya/TURKEY


Lake Meke is a crater lake that was formed in south central Turkey when a volcano erupted 4 million years ago.  The inner crater of the lake was formed from a much more recent eruption about 9,000 years ago.  Now a registered natural monument of Turkey, it is situated in the Konya province of the country's Central Anatolia region.  This drone video by Orhan Karaman provides a clear view of the famous copper volcanic cone island and the two surrounding lakes.


Königssee "Above the clouds"

Javi Mora

The area around Lake Königsee, Germany's deepest and cleanest lake, provides a variety of recreational entertainment for tourists, including hiking, swimming, boating, and even enjoying the echo demonstrations against the rocky mountain walls.  Videographer Javi Mora captured his own exciting hike up the trails with his drone and used the footage to create this phenomenally edited video, which shows off the charming colors of the region and was nominated for Drone Video of the Week. 


Central America kite boarding on Lake Nicaragua


Contributor Ryanscotthoag created this amazing drone video of one of the world's top windsurfers on the largest lake in Central America.  Lake Nicaragua is situated on the western side of the country of the same name.  The lake is massive - over 8.2k square km (about 3.2k square mi.), making it one of the 20 largest lakes in the world.  With its size and strong steady winds, it's become something of a mecca for kitesurfers around the world.



Travel Lifestyle

While many of Croatia's best known areas are along its Adriatic Sea coastline, the country's mountainous interior has much to offer as well.  One of the natural treasures is the Plitvice Lakes area, near the border with neighboring Bosnia Herzegovina.  Part of a national park, the area is now one of the country's biggest tourist destinations.  In this video, contributor Travel Lifestyle gives us an epic bird's eye view of this spectacular region in the Balkan Mountains.


Lago Maggiore Islands filmed at sunset with a drone - DJI Inspire2 and Zenmuse X7


Top contributor used a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this spectacular aerial video of Italy's second largest lake.  Lake Maggiore is in the northwestern part of the country, on the border with Switzerland.  It's Italian shoreline is shared by Piedmont and Lombardy regions.  Although not as large as Lake Garda nor as well known as Lake Como (both of which lie to its east), it is nonetheless one of the natural treasures of northern Italy.


Lake of Italy: Lago d'Orta. Cinematic aerial drone footage filmed with DJI Zenmuse X7 camera


Lago D'Orta is one of the lakes of the Piedmont region in the northwestern part of the country.  It is easily accessible on the railroad that connects the Piedmontese capital of Turin to Milan in neighboring Lombardy.  In this video, top contributor used a Zenmuse X7 camera attached to a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this amazing bird's eye view of the beautiful alpine lake, including the iconic looking architecture of the buildings on San Giulio Island.


Lake BAFA - Ancient City of Herakleia


Contributor Ezgierol used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this magnificent video of one of the most important lakes in Turkey.  The lake is part of the Bafa Lake Nature Preserve, which straddles the Muğla and Aydin Provinces of southwestern Turkey.  Prior to the Classical Period, the lake was actually part of a gulf of the Aegean Sea.  You'll also see some epic aerial footage of the ruins of Herakleia, an ancient city which is an important cultural landmark of the region.


The Lake District Nation Park, UK.


The Lake District is an area of lakes and rolling mountains in the northwest section of England, in County Cumbria.  It is one of the most popular tourist areas of North England, and is also designated as a UNESCO Natural Heritage site.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro drone, contributor Agrippa907th created this amazing aerial video of this national treasure, which occupied an important place in the imaginations of some of England's most famous poets and novelists.