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Great North American Cities from Above

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North America is home to some of the world’s most powerful and influential cities. It is comprised of 23 countries, mainly the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, plus many other overseas dependencies and island territories. North America is the world’s 3rd largest continent which means there are plenty of places to fly a drone! Check out aerial views of some of the Great Cities of North America including NYC, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Monterrey, Miami, Montreal and many more in this compilation created by AirVuz.

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The United States from Above

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In this aerial compilation of the United States of America created by the editorial team at AirVūz, viewers will see the best aerial footage from around this diverse country. Being the third largest country in the world, there are plenty of places for aerial cinematographers to fly their drones. States featured in the curated collection of drone videos include California, Hawaii, New York, Florida, Texas, and more. Fly over skyscrapers, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, glaciers and lakes in these aerial films.

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Into The West - North America

Award winning contributor Mike Bishop filmed this aerial masterpiece across a great expanse of western Canada.  The film starts on the Alberta plains, then to the Canadian Rockies, and then on to Vancouver in British Columbia before heading briefly south across the border to the United States for a wrap up.  Sit back and enjoy the bird's eye views of this marvelous and diverse natural landscape of the great expanses of Western Canada, from one of the world's top aerial videographers.

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Two stories come together as one in this exceptional drone reel. One tells the story of a new drone cinematographer Postandfly finding his passion and the other tells the story of his love for his homeland, Mexico.  It was shot over half a decade, from many different regions of this magnificent country, and with several types of drones (all DJI models).  This video was one of the first winners of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in April, 2018.

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Canadian Nature

Fujiabra Films

While the Canadian province of Ontario is Canada's most populous by a considerable margin, it actually has very low population density.  The province occupies an enormous land area of almost 1.1 million square km (a bit over 400k square mi).  This is about equal to the combined USA states of California and Texas, which together have about 5x the population of Ontario.  In this video, Fujibara Films gives us an aerial view of a very rural (and beautiful) Ontario.

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Mexico 4K - Isla Mujeres 2018


Isla Mujeres is a long but extremely narrow island which sits off the Caribbean Sea coast of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula.  The beaches of the island resemble something between nearby Cancun and the Dominican Republic.  Top contributor Majestic used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create an unforgettable aerial tour of Isle Mujeres.  In this video you will find views of magically blue water, beach activities, and the party atmosphere of an island paradise.

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Mexico City Christmas


Behold this spectacular drone video of Mexico City, fully decked out for Christmas 2018.  Award winning content contributor and drone pilot Postandfly gives an astounding demonstration of the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create a stunning bird's eye view of the Mexican capital as it prepares for the holiday.  Most of the video was shot around Zócalo, the main square in the center of the city, where a giant outdoor skating rink becomes part of the cityscape during the holiday season.  

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Niagara Falls


When you think of the world's most famous waterfalls, Niagara Falls is near the top of the list. Situated on the border between Canada and the USA, it's a cataract system of three falls on the Niagara River, which connects two of North America's Great Lakes: Huron and Erie.  At peak times, about 168k cubic meters (almost six million cu. ft.) of water flows over its 51 meter (167 ft.) drop every minute.  In this video, you wil get a bird's eye view of the mighty waterfall, compliments of contributor Nonexistent Jay.

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Canada - An Aerial Journey


Top contributor Videosophy traveled from his native Hawaii to Canada to create this truly epic aerial tour of the country's western landscapes.  Shot mostly over British Columbia, the video will take you over some of the greenest forests and river valleys on earth.  With brilliant bird's eye views of this great North American wilderness treasure, you will appreciate why Western Canada is considered one of the world's greatest venues for hikers, campers, and fishermen.  

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Face du Monde

"El dia de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" is an important holiday in Mexican culture; it combines elements of Christian and native rituals.  Top Contributor Face Du Mond traveled to Southern Mexico one October spending time around Quintana Roo, Yucatán and Campeche states.  Using his drone and ground cameras, he created an unforgettable view of Mexico during the period leading up to the holiday, capped off by a candlelit Día de Los Muertos celebration.

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Viva La Mexico! 🇲🇽

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After seeing this drone video compilation created by AirVuz, you’re going to be packing your bags for Mexico! The capital city, Mexico City, is a contemporary cosmopolitan that caters toward modern life mixed with culture. Cancun is a popular Spring Break destination because of its beaches lined with high-rise hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and shops. A few other notable locations shot by drone in this video are Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta and Tepoztlan.

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Colorful Canada


Top contributor Zimydakid created this amazing collage of Canada from a road trip across the great expanse of the world's second largest country by land area.  Strap yourself in for some epic bird's eye views of this amazingly diverse land.  You'll see the country's famous endless forests, some of its countless rivers and lakes, and also get a taste for its wildlife.  In terms of urban views, prepare to be amazed by the amazing aerial shots of Toronto and Montreal, Canada's two largest cities.  

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British Virgin Islands (4K) - Mountains, Sailboats, and Coral Reefs


The British Virgin Islands lie in the northern Caribbean Sea, with Puerto Rico to the west, the US Virgin Islands to the south, and Anguilla to the east.   While the islands are known for stunning beaches, the BVI's are probably best known as one of the world's most popular sailing spots.  Contributor One Man_One Drone took his DJI Phantom 4 drone to the BVI and created this stunning aerial tour of the islands magnificent mountains and flotillas of sailboats.  

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Dominica: The Nature Island


Contributor la.drones brought a drone along on a trek to the famous Boiling Lake on the island of Dominica.  It's in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, home to some of the finest hiking trails in the Caribbean.  The Boiling Lake is so called because of the greenish-blue bubbles which emanate from it.  In the video you'll get an aerial view of the lake, as well as other epic sights of Dominica, a primary filming location for the 2006 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

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Puerto Rico 4k Adventure


After traveling throughout the world, contributor Thatdroneview will always call Puerto Rico one of his favorite places. The boundless chances for adventure, the stunning views of crystal clear water, the mangrove-lined beaches, and the jade-colored mountains which attract him to the US territory are all captured in this drone video. The video was shot using a combination of aerial footage from a DJI Phantom 4 drone and ground camera footage.