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Lake Alqueva

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The Great Lake of Alqueva & Castles #DJI #Phantom 4


The landscape of the area around Alqueva in the Alentejo region of southeastern Portugal has been transformed by a massive hydro-engineering project called Alqueva Dam.  The dam provides electricity for the region and also helps to preserve water supplies for agriculture.  The reservoir created by the dam is essentially a giant artificial lake.  Contributor Flybyzion gives us a drone's eye view of the area, where centuries-old castles now sit on or near this massive body of water.

Sado River: Alcácer do Sal

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Video Project - Alcácer do Sal #DJI #Phantom 4


Alcácer do Sal is a small city in southwestern Portugal, in its Alentejo region.  It is situated on the Sado River, one of the main waterways in southern Portugal.  It is an extremely old part of Portugal, with evidence of human settlement in the area going back tens of thousands of years.  The area has played a prominent role through the Antiquity and much of modern Portuguese history.  In this video, Flybyzion gives us an aerial view of this ancient city. 

South Portugal Coast: Lapa das Pombas

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Alentejo - Lapa das Pombas - Portugal


In this video, contributor A.Buscka gives us a stunning drone's eye view of an area of the Atlantic coast of southern Portugal.  Lapa das Pombas lies on the coast of the Alentejo region, which covers most of southern Portugal north of the Algarve region.  In this video, shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, you'll see how spectacular the coast is in this part of the country.   The rock formations, cliffs, and other natural scenery make for some epic aerial viewing.