The ultimate train chase, by DRL pilot nurkfpv
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NURK's Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping

  • nurkfpv
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  • a year ago

AirVūz pilot nurkfpv's most epic flight of 2017 was a winner in the 1st Annual AirVuzDrone Video Awards for the best Freestyle Drone Video.  Like a train heist you see in a movie, he unexpectedly lands his quad on top of the moving train he's chasing. It's a jaw-dropping fllight you have to see, although you just may find yourself ducking and flinching as his quad makes these bold maneuevers.

Cruising the right side of the tracks
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Wynn FPV

Way to put us on the edge of our seats, Wynn FPV!  As this talented FPV pilot bravely speeds head-on towards a moving train, he abruptly waits until the last moment before they collide to pull his quadcopter up and out of danger.  He teases the train, putting himself in a bit of a train sandwich (but providing the rest of us some killer footage).

Zipping above the railway
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Train Choo Choo


FPV pilot HoverState_ was looking for some new spots to rip when he came across these lazy trains.  As the boxcars doze on the quiet tracks, one train is stirred perhaps by the relentless whir of the quad props buzzing around the yard. See what follows in this fun FPV flight.

Busy tracks, captured by FPV
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Victor Vector

FPV pilot Victor Vector takes us on a freestyle flight through his home turf in the High Desert of Southern California.  He soars above the arid terrain and tumbleweeds when he has an encounter of the locomotive kind.  Watch him chase the train through the California desert.

Hardly trainwrecks...
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There's some serious FPV training going on down by the tracks in Washbuilt's drone video where he chases a running train.  Joined by his FPV buddies, they rip the local scenery that consists of a rusty train bridge, graffiti-covered boxcars, and that choo choo train rolling in.

Rippage along the railway
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Chasing Trains


Even though this is set in a pretty desolate landscape, FPV Pilot Nex_FPV's freestyle flight is a real gem. Toughing it out with a busted hand, he still manages to bring that flow through a desert bando and then around a speeding train.  Get those wicked train gaps, Nex_FPV!

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  • GAPiT
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  • 2 years ago

FPV pilot and magic man GAPiT is known for his amazing freestyle flights in or near his home on Bainbrige Island, Washington, USA. The flights usually feature the Sound, the evergreen trees that engulf the island, and one or two of the many birds and animals that share the island. This video does all that, but also includes a train chasing session we’re most certainly digging. The way he’ll trail it, flip it, then reverse it along the moving locomotive is entertaining and inspiring. 

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Happy New Year

Wynn FPV

What a way to start the New Year off right. FPV phenom Wynn FPV takes out his Lumenier Charpu 210 with Emax 2306 2400kv motors and Rotor Riot camera to chase down a running locomotive through the snow. His speed, angles, and no-hesitation style of flying around the heaving train makes this dynamic chase one to remember. Cheers to the New Year!

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  • GAPiT
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  • a year ago

GAPiT is known for his beautiful and compelling FPV freestyle flow flights over his “hood,” Bainbridge Island. The infamous island is just a ferry ride outside of Seattle, Washington. This video starts that way, but then turns into an unexpected car and train chase.  What else is a workhorse pilot supposed to do with hours of car-time on his hands? We definitely enjoyed the drone ride almost as much as he did.


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Tracks n Packs

GreenGo FPV
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For The Love Of The Game

  • Kev_PV
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  • a year ago
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Train to nowhere...

  • ALD
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  • a year ago
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Goods Train

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The Steam train

Manu FPV
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