DVOW Episode 14 Winner: videobros


Behind the clouds - Madeira


Check out this magnificent video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of Drone Video Award winner videobros. Shot just before much of Portugal went into lockdown to combat the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the video plays upon the cloudcover which prevented the creator from hiking to the top of Pico Ruivo, the island's highest mountain. "Behind the Clouds" is a metaphor for the uncertainty faced by humanity as the deadly virus disrupts the lives of billions around the globe.  This video won DVOW in April 2020.

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: Postandfly




Top AirVuz contributor Postandfly has spent over half a decade filming his native Mexico by drone.  Winner of several AirVuz Drone Video of the Week/Month contests, he created this surreal piece using his aerial footage from across the giant country.  Making great use of the hyperlapse technique as well as some other editing tricks, the video shows sights like Mexico City, the country's great volcanoes, crater lagoons, and other spots from an entirely new perspective.  

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: Naudé Heunis


One Planet

Naudé Heun...

Prepare to be mesmerized by this astonishingly DVOW nominated drone travel reel from AirVuz contributor Naudé Heunis. Shot in various locations around the world, the video opens with some incredible shots of a giant flock of flamingoes, followed by some incredible volcano crater footage.  Then it's on to the grasslands of Africa for aerial views of the continent's safari wildlife. Other highlights include a canyon in the Southwestern US, some epic whale footage, and much more.    

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: enriquebarquet


Dronelapse of an Active Volcano in Mexico


Popocatepetl is Mexico's most famous volcano. Still active, the mountain is situated near the eastern end of the great volcanic belt that runs on a roughly east-west axis through Central Mexico. With its peak at an elevation of just over 5.4k meters above sea level (about 17.8k ft.), its base sits in the states of Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico. Check out Popocatepetl by drone in this fantastic timelapse video from new AirVuz contributor and pilot enriquebarquet. This video was a DVOW finalist in April 2020.

DVOW Episode 14 Finalist: Raphael Rablat



Raphael Ra...

Check out this captivating reel created by top AirVuz content creator Raphael Rablat.  He traveled the across Europe with his trusty Mavic 2 Pro to capture a striking variety of natural settings across Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.  We're treated to views of breathtaking coastlines, quaint villages, winding rural roads, and rocky mountain formations, all of which was creatively edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro X package.  This fantastic reel celebrating the beauty of our planet was a finalist for Drone Video of the Week in April 2020. 

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Drone Video of the Week, Episode 14 (2020)

Drone Vide...

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