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An Aerial View of Dallas: A City Powered by Sports

AirVūz Official

Dallas, Texas, known as “The Big D,” is the center of the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, one of the largest  metro areas in the United States. Thanks in part to recent investments in massive stadium complexes, Dallas-For Worth can lay credible claim to being the sports capital of the USA.  AirVuz produced this mini-documentary of the Dallas sports scene, which features aerial views of the impressive Dallas skyline as well as AT&T Stadium, Global Life Park, American Airlines Arena, and more.  



OGB - Omer Gokcen

While top contributor Omer Gokcen spends most of his time in his native Turkey, he also travels the world.  Here, he shares a drone video from a trip to the USA, an aerial film of the sprawling city of Houston.  Shot in OGB's classic cinematic style, he shows us Houston's winding highway system, towering skyscrapers, and dazzling night scenes.  It's a great bird's eye view of the largest city in Texas and the world's energy capital. 


Williams Tower, Houston


Williams Tower is a skyscraper in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas.  At 275 meters (900 ft) it dominates the low-rise architecture of this shopping and office district, which lies a few km/miles to the west of downtown Houston.  At the time built, during Houston's oil boom in the early 1980's, it was the world's tallest skyscraper outside of a central downtown zone.  Contributor Mavictraveler flew his DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us a look at all of its 64 floors.


West Texas & BNSF Railway


The vast but loosely defined area known as West Texas has only one city (El Paso) and that is at its extreme western end.  Apart from that, the most recognizable landmarks of this region are the railroads that cross it and the giant wind turbines built to capture the strong winds which sweep it.  Tampa Randy created this amazing drone video, capturing a stretch of the BNSF railway line and a backdrop of gigantic windmills.  Texas has one of the world's largest fleets of wind turbines.


Austin, Texas Downtown Skyline


The Texas capital of Austin is perhaps its most unique city.  It sits in a triangle defined by the larger cities Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, near a famed area known as the Texas Hill Country.  It is home to the University of Texas at Austin, one of the finest universities in the USA, as well as a number of large technology companies including Dell.  Here, Patrick Nye gives us an aerial tour of this city on the Colorado River.


The World's Richest Acre


Texas is the USA's biggest source of oil.  While the first oil strike in Texas occurred near Houston in 1901, what really put the state on the map was the discovery of the giant East Texas oilfield in 1930.  The riches from this massive hydrocarbon find in northeast Texas made the town of Kilgore one of the country's wealthiest for a time.   In this video, Light and Drawing uses a drone to give us an aerial look at this small town which hit it big.    


Nighttime Aerial of Downtown Dallas Texas

Cumulus Imaging

In this video, Texas-based drone pilot Cumulus Imaging gives us a nice aerial view of downtown Dallas.  The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is the largest in the state, and consistently the fastest growing major city in the USA.  The skyline of the city is extremely modern, dominated by several large skyscrapers in the core downtown area and the Reunion Tower (an observation tower distinguished by its massive globe-shaped top) on the outskirts.  


Houston at night

Bumble Bee Productions

One beautifully clear night, Contributor Bumble Bee Productions captured this amazing aerial footage of downtown Houston, Texas with his drone.  Although Houston is considered to be the energy capital of the world, most of its tallest skyscrapers were actually built as bank headquarters during the great energy boom of the 1970's and early 80's.  Most of these banks subsequently failed and were sold during the bust which followed.


AV Focus: Droneworks Studios

AirVūz Focus

This episode of AV Focus is all about DRONEWORKS, a Houston-based husband-wife duo turned production company that specializes in aerial cinematography, 360/VR applications, and flying Casey Neistat from a homemade, sixteen-motor drone. With beginnings serving the energy industry and decades of experience, Justin and Elaine Oakes have built the Droneworks brand from the ground up, and continue to push the boundaries of aerial cinematography.



El Paso "Uncut"


Texas Beauty