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Statue of Liberty
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Statue of Liberty


Berco_Aerial created this epic fly-by drone video of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.  With a height (measured to the top of the torch) of 93 meters (over 300 ft.) it's one of the world's tallest statues as well as one of its most well known.  The landmark, which depicts the Roman Goddess Libertas, was a gift to the United States from France.  Accessible by ferry from Lower Manhattan, it is one of the top tourist attractions in New York City and one of the USA's most iconic sights.

Rio's Christ the Redeemer Statue
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Drone Video of Rio's Christ the Redeemer Statue


The Christ the Redeemer Statue (Cristo Redentor) sits atop Corcavado Mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The view of this landmark situated above the city's harbor is one of the most iconic sights in Brazil, and it's been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  In this memorable video, contributor Droneaventura flew a drone over the edifice, creating a spectacular view of the 1930's era Art Deco statue and the amazing coastal city below it.

Soviet War Monument, Berlin
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Sowjet Monument | Berlin, Germany

After World War II ended in 1945, the victorious Soviet Union wanted a monument to the Red Army's defeat of Nazi Germany built in its occupied sector of East Berlin.  The result was the Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park, an area on the River Spee just southeast of the central district.  Contributor DP Pictures created a beautiful aerial video of this landmark, which is testament to the massive suffering by the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War (as the conflict is still known in Russia).  

Kiev's Rodina Mat
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Kyiv, Ukraine. Batkivschyna-Maty


The most prominent landmark in the Ukrainian capital Kiev is the Rodina Mat, a giant steel monument overlooking the Dneiper River.  The statue the USSR's victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 against Nazi Germany.  While recent laws have required many Soviet era monuments to be destroyed, WW II monuments are exempted.  Here is Tempostudio's drone video of the immense statue, now is seen as recognition of Ukraine's immense contribution to victory.

Bali's Bajra Shadhi
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Monumen Bajra Shandhi


The Monumen Bajra Shandhi is a monument on the Indonesian island of Bali, whose native population is a relatively small but distinct ethnic group within the archipelago.  Contributor Paulusandry flew a drone over this giant landmark, which was built in 1987 and dedicated to memorializing the struggles of the Balinese people, who practice a brand of Hinduism in an overwhelmingly Muslim majority country.  It is situated in the town of Denpasar, Bali's provincial capital.  

Walhalla: Statues of Germany's Greatest
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Walhalla, Germany


Contributor Oszibusz created this remarkable drone video of Walhalla, a museum of sorts to honor the great Germans of history.  It's located on a hill overlooking the Danube River near Regensburg, in the southern German state of Bavaria.  Walhalla was conceived in the early 19th century, prior to the existence of a unified Germany.  Its core collection is over 200 busts and plaques commemorating key figures of famous Germans ranging from Albert Einstein to Martin Luther. 

Mother Russia Statue, Volgagrad
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Mother Russia /Volgograd Russia


The southern Russian city of Volgograd was once known as Stalingrad.  In the late 1942 and early 1943, it was the site of a terrible battle between Nazi Germany and the Red Army which marked the turning point of World War II.  The most prominent site in the city is the statue of Mother Russia, erected to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Red Army soldiers and civilians who died there.  This drone video captures the immensity of the statue and the losses that led to its construction.

Bhutan's Great Buddha
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Buddha Dordenma by Drone - Thimpu, Bhutan

Enrico Pescantini

Thimphu is the principal city of the Himlayan Kingdom of Bhutan.  The city is situated in the Himalayan foothills at an altitude of 2.2k meters (7.4k ft) above sea level.  The city, and the country of Bhutan, are remote enough that Thimphu does not have its own airport.  Contributor Enrico Pescantini used a drone to create this amazing aerial video of the city's giant Buddha statue.  Only completed in 2015, it's already one of the city's most recognized sites.  

The Hand of Uruguay
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La Mano

Luiz Gerbase

Contributor and drone pilot Luiz Gerbaze created this amazing drone video of one of the more unusual sites in South America.  La Mano ("The Hand") is a sculpture built by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázaba.  It is on the beach of Punta del Este, a beautiful beach town about a two hours' drive east of the Uruguan capital city Montevideo.  Completed in the early 1980's, it is a major draw for travelers who seek out the beautiful beaches along Uruguay's Rio de la Plata and Atlantic coastlines.

Hong Kong's Great Buddha
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Hong Kong: Above the Monastery


Contributor Droneland created this epic aerial video of the famous Big Buddha statue near Po Lin, a Buddhist monastery on an outlying satellite island of Hong Kong.  The 34 meter (over 100 ft) statue was constructed in the 1990's, and it's one of the largest Buddha statues in China.  The Monastery, built in the early 1900's, sits on Lantau Island, one of the larger Hong Kong islands which sits to the west of the main island in the South China Sea.

Japan's Sendai Daikannon
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Sendai Daikannon, Japan

Fujiabra Films

Located in Sendai, Japan the Sendai Daikannon is the tallest statue that features a goddess in the country. In fact, it is one of the top-5 tallest statues in the world as of 2018. Featuing the gem-bearing Nyoirin Kannon (如意輪 観音) it is around 330 feet tall and has an elevator that takes visitors to the top of the statue. Experienced cinematographers and drone pilots Fujiabra Films do a fantastic job showcasing her impressive might.

"Time and Space" in Central Anatolia
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Time and Space: Signs for Aliens

OGB - Omer Gokcen

This video by top AirVūz contributor Omer Gokcen gives us spectacular aerial views of the "Time and Space" sculpture park by artist Andrew Rogers. The one and a half mile-long project took the Australian artist four years to complete. The twelve sculptures he created for the park are a part of his "Rhythms of Life" project of fourteen other stone sculpture, or geoglyphs, sites around the world. This one, located on the plain of Central Anatolia, Turkey, is something to behold.

Oslo's Vigeland Sculpture Park
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Vigeland Sculpture Park

Mohri Films

Located in Norway's capital city Oslo, the Vigeland sculpture park is dedicated to the cycle of life. Each of the over 200 statues in Vigeland park is a moment frozen in time.  It is one of the top tourist destinations in Norway's principal city.  Contributor Mohri Films used a drone to create a memorable aerial perspective of the sculptures which populate this impressive Scandinavian park.

Lisbon's Christ the King Statue
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Lisbon by Drone with Stunning Footage of Christ the King Statue

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Prepare to be blown away by this incredible drone video of the great Portuguese city of Lisbon, compliments of contributor p3c0.  The video leads off with some epic overhead footage of the Christ the King (Santuário de Cristo Rei) monument overlooking the city, its most recognized landmark and one of the most well known statues in the world.  Completed in 1959, it was inspired by a similar statue in Rio de Janeiro and was built to express national gratitude for avoiding the horrors of World War II.

Romania's Tropaeum Traiani
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Drone Footage Cinematic Adamclisi Romania 4K 50FPS

JPG Drone

Check out this drone video of Tropaeum Traiani, a famous statue in the town of  Adamclisi, Romania.  The town is situated in Constanta County, in the eastern region of Dobrogea.  The monument was built in 1977, and it's a reconstruction of a Roman monument to the Emperor Trajan which was built in the second century AD.  It's testament to the age of this area; some of Romania's oldest settlements are in Dobrogea.  The video was created by JPG Drones.  


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monument Jeanne d'arc

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Jesus statue - Transylvania

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Good Morning Jesus

John J. Stricker