DVOW Nominee from NZ
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New Zealand 4K


New Zealand is one of the most visually interesting and dynamic islands in the world. Made up of two main islands, the landscape is marked by both volcanoes and glaciation. Popular locations include Mt. Victoria, South Island’s Fiordland and Southern Lakes, all of which played a part in the award-winning “Lord of the Rings” films. This incredible 4K aerial film, (a DVOW winner in April 2019) by drone pilot traveladdicted explores some of the incredible locations on the North Island in this memorable piece.

DVOW Nominated Video from New Zealand
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A New Zealand Adventure - 4K Drone

  • BenMack
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  • 8 months ago

Professional photographer Ben Mack packed his drone on a family trip to New Zealand, and the final product was a breathtaking Drone Video of the Week nominated film that we can't stop watching.  The views of this southwestern Pacific country are woven beautifully with poignant clips of his family enjoying those same sights.  With a terrain boasting volcanoes, glaciers, forests and beaches, we can see why this two-island nation is a top tourism destination for families and drone pilots alike!

Tour of NZ by Mavic Pro
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New Zealand


Contributor and drone pilot Huette skillfully condensed over a month of travel throughout New Zealand into this epic 60 second drone video of the great Pacific Ocean country.  His video features aerial footage of mountain hikes, glaciers, ocean kiteboarding, the magnificent Milford Sound, and the North Island's Cathedral Cove nature preserve.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video will show you the incredible beauty of this magic Pacific Ocean country.  

Queenstown to Auckland
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New Zealand


This cinematic aerial exploration follows contributor Lilabmedia’s 18-day journey from Queenstown to Auckland, as she travels across both the North Island and South Island of New Zealand with her companion Van. A drone video rich in detail reveals tall steamy mountains, waterfall tendrils ending in glassy pools, pristine beaches, and shadows from clouds as they move across the blowing countryside. For a brief aerial tour of the length a beautiful country, it's hard to beat this production.

New Zealand by DJI Phantom 4
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Misty scenes dominate this ethereal aerial video of New Zealand by contributor Chris Grewe.   He shot this video with a DJI Phantom 4 drone over a three week trip, which covered both the North and South Islands.  Expansive beach cliffs are contrasted with detailed forest foliage and streams, and beach spray turns to mountain fog as chrisgrewe’s drone moves inland from the coast to showcase the country's wide variety of life.  For those contemplating a trip to the country, it's not to be missed.

One Year in New Zealand
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My Year 2017 | New Zealand


“As important as that is to look where you’re going, also take the time to stop and look back at where you’ve been.” In this vivid aerial showcase, filmmaker Michael Roberts reflects on an epic year of travel around New Zealand with his drone and his imagination.  The video features epic aerials of iconic New Zealand scenes such as boating Milford Sound and fishing the cliffs of Canterbury. A year in the making, this is a drone video which is not to be missed! 

Exploring New Zealand by Drone
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New Zealand, the Magnificent!

  • Jtupe
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  • a year ago

Merriam-Webster defines ‘phantasmagoria’ as “a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined; a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage,” and this aerial showcase complete with snowy mountains, sand dunes, steamy rainforests, and scenic vistas makes it easy to see why drone video creator Jtupe uses the word to describe his exploration of New Zealand.  This video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Drone Tour of the North Island
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New Zealand's North Island


Take an aerial tour of the North Island of New Zealand, compliments of contributor and drone pilot RJurevics.  The North Island, while smaller in land area than the South, is by far the more populous of the country's two main islands.  It includes most of the country's main cities, as well as some of its most spectacular natural scenery.  This video of the world's 14th largest island was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week contest in April, 2019.

New Zealand's Great Barrier Island
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Great Barrier Island: The 4K Adventure

Cameron McGeorge

You've heard of the Great Barrier Reef, but what about the Great Barrier Island? This dynamic drone video showcases the natural beauty of New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island, which lies to the northwest of the country's North Island. About 60% of the island is a nature reserve and boasts some of the best diving and boating in the country in its turquoise-colored eastern bays. On the island, dramatic rocky shoreline contrasts with sweeping sand beaches and thick tropical forest.


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Mont Albert

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CH drone
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Droneland 2018 - Auckland

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Amazing New Zealand