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Altiplano: Plateau of the Andes

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Wildlife of Chile's Altiplano

FreD ...///...

Contributor FreD served up this epic video of the wildllife of the Altiplano in Chile.  Also known as the Andean Plain or the Bolivean Plain, the Altiplano is a key component of the Andes Mountain system.  It is the second largest high plateau in the world after the Tibetan Plateau.  Sitting in four countries, it is dominated by vicuna and llama herding, species which you'll see in abundance in this spectacular video. Most of the Antiplano territory is in Bolovia, with a portion in Argentina.

The USA's Great Plains

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Flying with Buffalo on America's Great Plains


As much as anything, the Great Plains of the United States is known for a long-vanished sight: massive herds of bison (American Buffalo), which at one point numbered over 25 million in population in North America.  While the species was nearly extinguished as American settlement moved inexorably west there has been some (modest) recovery in the population.  In this aerial video by Aerialphoto_brandon you'll see a few bison on the plains of northwestern Oklahoma.

The Moldovan Plateau of Eastern Europe

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Summer Sunset on the Moldovan Plateau


Although the Eastern European nation of Moldova is close to both the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, it has a distinctive landscape devoid of mountains or coastline.  Its dominating features are two rivers (the Dneister and the Prut, the latter a Danube tributary) betwen which most of the country lies, and the Moldavian Plateau which covers much of it.  In this video, Skycinema gives us an epic aerial view of this landscape in the northern part of the country.

Canada's Prairie Lands

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Travel Alberta


Alberta is the Canadian province where the prairies of central Canada and the mountains of western Canada meet.  Myworldphoto created this short but extremely impressive video of the southern part of the province, not far from the US border.  While the Canadian Rockies are visible in the background, the aerial video shows a side of Alberta such as expansive canola fields which resemble the landscape of Saskatchewan, the province to its east.  

The Mongolian Plateau

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Autumn of Naiman Lake

Bagi Max

Khuisiin Naiman Lake is a large freshwater body in the landlocked Northeast Asian country of Mongolia.  The oddly-shaped lake is located near the geographic center of the country, to the southwest of the capital city Ulan Bator.  The lake sits nearly 2.4k meters (about 8k ft) above sea level on the Great Mongolian Plateau, one of the most important geological features of Central Asia.  Contributor Bagi Max used a drone to create an unforgettable aerial tour of this incredibly beautiful place during the peak of Autumn colors. 

The Plains of Northern Germany

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Sunset over Wind Farm Near Alsleben, Germany


The North European Plain represents one of the world's top windpower resources.  It's no surprise then that the world's largest wind turbine company is Danish, and that Germany had the third largest windpower fleet by installed capacity as of 2017.  In this video, contributor Skydronauts used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to film some of the GE turbines at the Alsleben Wind Project.  The project, located in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, is one of the country's largest installations.

The Great Hungarian Plain

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Hortobágy, Hungary - Drone Video


One of the defining geographical features of Hungary is the Great Hungarian Plain, an area which covers much of Hungary as well as parts of six other Central and Southeast European countries.  Like the Great Plains in the USA, it's an area of grassy flat land and rolling hills.  Because of its lack of natural defenses, the Plain has been the site of many military campaigns in history.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of the great Plain near Hortobágy in east-central Hungary.

The Holland Plains

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The Art Of Drones - The Netherlands on Ice 4K

The Art Of Drones

One of the defining geographical features of Europe is its North European Plain.  It includes some of the major agricultural areas of northern Europe, as well as major cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, and Warsaw.  Given the lack of mountainous obstacles, it's also some of the most fought over land in the world.  In this video by the Art of Drones, you'll get an epic bird's eye view of the countryside of the Netherlands, at the western end of the great plain.

Bolivia's Salt Flats

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Salar de Uyuni: Bolivia's Salt Flats


Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat.  Victoraroundtheworld used his DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone to take us on a tour of this amazing area which appears to be blanketed in white.  Located in the southwestern corner of the country, the flats are part of the Bolivian Altiplano, itself part of the Andes system.  Salar de Uyuni was used as a filming location for the Star Wars film the Last Jedi (2017), the eighth installment in the series; the flats "played the role" of Planet Crait.

The Pannonian Plain in Serbia

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Adaševci: On Serbia's Pannonian Plain


Contributor IDStudio created this beautiful drone video from a town in the northwestern corner of Serbia, near its borders with Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.  Adaševci is a small town in the province of Vojvodina, which covers much of the northern portion of this country which was part of the former Yugoslavia.  It's in an area called the Pannonian Plain, also known as the Carpathian Basin, which is home to some of the most fertile land in Southeastern Europe.   

Australia's Great Nullarbor Plains

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The Great Australian Bight, Nullarbor Plain

Airscape Imagery

One of Australia's more amazing topographical features is the Great Australian Bight.  The bay formed by this gigantic bend lies off the country's southern coast, covering (depending on definitions) 2-4 of its southern states.  The core part of the Bight is the area off of the Nularbor, a giant treeless area with coastal cliffs that runs for hundreds of mi/km.  In this video, Airscape gives us a bird's eye view of these cliffs with a dronie pull-out shot over the Bight in South Australia. 

The Sacred Plains of Myanmar

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Myanmar from the Sky, Part 3: The Sacred Plain of Bagan


In the middle of Myanmar, the Irrawaddy River makes a large bend which created a large area of plains.  On this fertile plain grew the Pagan Empire, one of the two main political forces in Southeast Asia in the 12th and 13th centuries (the other being the Khmer Rouge in present-day Cambodia).  During this time, it was home to literally thousands of Buddhist pagodas and temples.  See these Sacred Plains from above in this amazing drone video by Xavigator.  

Lake on the Anatolian Plateau

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Airselfie at Lake Tuz, Turkey

Alp Karagulle

Among the more amazing natural sights in Turkey's Central Anatolia region is Lake Tuz.  It's the second largest lake in Turkey (after Lake Van) and one of the largest salt lakes in the world.  Located roughly between the cities of Konya and Ankara, the lake covers about 1.6k square km (a bit over 600 square mi).  It is home to one of the world's largest bird sanctuaries.  Alp Karaguelle created this epic drone selfie flying over this amazing salt lake on the great Central Anatolian Plain.

Serengeti: Plains of Africa

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Alone with Wildlife: Dronie from the Serengeti

Yassin Skartt

The great Serengeti, which means "endless plains", is one of the most prominent geographical features of Sub-Saharan Africa.  It covers much of northern Tanzania.  The Serengeti is known for having some of the world's largest concentrations of dozens of large mammals (including lions) as well as hundreds of bird species.  In this dronie video by Yassin Skart, you'll get an epic view of the great serengeti, which is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

The Great Plains in Eastern Colorado

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Safari on the Great Plains of Eastern Colorado


In this video, contributor Projekte uses a drone to remind us that some of the world's largest plains aren't actually called "plains".  This video was shot in Eastern Colorado in the USA, on the Great Plains.  The video is entitled "Safari" to show how similar the terrain appears to the most famous plain in Africa - the great Serengeti, which runs across much of Tanzania and is considered the world's best safari destination.  Watch the video and picture roaming zebras and lions! 

The Ganges Plain of India

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Timelapse: North Bengal at Sunrise

Avijit Sarkar

Northern India's dominant physical features are the Himalayan Mountains and the great Indo-Gangeatic Plain which runs to their south.  The latter is one of the world's great "flat spots" and its fertile soil feeds hundreds of millions.  In this drone video by Avijit Sarkar, you'll get a bird's eye view of the magnificent plain in North Bengal, the northern area of the Indian state of West Bengal.  Note both the vastness of the plain and the rather sudden shift to the mountainous north in the distance.  

The Dutch Lowlands

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Lowlands of the Dutch peninsulas


If you've heard the term the "Great Plain of Northern Europe" and wondered what it really meant, this drone video by contributor Rlardon will tell you.  This footage was shot over the Zuid-Beveland Peninsula in the Dutch province of Zeeland and the Belgian towns of Straboek and Wijnegem.  These areas, like most of the Benelux country region, are part of a vast plain which extends southwards from here to western France, down to the Pyrenees.  

The Plains of Western Australia

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Mukinbudin, Western Australia by Drone


CarrandDrone gives us a nice bird's eye view of the Wheat Belt in the interior of the vast state of Western Australia.  Mukinbudin is a small town of less than 1,000 inhabitants, situated a few hours drive due east of the WA capital city Perth.  The video will give you a sense of the beauty and endless horizons of Western Australia, a state which is roughly 4x the size of the state of Texas in the USA by land area and dwarfs the entire Great Plains area of the USA.   

Italy's Lombardy Plain

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Cascina Cavallera

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While northern Italy is thought of as being covered in mountains, it's actually more accurate to say it's surrounded by mountains: specifically, various sub-ranges of the Alps and Appenines.  In between there are large areas of plains, which are home to some of Italy's best farmland.  One of the most prominent is the great Lombardy Plain, which lies in the part of the region south of Milan.  You can see this very flat, fertile area from a bird's eye view, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Mark59.

Northern Poland: Europe's Great Plain

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The Golden Polish Autumn


Contributor Lemelpictures used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this stunning video of a rural area of northwestern Poland in the Fall season.  The area is the Pomeranian Voivodeship (province) west of Gdansk, the provincial capital.  It's the heart of the historical region of Pomerania, which covers most of northwestern Poland and a part of northeastern Germany.  The area anchors the eastern end of the great North European Plain, which runs across the northern part of the continent.

The East European Plain in Russia

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The Beauty of Central Russia

Buots Vladimir

Check out this stunning drone video of the region of Central Russia, compliments of Buots Vladimir.  The Central Federal District is one of the eight official regions of Russia; it consists of 18 oblasts (provinces) that form a rough arrow pointed to the east with the base being a stretch of Russia's western border.  The area forms the heart of the great East European Plain, which covers the former western Soviet republics and extends east to the Ural Mountains.  

Chimney Rock on the USA's Great Plains

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Chimney Rock, Nebraska 4K

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One of the things which makes the USA's Great Plains so spectacular in places are the rock formations and small mountains which seemingly come out of nowhere and dominate the flat surrounding landscape.  One of the most famous of these formations (called inselbergs) is called Chimney Rock.  It's in western Nebraska, in the heart of the Plains.  Check out this drone video of Chimney Rock, the centerpiece of the Chimney Rock National Historic Site, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Balazs.  

California's Carizo Plain

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Drone Captures Superbloom on California's Carrizo Plain

Drone One Media

While California isn't generally known for pronounced changes of season, that isn't true throughout the entire state.  For example, the Carrizo Plain near San Luis Obispo in central California sees a pronounced transition to spring, a time when when thousands upon thousands of wildflowers come to life.  In the spring of 2017, heavy winter rainfall caused a so-called "superbloom", which was skillfully captured via drone by contributor Drone One Media.

The Plains of Latvia

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Foggy Morning in Latvia

Nils Sokolovs

The surreal beauty of the interior of the Baltic republic of Latvia is revealed in this highly cinematic drone video by contributor Nils Sokolovs.  Away from its Baltic Sea Coastline, interior Latvia lies in the heart of the great East European Plain, which stretches from eastern Poland all the way to Russia's Ural Mountains.    Given the country's wet weather and extensive marshlands, the countryside here is known for the thick fog which develops and covers the flat, serene landscapes.