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DVA Nominated Video of Morocco
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Winds From Morocco


Morocco, in northwestern Africa, offers a unique blend of Arab, Spanish, and French cultures.  A fascinating place, it's been used as a filming location for numerous Game of Thrones episodes - Yunkai and Astopor among others are actually Moroccan towns.  Contributor Bernardo Bacalau used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this unforgettable aerial survey of the country.  This video was chosen as a finalist for the AirVuz 2017 Drone Video Awards in the Countries category. 

Libya's Akakus Mountains
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Majestic Desert of Akakus

Naim sh

Contributor Naim sh brings us this amazing drone video of some spectacular rock formations in the Libyan desert.  The Acacus Mountains begin at Ghat in the country's southwestern corner (near the Algerian border) and extend northward, forming part of the Sahara Desert.  The rock formations you'll see in the video host some of the world's most well known pre-historic cave art.   With paintings that are as old as 14 millennia, the area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Algiers: Algerian Capital City
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Algiers the White Capital from the Sky

Waleed Algeria

Behold this aerial tour of Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.  With a metropolitan population of over 5 million, Algiers is the second largest city in North Africa after Cairo.  Lying in the north of the country on the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers represents a unique blend of African and European (specifically, French) cultures.  In this remarkable video, AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Waleed treats us to an amazing look at this spectacular city and its surroundings, all from a bird's eye view! 

Roman Ruins in Tunisia
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Amphitheatre of El Jem

Fabio Knoll

The amphitheatre El Jem was built in 238 AD in Thysdrus, in a Roman province of Africa that is present-day El Djem, Tunisia. It is widely considered to be the best set of Roman ruins in all of Africa, and indeed one of the best in the world. Built for spectator events, and with estimated capacity of 35k, it's alsp one of the biggest amphitheatres in the world. Top contributor Fabio Knoll used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this site, which later served as a military fortress.

Egypt's Western Desert
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Bahariya Black and White Desert Safari by ShanTVision

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Bahariya is a desert valley in near the center of Egypt in North Africa.  Situated in the country's Western Desert, it  is mentioned in various texts from ancient Egypt.  In this amazing video, contributor Til used a drone to capture aerial footage of  the "Mushroom" and "The camel" shaped rock formations which lies within a national park in the desert.  It should be pointed out that this  video was taken prior to the enactment of laws which make it illegal to fly drones in Egypt's national parks.   

Ruined Berber Village in Tunisia
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Chenini, Tunisia

Fabio Knoll

In this video, top contributor Fabian Knoll uses his drone to create an aerial portrait of Chenini, a ruined Berber village in the Tataouine district of southern Tunisia.  The village had been a fortified granary. Famously, the Tataouine area was the filming location for "Tatooine", the fictional planet of the Star Wars series.  Iconic scenes filmed in this area include the famous "argument" between Threepio and Artoo in the original film, now known officially as Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).

Drone Tour of Senegal
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Senegal 2016


Contributor Mr. Bur used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create an aeria mini-tour of Senegal.  Senegal is a a country situated on the Atlantic Coast of North Africa.  Formerly one of France's colonial possessions in Africa, the country was originally granted independence as part of the Mali Federation in 1960.  However, the federation was a short-lived entity that quickly dissolved to form Senegal and its neighbor Mali, Senegal being somewhat the smaller of the two nations.

Dakhla by Drone
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🐪Traveling with Isa #4 - Exploring Dakhla🐪


Dhakla is a North African city in the far western Sahara Desert.  It is situated on a peninula into the Atlantic Ocean, and the majority of its people are part of the Berber ethnic group.  It is part of the Western Sahara, a disputed territory that is currently administered by Morrocco.  In this incredible video, contributor and world traveler Isabelle Fabre uses a drone and some amazing editing techniques to capture her kiteboarding in this desert region.  

Lighthouse off the Sudanese Coast
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A Lighthouse Alone at Sea


The North African country Sudan is enormous - with a land area of almost 1.9 million square km (over 700k square mi) it is amongst the 15 largest countries in the world.  While most of the land area is interior desert (part of the vastness of the Saraha, which covers much of North Africa), Sudan has a coastline along the Red Sea.  Contributor Jeff Langdon used a drone to aerially film a lighthouse at Sanganeb National Park on Mukawwar, on island which lies off this Sudanese coast.  

Marrakesh: Moroccan Cultural Treasure
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Marrakesh from Above | DJI Mavic Pro


SlymoFPV used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning aerial tour of Marrakesh, Morocco.  Marrakesh is the country's fourth largest city.  Marrakesh is located near the geographic center of the country, just north of the Atlas Mountains which dominate much of the interior of the country.  Founded in the 11th century, it is considered by many to be the cultural capital of this vast North African country.  The old city was one of the most heavily fortified towns in the Muslim world.  

Siwa, Egypt: Oasis in the Sahara
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The Siwa Oasis in Egypt's Great Western Desert

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Conributor Etch created this marvelous bird's eye view of Siwa Oasis in Egypt's great Western Desert, a part of the great Sahara.  It's located just a few km/mi from the country's border with neighboring Libya to the west.  It's considered the most remote part of Egypt, North Africa's largest country by population.   The oasis was named for a famous oracle and was once known as Oasis of Amun Ra.  It's believed that the area was settled in the tenth millennium BC.  

Drone Views of Madeira
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This film captures the essence of a trip to Madeira, a group of islands off the coast of North Africa which are a semi-autonomous region of Portugal.  As you'll see from the video, Rocky cliffs, towering mountains, and shining coasts make this a great bucket list destination for any avid traveler.  Contributor used a combination of ground camera and drone footage to create this epic record of his trip, which was nominated for the Drone Video of the Month.

Canary Islands: Lanzarote
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Lanzarote - The Island Of Fire - Aerial & Timelapses 4K

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Lanzerote is part of the Canary Islands, a Spanish administered archipelago that lies off the coast of North Africa near Morrocco.  It is one of the more remote islands, situated to the northeast of better known Fuerteventura.  In this stunning video, contributor Pedrolftavares flies his DJI Phantom drone over the island, the closest of the Canaries to the African coast, giving us incredible aerial views of volcanos, black and white beaches, national parks and many more scenic vistas.

Tunisia's Cape Bon
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Amazing sunset from Kelibia, Tunisia


Contributor Thevmaker used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning aerial video of Kelibia, a small town in the very northeastern corner of Tunisia in North Africa.  It's situated at the tip of the Cape Bon Peninsula, which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea.  The beaches of Kelibia are considered some of the finest in the Mediterranean region.  At the :16 mark in the video, you'll get a look at the Kelibia Fort, a 16th century structure that is the city's most distinctive feature.

Rabat: Morocco's Capital City
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Rabat, Morocco

nabyl photography

Check out this drone video of Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  Rabat was a filming location for the 2015 movie Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the fifth in the series.  A port city situated on Morocco's Atlantic coastline, it's "only" about eight centuries old - young by Moroccan city standards.  The city gained some notoriety from appearing as a filming location for a high profile chase scene in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015), the fifth installment in the Mission Impossible series.  

Drone Tour of Algeria
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Contributor Hamza Charkaoui used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this stunning mini aerial tour of the great North African country of Algeria. Most of the video was shot along the country's Mediterranean coastline.  The coastline extends about 1.6k km (about 1k mi.) from west to east, with Algiers located about midway.  The footage in the video was taken away from the capital city, in remote parts of the coast that are simply spectacular.     

Tunisia's Planet Tatooine
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Drone Tribute to Planet Tatooine


Tunisia has a long connection with the Star Wars series.  It was a primary filming location for the original Star Wars film (1977, now called Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope) and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999).  A district called called Tatouine in south-central Tunisia inspired the fictional Planet Tatooine, one of the main locations of both episodes.  In this video, contributor Thevmaker created this surreal drone's eye view of this now-famous piece of the Sahara Desert. 

Kairouan: Tunisian Cultural Treasure
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Kairouan, Tunisia


Kairouan is one of the cultural gems of the North African country of Tunisia.  It's the capital of the province of the same name in the northeastern part of the country.  Founded n the 7th century, it occupies an important position in the worldwide religion of Islam.  Kairouan has also made its way into popular culture via the movies: the city "played the role" of 1930's Cairo in the 1981 blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark, the inaugural film of the Indiana Jones series.


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Flying with flamingos

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Morning commute in Tunisia

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