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Jeeps and Drones - Trail to SEMA 2017

Drone Dood...

This caravan of 4x4 Jeeps shows no fear of the often-treacherous landscape of the great American West it covers in this drone video.  Contributor Aerial Vision Chicago flies above the off road adventure, called SEMA, that takes these SUVs through an alternatively  rocky and watery, and always dirty trail.  SEMA stretches 1,900 miles from Chicago, Illinois all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Sakhalin: Discovery with a Land Rover


Sakhalin is a giant island in Far Eastern Russia in the Northern Pacific Ocean.  Its distance from the Russian capital in Moscow - almost 6.4k km (just under  4k mi.) is testament to the vast size of this country, which spans two continents.  In this remarkable video, contributor Vision.One used a drone to create an aerial perspective of an off-road event on Sakhalin organized by Land Rover.  The video follows a group of 4x4 vehicles as they trek across this enormous yet remote island in the far reaches of Northeast Asia.

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NAMIBIA 4k4 drone Exploration

geko exped...

Join AirVūz contributor and drone pilot Geko Expeditions as they take us on a very much off-road "drone safari" of the southwestern African nation of Namibia with their 4x4 Jeep.  See the stunning scenes they captured the heart of the African animal kingdom and the beautiful landscapes within it in this stunning 4K aerial production of the country.  A one-time German colony, Namibia became a sovereign nation in 1990 when it won its independence from South Africa following a bloody civil war.

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Sand Dunes + Toys + Inspire 2


The title of this epic drone video by contributor TJ Millard says it all. He uses a DJI Inspire drone to aerially film a group of friends tearing up sand dunes in the USA Pacific Northwest with some dune buggies.  The five 4x4 off roaders are accompanied by a couple of enduro bikers as the cruise the Box Car sand dunes, little-known zone of sand and fun on the Pacific Ocean coast line of southern Oregon.  

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Off-Road Clips


FPV drone pilot and contributor Yubeta.Blv FPV has broken much ground filming fast-moving off-road vehicles with an HD camera mounted to a racing quad.  This requires extraordinary piloting skill, in many ways more difficult than FPV chasing cars which are confined to roads and have more predictable motion patterns.  This video is a highlight reel of his best quadcopter-chasing-4x4 clips, each of which is epic in its own right.  

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Desert Life

Aerial Eye...

This may be the most cinematic aerial footage ever made of dune buggies.  Aerial Eye Visuals used a DJI Inspire drone to capture a group of friends driving their ATV's through endless sand dunes in a portion of the Arabian Desert near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  The ATV's in the sunset are beautiful to behold with a backdrop of the endless sands of the Empty Quarter (in Arabic, Rub' al Khali).  The largest contiguous desert area in the world, the Empty Quarter covers roughly the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula.   

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Tour 4X4

Francisco ...

Contributor and drone pilot Francisco Rodriguez shows us the versatility of the Mitsubish Sport Wagon SUV and the beauty of the Portuguese countryside, all in one video which combines ground footage with drone footage.  The video gives a full aerial/ground view of this 4x4 lapping up all that the rough terrain of this (unidentified) rural territory on the Iberia Peninsula - deep mud tracks, dense brush, and steep hills.  

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Iceland. Landd Cruiser 120. P4P

Rad Dab...
  • Rad Dab
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  • about 3 years ago

If you travel to Iceland and rent a vehicle with the intention of venturing far from the airport, you will be well advised to consider an off-road vehicle.  The island's geology is spectacular, unique, and...devastating to two wheel drive cars.  If you do go with a 4x4 and happen to bring a drone, you will be "inspired" by what Rad Dab did to make this epic drone video of a Toyota Land Cruiser venturing off the roads of iceland.   

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The Croatian Mountains with a Jeep

Travel Lif...

An abandoned military base in the mountainous Balkans make for an epic 4x4 road trip and a drone video to memorialize it.  Contributor Travel Lifestyle traveled with some friends in a Jeep on an adventure trip to an old Yugoslav Army base in the mountains that came to form international border separating Croatia from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Using ground footage to supplement their drone footage, they did an amazing job recording the highlights of their 4x4 trip to this eerie place.  

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Mesmerized // Lucerne Valley FpV

  • RidiN951
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  • about 1 year ago

Located in western San Bernardino County, California, the Lucerne Valley is an unincorporated city and valley in the southern Mojave Desert. Surrounded by the Granite, Ord, and San Bernardino Mountains the area has made appearances in famous films such as the original "Stagecoach" and horror flick "The Hills Have Eyes." It’s also where FPV pilot RidiN951 found himself mesmerized by the beauty of the rugged terrain and saw fit to make this awesome FPV video. 

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Dakar Rally by Drone

freeway pr...

The Dakar Rally is probably the world's most famous long-distance off-road race.  Featuring both two- and four-wheel races, it began as a race between Paris and Dakar in Senegal, West Africa (with some over-water transport) in 1978.  Beginning in 2009, due to security concerns on parts of the African leg of the course, it moved almost half a world away, to Peru in South America.  Top contributor freeway prod created this amazing drone video of the event, which kept its original name despite the venue change.  

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Crete Safari by Cretan Safari Land Rover Experience


Contributor and drone pilot dimitris.mitrolios created this marvelous promotional video for a company that does safari-type tours of the Greek island of Crete.  Situated south of the mainland, Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean by land area.  It covers over over 8,300 square km (around 3.2k square mi.).  Much of its population of roughly 600,000 is concentrated in a number of coastal cities, leaving many sparsely populated areas on the oblong-shaped island.  


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Moab: Shot on EVO

Autel Robo...
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Golden Sands

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2018 Ford Raptor + Inspire 2

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Jeep Travel - AUTODRIVE

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Desert Chase