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China's Yangtze River is the longest in Asia and one of the longest waterways in the world.  Rising in the mountains of Tibet, its mouth is near Shanghai on the Pacific Ocean.  More than any individual city, this mighty river is the very heart of China.  In this video, contributor Mamitagadventures flies a DJI Mavic Pro drone over the great waterway, giving us bird's eye views of Shibaozhai Pagoda Temple, Chongquing, Yichang, and more.



Fabio Knoll

The mighty Amazon River is the very backbone of the Brazil, dominating much of its Northern Region.  It provides water, power, transportation, in addition to being one of the world's most important freshwater reserves (as well as its largest river, measured by discharge volume).  Award winning contributor and drone pilot Fabio Knoll is a native of Brazil and his aerial video showcasing the Amazon and the rainforest surrounding it is simply spectacular.  


Cazanele Dunarii - Danube - Romania


The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and arguably its most important.  It rises in Germany's Black Forest, and runs through four European capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade) before discharging into the Black Sea in the Dobrogea region of Romania.  In this video, contributor Fabriziob treats us to a drone's eye view of this mighty river as it flows through  a region of western Muntenia (Wallachia) called Cazanele Dunarii.


Varanasi India


Varanasi is a culturally important Indian city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.  It's situated on the  Ganges River, India's most important waterway.  Varanasi is considered the holiest of the seven cities deemed sacred under the Hindu religion and is also important in the Jain Dharma religion.  Contributor created this amazing drone video of the river city, which is the site of two large temples built during the time of the Mughal Empire.  


Le Fleuve St-Laurent


Canada's St. Lawerence River is the country's most important waterway.  It provides the connection between the Great Lakes system and the north Atlantic Ocean, and is also an immense source of hydroelectricity for Canada and the United States, which lies immediately to the south of parts of the river.  It discharges into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the largest river estuary in the world.  Contributor Dizfilms created this epic aerial tour of this mighty seaway.   



Antonio Esteban Gonsalez

Kiev, Ukraine is closely tied to the giant Dneiper River on which it sits, one of the most important waterways in Eastern Europe.  Kiev sits roughly midway down the river, which rises near Smolensk and empties into the Black Sea to the south.  The width of the lower Dnieper creates a crucial role for bridges, which are key to Kiev's infrastructure.  In this video, contributor Anthony Esteban Gonsales flies a drone over the river during winter to create an amazing bird's eye perspective.


Gimme Shelter on the Mississippi


The Mississippi is the longest river in the United States.  Its mouth is near New Orleans, Louisiana, and its highest navigable point is  at St. Anthony Falls in Minnesota.  In the late 1800's, Minneapolis sprang up as a major city by harnessing the Mississippi's flow over the falls to create the world's largest flour milling center.  MavicTraveler used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an aerial view of this critical point on the Mississippi. 


Edición XXVI Paso a nado del Río Orinoco y Río Caroní

Djivzla Drone

While the Amazon is South America's mightiest river, the Orinoco is a very close second.  This waterway runs over 2.1k km (about 1.3k mi) through Colombia and Venezuela, discharging an average of 37k cubic meters of water (over 1.3 million cu ft.) into the Atlantic.  DJIVzla Drone gives us this epic aerial view of this mighty river in its primary country Venezuela, where the river plays a role analogous to the Amazon in Brazil. 


4K The Dniester River in winter

Lens Flare

Contributor Lens Flare used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this video of a town on the bend of the Dneister River, one of the most important waterways in Eastern Europe.  The river serves as the eastern border of the region of Moldavia, which is now split between three countries.  This video was shot near a town called Roghi, which is in the part of Moldavia which became the country of Moldova following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  


Mekong Delta, Vietnam


The Mekong River is one of the world's most important waterways, and with a length of about 4.4k km (about 2.7k mi), it's one of the dozen longest rivers.  It rises in Tibet and runs down the southeast side of the Indochina Peninsula, discharging into the South China Sea in Vietnam.  It's valleys and those of its tributaries feed hundreds of millions.  Benandstories created this awesome drone video of the river near its mounth, on the Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh City.  


Cruising over Hund area, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


Contributor Imrankw created this aerial view of an important historical spot on the great Indus River as it flows through Pakistan.  It's called Hund, and it's in the state administrative region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the northern part of the country.  This was in effect the launching point for Alexander the Great's campaign into India, which began after his conquest of the Persian Empire.  He crossed the Indus here with his legendary army in 326 BC.


Colors of Hunza from Above


The Hunza River runs through the Himalayan area of Northern Pakistan, near the borders with Afghanistan and China.  In autumn the trees throughout the Hunza valley turn to fire as their leaves turn gold, red orange and bronze, contrasting sharply with the barren mountains.  Contributor Abdul Hanan gives us a spectacular aerial view of this area with this amazing drone video.  


Victoria Falls

Fabio Knoll

Top contributor Fabio Knoll created this masterpiece of a drone video of the mighty Victoria Falls in southern Africa.  These Falls lie on the Zambezi River, the fourth longest river in Africa, more or less at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Twice the height of Niagara Falls in the USA, it's the largest waterfall in the world in terms of the area created by its height and width.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the top tourist attractions in southern Africa.  


The Loire Valley by Drone

Etienne Lehuédé

The Loire is the longest waterway in France, a country known in part for its rivers.  Running entirely within France's borders, it stretches a total of just over 1k km (about 630 miles), rising in the Central France and discharging into the Atlantic Ocean at the Bay of Biscay.  It runs through the very heart of historical France; the Loire Valley includes hallowed towns such as Orleans, Tour, and Nantes, as well as many of France's most famous chateaus as Chenonceau and Chambord.


Rhineland, Germany by drone


Contributor Marckcure gives us this beautiful aerial look at the River Rhine, one of the most important waterways in Europe.  It rises in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany and flows northward before shifting to the west and discharging into the North Sea in the Netherlands.  The Upper Rhine has historically served as the main geographical boundary between France and Germany, and has been the scene of many battles throughout history.  


Mavic 2 Pro : Splendid images over St-Laurent River and Old Quebec City


Caffespresso used a DJI Mavic 2 drone to create this spectacular aerial video of Quebec city, the last major city of the Great Lakes system before it drains into the North Atlantic.  Quebec city is situated near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, which extends from Lake Ontario, past Montreal, and thence to Quebec city, the provincial capital.  The video contains epic footage of Quebec's Old City, one the oldest fortress-city in the United States or Canada with some preserved structures.  


Golden River

  • NAVA
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The Sarawak River runs through the western part of Malaysian Borneo, the portion of Malaysia which is shared with its neighbor Indonesia.  While the Sarawak is a modest 120 km (75 mi) long, it is an important source of water to the area.  In this video, top contributor and pilot Nava flew his drone over the river at dusk, when the sun turns the river to a brilliant yellow color.  The bird's eye view of this phenomenon is breathtaking.   


Ninh Binh, Vietnam

  • Ryzone
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Ninh Binh is a small town in northern Vietnam, in the province of the same name on the delta of the Red River, one of the most important waterways in Southeast Asia.  It is located just a short distance from the country's coastline on the South China Sea.  In this video, top contributor Ryzone used a drone to film this stunning place, with structures built into huge limestone mountains towering over the river.  This video was chosen as a Drone Video of the Month winner.    



Agno River