Epic Mountain Surfing by Gab707
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Dragonstone - First person view dragon flight?

  • Gab707
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  • a month ago

With the final season of the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" airing this year, just about everyone is feeling inspired to create something dynamic thanks to the awarding-winning show. That includes long-range, cinematic king Gab707. This mountain surfing flight, set to the score for “Dragonstone,” is a gorgeous, dragon-inspired flight by the AirVūz and DRL pilot. He was inspired by GOT, you’ll be inspired by him. 

Going the Distance Over the Desert
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Conquering Titans

VerJan FPV

Verjan FPV dominates some ginormous crimson rock towers in the deserts of Utah, USA.  His long range session looks like he sent his quad all the way to mars with the fiery red landscape lit up by the transitioning sun.  Smoke in the distance from wildfires in Colorado create an even more unearthly vibe in this gutsy long range flight.

Bold Moves Around the Rocks
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1,700ft Cliff Dive | Drone | Shiprock New Mexico

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  • a year ago

The very gifted FPV pilot JZFPV surprised himself after flying in windy conditions, without stabilization, around the Shiprock rock formation in New Mexico, USA.  This solitary natural structure shoots out of the flat desert floor without any competing peaks nearby.  It provides the space for some surreal and intense cliff diving.  See him charge down 1,700 feet of jagged rock face in this epic long range flight.

Pushing to the Peak
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Touch the Ice / FPV Long Range One Lipo

Menga FPV

FPV pilot Menga FPV pushes his skills and battery to the limit in order to reach the icy peak in this awesome long range flight.  Through out this freestyle session he rushes over surprisingly diverse terrains in this one path.  From a flower filled meadow, to moss-covered crags, and then finally the snow-covered glacier at the finish.  

Testing the Limits at High Elevations
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Into the Wild // Long Range Addiction


Contributor vasiliz has NO CHILL whatsoever in this epic long range FPV flight compilation.  His flying style out in the wild beyond is untamed and daring as he cuts through jagged mountain ridges, dives steep bluffs, and climbs rock with the local wildlife.  Check out his FPV skills in this drone video then see his other uploads on his profile.

Daring to go the Distance in the Dolomites
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FPV Long Range | THE ALPS

Davide FPV

What better place is there to experience the ultimate FPV long range flight than in the Italian Dolomites? FPV pilot Davide FPV ventured out to the Alpine mountain range for a freestyle session of a lifetime.  Geared up with his FULL TBS Armattan Chameleon, he takes on the snowy mountain landscape without error.

Cruising over an Army Bando
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Army Bando

  • Pepone
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  • 5 months ago

This long-range flight by Pepone will have you fixing to find your own rocky location to take flight. Soaring along the ridges of the rocky crevices, the view of the water in the horizon leaves you feeling all kind of relaxed - until you find out the location is an abandonded military fort. We'd be willng to guess the location wasn't always as serene as Pepone is making it seem. 

Pushing his Edges over Bear Butte, SD
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FPV Paradise - Long Range Lines Bear Butte, SD

Stephen Peot

Flying through the Great Plains of South Dakota, FPV pilot Stephen Peot explores the Bear Butte, which he justly refers to as an "FPV paradise"!  He takes his long range flight over and along the jagged ridges of the geological landmark with ease.  This flight is proof that paradise can be found in South Dakota and that Stephen's FPV skills are super lit.

Surfing the Peaks of the Dolomites
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Dolomites Moments | FPV Long Range and FreeStyle

Davide FPV

The Dolomites Mountain Range in northeastern Italy is an aerial cinematographer's dream. Putting a contemporary twist on the average video, Davide FPV uses his mini quad to capture the beauty of the range. This video of twists and turns, power loops, barrel rolls and more makes the viewer feel like they're in a twisted version of the Sound of Music. 


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The Cold Edge of the World

  • Gab707
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  • 7 months ago
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Free your mind

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Climb and fly!

  • Gab707
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  • a year ago
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Slow Down

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