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Alaska Railroad


The Alaska Railroad is the sole operating railroad in this gigantic state of Alaska, the USA's 49th state.  It is a Class II railroad which runs about 740 km (470 mi) from the southern part of the state up to Fairbanks in the north.  Due to the difficulty of railroad construction in the Arctic and near-Arctic conditions, it is the only rail service in the USA to carry passenger and freight trains on the same system.  Contributor Alaska42 used a drone to get an aerial view of a train moving along the rails in the Alaskan winter landscape.  


Chasing Amtrak for 3 miles


The Amtrak train route between Southern and Northern California is one of the busiest passenger routes in the USA, and its trains streak up and down the West Coast at high speeds by American railway standards.  In this video, contributor Steven Conroy used some great drone piloting skills combined with a great post-production edit to create this amazing aerial view of a 5 km (3 mi) chase down the California coast.  


Tulip Viaduct (4K)


The Tulip Viaduct is a train bridge which spans about 700 meters (2.3k ft) in the Midwestern state of Indiana.  Constructed in 1906, it was (for a time) the longest train trestle in the United States.  Contributor dru.43pro used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to make an aerial video of this landmark.  The magnificent video shows the lush Indiana landscape surrounding the bridge and concludes with a bird's eye view of a train speeding along its steel rails.  


Steam locomotive on the bridge above the Vintgar gorge near Bled, Slovenia

Kolman Aerial

Even though the Age of Steam has passed, there remains a profound fascination with the idea that giant trains could be propelled with steam generated by burning coal.  Near Lake Bled, Slovenia, an old bridge carries steam trains across the Vintgar Gorge.  Contributor Kohlman Aerials made this short but impressive drone video of this scene, which appears to be something out of the 19th century.  


Chepe Express Train - Exploring Copper Canyon


Like its neighbor the United States, trains played an important part in the development of modern Mexico. Some of the railroads were constructed in the most difficult of environments, with crews having to cope with everything from illness to bandits to avalanches.  Award winning contributor PostandFly created this incredible drone video of the Chepe Express train and its journey through the treacherous Copper Canyon in the Chiahuahua state of north central Mexico.


Flying Scotsman crossing Ribblehead Viaduct

Stratus Imagery

The 400 meter (1.3k ft) Ribblehead Viaduct was opened in 1875 to carry trains across a valley in North Yorkshire, England.  The bridge was one of the key pieces of infrastructure to allow frequent and smooth north-south train passage between England and Scotland.  Contributor Stratus Imagery used a drone to film the Flying Scotsman Edinburgh-London train making its way over the famous viaduct.  


West Texas & BNSF Railway


The vast but loosely defined area known as West Texas has only one city (El Paso) and that is at its extreme western end.  Apart from that, the most recognizable landmarks of this region are the railroads that cross it and the giant wind turbines built to capture the strong winds which sweep it.  Tampa Randy created this amazing drone video, capturing a stretch of the BNSF railway line and a backdrop of gigantic windmills.  Texas has one of the world's largest fleets of wind turbines.


North Norfolk Railway - Poppy Line // Aerial Adventure // Episode 8 // East Anglia // Drone 60FPS 4K

Joshua Paul Gardner

Contributor Joshua Paul Gardner created this epic drone video of the Poppy Line railroad, a historical steam railway line in Norfolk, England.  The 8 km (5 mi) track, runs through a beautiful stretch of this area of central England's East Anglia region, a two hour drive from London.  He does an excellent job of aerially filming the locomotive and six cars along the length of the track, once part of a larger railroad system that served the region.


Steamfest 2017 - Great train race


Drone Hunter brings this amazing drone video of an event most people don't know exists - a train race!  The Puffing Billy Railway, a heritage steam line north of Melbourne in Australia's Victoria state, puts on an event every year where two of its steam-driven trains go head to head on the narrow gauge track.  The event is a reminder of the importance of railroads  to the development of Victoria, which exploded in a gold mining rush in the 1850's and for a time was Britain's wealthiest colony.



CP Railway


Train + Snow


A train in the snow

Valar Dorhalis

Mag Bay Boat vs Train

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