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DVOW Nominee from Northwest Norway
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Northwest Norway Above - Sunndalsøra | Drone 4K


Shot on the DJI Mavic Air and DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Polar Pro ND-filter, drone pilot vegardho brings us one of the most moving videos we have seen yet of northwest Norway. A Drone Video of the Week nominee in March of 2019, the 4K quality video brings us up over the snow-capped mountains, down to the rushing rivers, and out towards the sea at sunset. It’s magnificent in its breadth and quality; a short, cinematic gem. Bravo, vegardho!

DVOW Nominee from Northern Norway
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Polar Night


If you're a fan of "The Polar Express," the Caldecott Medal winning book turned movie starring Tom Hanks, then you're going to love this piece by haussmannvisuals. In the middle of winter the sun never fully rises around the Arctic Circle, but that doesn't mean only darkness. The aerial shots of the peaking sun's hues, twilight's glow and evening's sparkle over the famous Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway are simply stunning. This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week.

Aerial Tour of Northern Norway
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North Norway 4K


This epic video from Nikkelodeon will give you a sense for the pristine Arctic paradise to be found in northern Norway.  The video was shot across the entire northern part of the country, including the Lofoten Islands (which are the subject of a separate collection on AirVuz).   Northern Norway includes three counties, Nordland (which also includes the Lofoten Islands), Troms, and Finnmark; the latter two counties lie entirely north of the Arctic Circle.  

Troms County
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In this drone video, top contributor Timoksanen takes us north of the Arctic Circle to Troms County in northern Norway.  Troms is the second most northern country of Norway, and it lies entirely above the 22.5 degree latitude mark which denotes the Arctic Circle.  Most of the area is covered by the Scandinavian Mountains, and (as is the case with almost all of Norway's Atlantic coastline) there are islands aplenty.  It's a pristine environment, far from Norway's major population centers.  

Svartisen Glacier
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Kayaking in the Arctic - Svartisen glacier with Beyond Limits

Zdeno Dvorak

Like most outdoor activities, Kayaking depends on reasonable weather to be enjoyable.  Norway doesn't typically come to mind when one thinks of kayaking spots, but one of the surprising things about northern Norway is that the climate is relatively temperate.  In this video, contributor Zdeno Dvorak uses a drone to show us the joy of paddling a kayak in the area around Svartisen Glaciers in Norway's Nordland County, on the edge of the Arctic Circle.  

The Lyngen Alps
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Store Lakselvtinden, Lyngen Alps


Contributor Uglefisk created this amazing video of one of the highest peaks in the Lyngen Alps of northern Norway.  Contrary to what the name suggests, these mountains are not related to the Alps Mountain system; rather they are part of the Scandinavian Mountains system.  They are located in Troms County, which is north of the Arctic Circle.  Though not as tall as the "real" Alps, the Lyngen Alps present some of the most technically demanding climbing conditions in Europe.  

DVA Finalist from Arctic Norway
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Ludovico Einaudi & Greenpeace "Elegy for the Arctic"

The creative potential of drones to tell powerful stories is astounding.  In this video, the acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi is filmed playing a piano on an iceberg broken off from the Wahlenbergbreen, a glacier on the coast of Svalbard, Norway.  The music video was created to build awareness of global warming and its visible consequences in the Arctic, and was selected as a finalist for the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Originality category.  

Svalbard: Norway's Far North
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Zdeno Dvorak

For those seeking to go north, it's tough to go much further than Svalbard.  This is an archipelago of islands in the Arctic Ocean.  While it's part of Norway, its well north of the mainland - the northernmost part of the archipelago is at  81° north latitude.  That's well over half the distance between the northernmost part of continental Europe and the North Pole!  Zdeno Dvorak brings this arctic wonderland to life with this amazing drone video.  

Sanhornøya Island
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Langsanden Beach, Sanhornøya

Zdeno Dvorak

To make this drone video, top contributor Zdeno Dvorak headed to the southern reaches of his native region of northern Norway.  Not too far south, mind you.  Langsanden Beach, on the island of Sanhornøya, is still north of the Arctic Circle - barely.  It is situated a half hour boat ride south of Bodo, the capital of Nordland County.  As you'll see, Langsanden Beach is another example of the pristine environment which makes northern Norway such a special place for outdoors seekers.  

Senja Island
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An Epic Island with Hidden Wonders


In this video, you'll get an epic aerial view of an island in the far north of Norway.  Senja is the country's second largest island, covering about 1.6k square km (about 600 square mi).  It is situated in Troms County, well above the Arctic Circle.  If the Lofoten Islands are not far enough north to suit your taste, Senja provides some equally spectacular natural scenery and is about as far north as one can get and still be near some semblance of civilization! 

Finnmark County: Varanger
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Contributor Fotoknoff used a drone to create this epic video of a spot in the far northern reaches of Norway.  Varanger is a peninsula in Norway's Finnmark County, which is the northernmost part of mainland Norway.  It's the easternmost of a series of peninsulas which jut out into the Berents Sea.  The landcape is spectacular, more reminiscent of the Icelandic Highlands than the mountainous areas of northern Norway, which lie to its south.  

Drone Tour of Tromso County
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Tromso, Northern Norway

Babang Deshommes

Contributor Babang Deshommes created this amazing drone video of Tromso Country in Northern Norway.  While it's not the northernmost of the country's counties (that honor goes to Finnmark), it's well north of the Arctic Circle.  However, because of the presence of so much ocean, it's much more temperate than the lattitude would suggest.  The video, which was shot during the winter, shows a good deal of open water.  That being said, the days are awfully short above the Arctic Circle! 

Lenangstinden: Norway's #4 Peak
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Store Lenangstinden - Norway


Check out this stunning aerial view of an important mountain in northern Norway, compliments of contributor Uglefisk.  It's called Store Lenangstinden, and it's part of the Lyngen Alps, a range which runs through parts of Troms County (and which bears no relation to the Alps ranges of Central Europe).  The mountain has a peak elevation of just over 1.6k meters (around 5.4k ft.), making it the fourth tallest mountain in the country. It's just west of the Lyngenfjord, the longest in the county.  

Aerial Collage of Northern Norway
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Far North - Aerial perspective


Take a tour of the northern reaches of Norway in this amazing drone video, which was created with a combination of aerial footage from a DJI Inspire and a ground camera.  Northern Norway is actually an officially recognized region of this Scandinavian country, consisting of its three northernmost counties: Nordland, Toms, and Finnmark.  It covers an immense area of over 110k square km (over 40k square mi.), much of which is above the Arctic Circle, and in which fewer than 400,000 souls live.

Rock Climbing on Stetind
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Stetind West Wall by Hamed Razzaghi


Unless you are deathly afraid of heights, you will enjoy this drone video of some epic rock climbing in Northern Norway by contributor Hamed Razzaghi.  It was filmed at Stetind Mountain, located near Tysfjord in Nordland County.  The mountain is known for its smooth sides, which extend all the way from its peak to the fjord below.  With a peak elevation of just under 1.4k meters (about 4.6k ft.), it wasn't scaled until 1910.  It's known in part for its distinctive-looking obelisk shape.  


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Senja Cinematic