South America 2017


The charming villages around Machu Picchu and Cusco in Peru, the salt flats of Salar De Uyuni and Death Road in Bolivia, and Perito Moreno, Bariloche, Ushuaia, and the Caminito area of Buenos Aires in Argentina all provided to be worthy stops for DroneDigo on their trip throuth South America. They clearly observed the striking varieties of terrain, weather, and culture as they made their way around the continent, and they came home with the best souvenir - a drone video capturing it all. 


Patagonia, South America - 4K


Shared by both Argentina and Chile, the Patagonia region of South America stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts with mountains, deserts, and grasslands. Experience the rugged beauty of world renowned Patagonia in this amazing drone video by AirVuz content creator Jonathanwyn. You can see other videos of the South American country in our Argenitina from Above collection. 


"Winebox Hotel", Valpraiso: The Coolest Hotel in South America


Valparaiso is Chile's second largest city, lying on the Pacific Coast of the country roughly 100 km (60 mi) to the northwest of the capital and principal city Santiago.  Valparaiso's winebox hotel may enjoy the distinction of being the world's only hotel made of recycled materials.  Contributor Absafilms used a drone to create an amazing aerial video of this highly unusual lodging.  The city continues to be an important shipping center, at one point having the nickname Little San Francisco.  


Brazil - A Vibrant New World 🇧🇷

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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, both in terms of population and land area. Home to some of the world's largest tropical rainforests, stunning mountains, teeming cities, famous beaches, and countless sites of cultural interest, this giant South American country does not lack for amazing places to capture by drone. With over a thousand drone videos of Brazil on the site, the AirVuz staff put together this compilation of some of the best clips, ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls.


Mornings in Cordoba Argentina


Codoba is the second most populous city in the South American nation of Argentina, and the capital of the province bearing the same name.  It sits in the interior of the country, northwest of the capital city Buenos Aires, in the foothills of the Sierra Chica Mountains.  In this video, top content creator and pilot Justin Poore uses a drone to give us a bird's eye view of this amazing city, which was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century and is considered a major cultural center for all of South America.  


One Minute in Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the least well known of the countries of South America.  Like its neighbor Peru, the country sits in both the Andes and Amazon Basin sub-regions of the continent.  It is In this one-minute video, contributor Benandstories treats us to an aerial tour of this landlocked country, including spectacular aerial footage of the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats (a famous Star Wars filming location); spectacular mountain valleys; and mountainous La Paz; the largest city and capital of this Andean republic. 


Amazon Rainforest

Cristian D...

The Amazon Rainforest is an immense area, covering 5.5 million square km (2.1 million square mi) of territory in South America.  Roughly 60% of the rainforest is situated in Brazil, with the balance spread around eight other countries.  In this stunning drone video, contributor Cristian Dimitrius give us an aerial tour of portions of this irreplaceable natural resource in Brazil and French Guyana.  The Amazon River is the world's largest source of freshwater apart from the Arctic icecaps.  


Dreams of Brazil

Mr. B...

Southeastern Brazil is home to the country's two primary urban centers: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  Each is capital of a state with the same name, and the cities are "only" about 435 km (around 250 mi) apart - practically neighbors by the enormous scale of Brazil.  The two cities are a study in contrasts - Rio being the cultural capital of Brazil (as well as its capital city until 1960), Sao Paulo the business capital.  In this video, Mr. B gives us an aerial view of both of these great cities - from the perspective of a drone.  


Ausangate Trek: The Beauty of Peru

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Part of the Andes system, Peru's Ausangate is one of the highest mountains in the Western Hemisphere.  The might mountain stands nearly 6.4k meters above sea level (about 21k ft.), making it the highest peak in the Cordillera Vilcanota subrange.  Contributor Jturner took a DJI Mavic Pro drone on a 5 day hiking trek around this mountain, which sits in southern Peru.  Prepare to be astounded by the sights these hikers encountered: turquoise lakes, red mountains, golden pastures, alpaca, and llamas.


Hiking the Rainbow Mountains of Peru

Unraveled ...

Unraveled Studios used a drone to capture the unbelievable beauty of Peru's Rainbow Mountain, a truly unique geological phenomenon.  Also known as Vinicunca, it's part of the Andes range in the south central part of the country.  The mountain is known not for its height (5.2k m or 17k ft) but rather for its stunning rainbow colors which derive from a unique sedimentary pattern.  Unrivaled Studios gives us a breathtaking aerial look at the mountain, which has only recently opened for tourism. 


Quito, Ecuador by The Drone Xperience


While Quito is the capital of Ecuador, it is actually its second largest city after Guayaquil.  The city is at a high altitude - at 2.9k meters above sea level (9.3k ft) the only national capital at a higher altitude is La Paz in neighboring Bolivia.   It's also one of the best-preserved cities on the continent, the center of which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Creator thedroneexperience mounted an X5 camera to his DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this amazing aerial tour of the great city.


Sunset flight deep in Amazon Jungle, Bolivia

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The mighty Amazon River is not exclusive to Brazil, and it actually originates in several countries of South America.  Contributor and drone pilot JTurner takes us on an aerial tour of the Amazon Basin in the northern part of the landlocked country of Bolivia.  Using his DJI Mavic Pro drone he gives us a bird's eye view of the area around Madidi National Park.  Covering parts of both the Andes region and (what you will see here) the Amazon Basin, the park is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. 


Celebrating Carnaval in Belo Horizonte

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While the Carnival celebration is closely associated with Rio de Janeiro, it is exuberantly celebrated throughout Brazil.  In this drone video, contributor RG Drones was able to capture the Carnival celebrations in the city of Belo Horizonte, the third largest city of the officially recognized region of Southeastern Brazil after Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, which is the country's second most-populous after the state of Sao Paulo.


Bolivian Desert


The Atacama Desert runs along the western coast of South American, covering parts of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.  The desert, the driest in the world, is part of the Andes Mountains system, whose mountain peaks more or less surround it.  The Atacama has a surface area of about 120,000 square km (54k square mi.), making it one of the world's 20 largest.  Using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, Aerial Nomads gives us a bird's eye view of the portion of the Atacama which lies in southwestern Bolivia.  


Back in Bolivia


Here is great 60 second aerial tour of Bolivia from  Benandstories, who toured the country with a friend and a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  The video opens with a beautiful shot of the Choqueyapu River Canyon and the capital city of La Paz (the world's highest capital city) situated there, then proceeds to shots of the mountains, the shores of Lake Titicaca (North of La Paz), the Uyuni salt flats, Laguna Colorada, the Uyuni train cemetary (a relic of one of the country's periodic mining booms), and more.  


Chile: Do You Like Travel?

Patagonia ...

Contributor Patagoniafixer created this mesmerizing aerial tour of Chile, home to some of the most amazing natural scenery in South America. The video features footage from the length of the great nation, from the snowcapped peaks of the Andes to the glaciers of Patagonia to the skyscrapers of its great capital city Santiago. The diversity of the natural and human-made scenery of this country, home to some of the world's highest mountains and largest glaciers, will take your breath away


Secrets Destinations Of Chile

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Contributor and pilot Patagonia Fixer created this spectacular drone video of a little known area of northern Chile with a spectacular coastline.  Taltal is a beachside town on the Pacific coast in the state of Antofagasta in northern Chile.  Its magnificent coastline is in the great Atacama coastal desert in the state of Antofagasca, south of the state capital.  Like most of northern Chile, it's been heavily driven by mining, but its magnificent beauty is starting to draw tourists in much larger numbers.


Amazon in 4K - Sunset cruising

Exclusive ...

The immensity of the lower Amazon River in Brazil is such that even very large cruise ships can access it and cruise some ways up from its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean.  Given the lack of road infrastructure in this vast region, many travelers find that this is in fact the easiest and most comfortable way to see the storied Amazon rainforests.  In this video, contributor Exclusive Aerials was able to fly a drone over the cruise ship Crystal Serenity as it was cruising the mighty river at sunset.  


Iquitos and the Amazon


Contributor Travelsinsouthamerica created this amazing drone video of the area of Iquitos, in the northeastern corner of Peru.  Iquitos is the capital city of the country's Maynas province, not far from the borders with neighboring Colombia and Brazil.  Iquitos is considered one of the prime gateways to the vast Amazon rainforest, which covers much of Peru east of the Andes Mountains in addition to a good deal of northern Brazil and several other countries in the northern part of South America.  



Fabio Knol...

The mighty Amazon River is the king of rivers.  At 6.4k km (4k mi.) in length, it's either #1 or #2 in length depending on definition.  Measured by discharge, it's not even close: the Amazon pumps an average of over 200k cubic meters (over 7 million cubic feet) of water into the Atlantic Ocean every second, roughly 5x its closest competitor.  Award winning contributor and drone pilot Fabio Knoll is a native of Brazil; his aerial video showcasing this spectacular natural resource is magnificent.


South America - Peru and Bolivia

Cpt. Jojo...

The breathtaking views offered by Macchu Picchu, Isla del Sol, Salar De Uyani, Huacachina, Canon de Colca, and Lima  were as unique as they were impressive as drone pilot Cpt. Jojo traveled across Peru and Bolivia.  These two small countries in South America pack quite a bit of sightseeing punch for tourists and locals alike, as we can see from this stunning aerial footage.