Discover Mountain Biking Footage from a Drone's Perspective

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Join FPV master airblastr while he races through the woods chasing a professional mountain biker! The lines and cinematic shots he's able to capture are one of a kind, as they were taken at a super-high speed that's only possible with a nimble, yet lightning-fast racing drone. This cruise through the woodland track around the biker will blow your mind (and perhaps push your heart rate up a few clicks as well). This video is a 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Technical nominee.

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Raise hell - Aerial cut

Kelly's Heroes

Contributor Kelly's Heroes shares captured aerial footage of German MTB pro, Nico Vink, "raising hell" on a track that he designed himself.  It takes a highly skilled drone pilot to keep up with his insane speed as he jumps and zooms through gaps in the forest. Watch now to get into these tricks on the track!

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FPV plus MTB is the way to be.  Drone pilot Red—fpv takes us through yet another adrenaline-charging FPV flight in this mountain bike chase drone video.  Riding in perfect tandem with the cyclist as he charges downhill, winding through trees, and taking wild jumps, he also takes a few chance moments to throw in a few manuevers and exhibit his epic skills as an FPV pilot. Don't miss this one!

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Promo Desafio Caballero Negro

alpha drones

For an epic mountain biking landscape, it's hard to beat central Spain.  The region is full of mid-sized hills accessible to mountain bikes, unpaved roads, and uncountable scenes of natural and cultural beauty.  Check out this promotional video for Spanish mountain bike company Caballero Negro.  The course runs 300km (about 180 mi) through some of the most spectacular spots in the heart of the great nation.  This is some serious mountain biking on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Feel the flow

Julien Ferrandez Photography

We have drone pilot and contributor Julien Ferrandez Photography in this video, high up on a mountain ridge in the French Alps and feeling that drone flow in this incredible aerial footage!  Watch as a mountain biker bravely courses through a serpentine mountain-top trail atop one of the magnificent mountains in the region. Go on this wild ride from an aerial view and feel that flow for yourself.

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Mountain bike in French Alps

  • kaohb7
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  • 2 years ago

This is mountain biking at an extremely elevated level! Contributor kaohb7 took his DJI Mavic Pro to Le Pic de la Corne in the northern region of the French Alps mountain range to capture a lone mountain biker. The aerial footage shows him taking on a steep meandering trail with nothing but his bike, the scenic views, and a single cross to guide him through.

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Mountain Bike Adventure!


This is a mountain bike and aerial adventure of epic proportions! Contributor AndrewAchter got out to the Spirit Mountain Adventure Park in Duluth, Minnesota, USA to film his MTB friends ripping it up on the awesome trails. He catches them above and below as they race through the obstacles and winding paths that cut through the dense Minnesotan forest.

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Extreme Downhill Freeride Mountain Biking in the High Desert with Da Boys

indo eye

In the high desert of the Sierras of California, these MTB dudes go on an intense downhill ride through the dry, mountainous terrain and contributor indo eye captured it all via drone. These adrenaline seekers take some insane dives off steep inclines and fly across the mountain ridges all on bike. See all the madness in this awesome drone video by contributor Indo Eye.  This video was picked as a finalist in the Sports category for the first Annual Drone Video Awards.

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Copper City Trails - MTB meets FPV!


FPV pilot airblastr goes on a mountain biking rip session adventure with his buddy at the Copper City Trails in Three Forks, Montana, USA to put his FPV skills to the test. The vast landscape seems to tempt him away from chasing his MTB pal, but he still manages to keep his flight low and his proximity close. 


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Downhill MTB vs DRONE

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Lessinia Legend

Luke Bussola
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Magic moose