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My Year 2017 - Wild Willy

Wild Willy FPV

Wild Willy FPV (Team AirVūz) is one of the top professional FPV pilots in the world! In this edit, he shows off his true skills through the drone experiences he gathered in 2017.  All of the amazing places he was able to fly are compiled into this one drone video, including a demolished stadium, skyscrapers all over the world, vineyards, race tracks, and more!  As we can see in this vid, this acommplished freestyle and racing pilot captures the best in FPV 'footy.'

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Wild Willy FPV

Wild Willy FPV scores a real touchdown with this freestyle video that takes place in the debris of a demolished NFL stadium.  As he flies through the destroyed bleachers, field, and structures of the former Dome, you can see the fancy new Mercedes Benz Stadium off in the distance.

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CLIFFS OF POOLE || EPIC europe spots PT. 1

Wild Willy FPV

On the sea cliffs of Poole in the United Kingdom, FPV pilot and AirVūz sponsored pilot Wild Willy FPV took some time for a rip session.  Some of the English locals brought him out to this amazing coastal spot where he loops through gaps in rock formations, dives steep bluffs, and dodges sea birds in this drone video.