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Aerial Tour of Mindanao
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Majestic Mindanao, South of Philippines


Liwanderers used a combination of drone and ground camera footage to create this impressive aerial tour of Mindanao, Philippines.  Mindanao is an oddly shaped island which includes a "finger" pointed at hunreds of smaller islands in the Sulu Sea to its west in the Sulu Sea.  The island itself has a population of over 20 million, and the region (which includes the outlying islands) is closer to 25 million.   The region is often referred to as the Southern Philippines.  

Surigao del Norte: Siargao Island
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Beautiful Island Philippines, Siargao


Of the islands that comprise the Mindanao Region of the Philippines, Siargo is the best known.  It is situated to the northeast of the main island of Mindanao, in the province of Surigao del Norte.  Siargo has some of the most magnificent natural scenery in the Philippines, with stunning white sand beaches, extensive coral reefs, and giant mangroves.  Contributor Deka0831 used her drone to bring us this amazing aerial tour of this island in the Southern Philippines.

Davao: Capital of Mindanao
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Davao Philippines


Contributor ArgeeDelacruz used a combination of ground and drone footage to create this video of the city of Davao, Philippines and the surrounding area.  Davao is the largest city on the island of Mindanao, the southernmost of the major Philippines islands and the second most populous after Luzon.  The Davao City metropolitan area is the third largest in the country, after Greater Manila on Luzon and Cebu City on Cebu in the Central Visayan Islands.

Sulu Archipelago: Tenusa Island
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Tenusa Island - Basilan

Ian Gongona

Check out this fantastic drone video of an almost-unkown island in the Philippines.  Tenusa Island is part of the Sulu Archipelago, a group of islands lying to the west of Mindanao, the main island of the southern Philippines.  Tenusa (Bihintinusa) is a tiny island lying off of the southern coast of Basilan, the largest of the Sulu's.  Barely visible on a map, and with no permanent residents, Tenusa sparkles in the Sulu Sea.  The video was created by contributor Ian Gongona. 

Aerial Tour of Surigao del Norte
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"Anak" - A Department of Tourism's ad


Philippines' Surigao del Norte province sits on several islands, with the largest portion on the north end of Mindanao, the major island of the southern part of the Philippines.  Contributor Franz Pilot shot this aerial video of this area, which was close to the site of a major World War II naval battle, for the Philippines Department of Tourism.  Using an Inspire 1 and a Phantom 4 Pro drone from DJI, his video captures the beauty of the area, including the Hinatuan ("Enhanted") River.

Bohol Sea: Camiguin Island
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Heaven Island Philippines, Camiguin / White island


After Sirgao, the most well known of the smaller islands of the Philippines Mindanao region is probably Camiguin.  Only about 240 square km (about 90 square mi), Camiguin is situated in the Bohol Sea, off the northwestern part of the island of Mindanao.  As you will see in this drone video by Deka0831, it's a stunning little bit of paradise, with a hilly interior surrounded by appealing white sandbars and sparkling blue seas.

Drone over Davao
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Land of Promise (The most livable City the city of Davao)


To get a sense of what the Philippines #3 city looks like from the air, check out this drone video by Nehvolution.  He flies over Davao, the largest city in the southern region of the country.  It sits in the southeastern part of the island of Mindanao, on the Gulf of Davao.  The video will take you through the center of the city and its suburbs; together they make up the Davao metropolitan area, which is the third largest in the Philippines.  

Gulf of Mindanao: Samal Island
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Beautiful White Sand Beach (Samal Island)


Here is a great aerial tour of the island of Samal in the southern Philippines, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Nehvolution.  Samal is in the Davao Gulf of Mindanao, the main island of the southern part of the country and its second most populated after Luzon.  Samal is close to Davao City, the capital of the Mindanao province and the center of the country's third largest metro area.  Proximity to Davao City led to heavy bombing damaga on Samal in World War II. 

Northern Mindanao: Mambuaya
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DJI Phantom 3 - Mambuaya Philippines

Stonemedia Entertainment

Stonemediaentertainment created this beautiful drone video of a very tropical spot in the southern Philippines.  It's a town called Mambuaya, and it's located near Cagayan De Oro, the principal city of Northern Mindanao.  Northern Mindanao is a region which includes five provinces, including the well known Camiguin Island which lies off the coast of the main island of Mindanao.   Mindanao is the country's second largest island and population center.  

Manigue Island
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Mantigue Island, Camiguin

Ian Gongona

Check out this beautiful drone video of a small island in the southern Philippines, compliments of contributor Ian Gongona.  Mantigue Island is located just a few km/mi from the island of Camiguin in the Bohol Sea.  Camigiguin in turn is located just 10 km (about 6 mi.) off the northern coast of Mindanao, the principal island of the southern part of the Philippines archipelago.  Part of the province of Northern Mindanao, Mangigue is accessible via a 30 minute boat ride from "mainland" Mindanao.  

Camiguin's Sunken Cemetery
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The Sunken Cemetery

Ian Gongona

Check out this amazing drone video of a "sunken cemetery" in the southern Philippines, compliments of contributor Ian Gongona.  It's located just off of the island of Camiguin, a few km/mi. from the northern coast of Mindanao.  Due to changes in the landscape caused by a series of eruptions of nearby Mt. Vulcan, the gravesite which existed here became submerged.  In the early 1980's, a cross was put into the lave to mark the location of the now-submerged graves.  

The Davao Region by Air
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Summer 2017


Check out this beautiful drone video of the an area of the southern Philippines, compliments of contributor bukopando.  The Davao Region occupies the southeastern part of Mindanao, the giant island which is the core of the large region known variously as Mindanao and the Southern Philippines.  The Davao Region coastline forms the Gulf of Davao, at the head of which is Davao City, the regional capital and third largest urban area in the country after Manila and Cebu City.  


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